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Spiderman modelos.jpg
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Hey, my spidersuit is on the way to my home! Finally. It will be my first cosplay.

Besides using on cons, I plan to make charity work with it. Visit hospitals, daycares, schools... my question is: should I make a Facebook page to expose my work, both in cosplaying and both in charity work?
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Why would anyone want some creep in a bought suit near their sick children?

Oh anon, I would totally cheer the sick children.
Not saying you have to do this, but in my area, you pretty much have to be part of an organization (just something that "looks" official) or people are hesitant to let you near kids/mentally challenged. A facebook page would help you have a central spot that people can go to when they want to reach you.

Last thread hit image limit.

What is otome-kei?
>Japanese for 'maiden'
>Focuses on a feminine and quirky look
>No set rules
>Outfits often use colour popping, interesting print combinations, and contrasting materials
>Generally has a kitsch or twee vibe
>Sometimes overlaps with casual lolita but is still a separate style

Main otome brands:
>Emily Temple Cute/Shirley Temple Cute
>Jane Marple
>Leur Getter

Other Suitable Brands*:

>Ank Rogue
>Axes Femme
>Candy Stripper
>Franche Lippee
>Lois Crayon
>Lolita brands (accessories, legwear, bags, mini skirts, cardigans/boleros)
>Melantrick Hemlighet
>Merlot Camp
>Wonder Rocket

Suitable Non-Japanese Brands*:
>Alannah Hill
>Cath Kidston
>Hello Bones Jones (Indie)
>Miss Patina
>Mulberry Chronicles (Indie)
>Peppermint Fox (Indie)

Non-japanese Socks/Shoes*:
>Sock Dreams, Teja Jamilla
>Melissa Shoes, Bait Footwear, Dkode Shoes, Neosen, Fleuvog

*NB: these brands are not all specifically otome, but sometimes produce suitable items
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I'm really in love with this chocolate swan print. Has there ever been a chocolate dipped orange print or cream puff swan print before?
Oops, meant to link these.
Print I'm referring to.
Jane Marple released a choux creme this season

Who is your favourite character? Who would you like to cosplay as? Struggling with something? Also selfpost is welcome!
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Id love to cosplay all might but im not that big so id need a buffsuit or whatever

Beyond that i think lidas costume would be good and so would tetsutesu

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Previous thread >>9505532

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

NEW! Shopping Service Spreadsheet:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com
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small taohaul.jpg
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I'm a complete idiot and accidentally only shipped the headdress in the Little Dipper OP set. So obviously I went shopping to make me feel better about it.
wow those shoes are cute! Link please?
I've never bought from this store before so it may be a total wash so we'll see!

Don't derail it this time.
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I think its okay carry around stuffed animals with lolita.
I think sack dresses are disgusting.
sack cuts are cute and the only people who complain are fatties that look bad in them

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Last Thread Dead
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Should note that above post is not me creeping, that was from insta.
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Are you fucking kidding me right now?

I know it hasn't ALWAYS been a thing but... it's more common than ever, no? It's most likely that if you are part of a comm, you go to meets at least what, once a year?

As someone who wears it outside of meets and cons, and also to meets and cons... what is with the desire to try and out girls for being- fake? or what is it you're trying to get them on exactly?

Like what is the point of calling someone out for doing what it is fucking common place in the hobby?

I thought the conlita thing was irritating, yet true.. but meetlita feels extremist.

Do you all have your heads so far up your asses to think that in order to be a real lolita, you gotta wear it all the fucking time and never socialize?
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You also cant ever go to a con ever or else youre a conlita.
>all these made up cgl rules
fucking why.

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USAfag here. What do you all think of it? How is the process and does anyone have any experience with it? I'm interested in participating but the site hasn't been updated for a while.
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WCS was once the most prestigious cosplaz event, but nowadays everyone knows it's just a farce and there are other competitions which deserve the attention. And in fact WCS clearly loses it's glamour more and more. I used to follow every bit I could get my eyes on but this year is as boring as last year.
Yeah they've been picking some homely looking people. There was that year with cupcake cosplay I think it was where the US was represented by a chick with no chin. Just go ahead and send the blue people of Kentucky to represent us while you're at it.
Only compete if your end goal isn't just to go to Japan. With all the time and money you'll invest in the competition you'd he better off just planning a vacation.

The former US alum that ran it were not great. They had no idea how to run or facilitate an event. This year Japan took the reigns so I'm not sure how it went. I do know that because of the switch the USA qualifier was announced with about a month to prepare. We're all assuming Anime Expo will have the competition for next year so if you seriously want to go for it plan on that. With that said they've moved the contest every year for the past 3-4 so...who knows

Also, make sure your partner is as committed to it as you and is doing it for the same reasons. If you aren't on the same page it won't end well. You are going to spend a lot of time together, make sure you can handle each other.

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A collection of games with the most accurate lolita stuff so you can make cute coords or if you really want, make a bunch of itas. If there's any good lolita dress up games I missed, please share them!

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Love Nikki is my shit
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Pretty cool that it has actual AP prints.
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What would you consider as the most treasured item you've ever gotten your hands on from a con, either as a volunteer, standard con-goer, or guest.

Pic related.
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I got a FLCL2 poster from AX 2017
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when I took a break someone drew a doodle of me <3
I won a collectors edition during a 3000 person panel and then the creator signed it live on stage for me

Is anybody going??
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Bought my 4-day pass for this year a few days after Dragoncon 2016 so I could get the lowest price. Last year was the best experience I've had yet, and I've got high hopes for this year as well.
I'm debating it. I don't have anyone to go with so I don't think it's worth, I don't like randos
Same, but I wanna meet Stan Lee before he dies.

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Last thread has been in autosage for a while. To get the thread going, what are everyones favorite summer old school things?
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Mine is a small AP strawhat from 2002 but I have been unable to wear it due constant rain. I wish the summer would still come.
>Pic related
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Lucky pack skirts have such weirdly small hem circumference.

Not a favorite thing.

Any cosplay or J-fashion-centric Youtube creators that you follow, admire, or find cringey?

I want to start making videos in and about cosplay on Youtube (I've technically already started) and want to see what other people find enjoyable or annoying.
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Are there any youtubers that update fairly frequently? I'm bored to death waiting for new content.
kayhettin elysiam is cringe af and the guy is apparently a rapist

Kawaii pateen and tokyo fashion upload multiple times a week!

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What is your favorite sack dress?
Why are haters so obsessed with making their bodyshape look appealing?
When did they become accepted as lolita?
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