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Last thread: >>9578206
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Opinions on the quality of Little Dipper underskirts?

I like them so much I have them in 3 colours, I'd get pink and ivory if I can be sure they actually match AP pink and burando ivory.

They're made from opaque chiffon, so there's no chance of slightly unmatching lace (Infanta underskirts has this issue). They have a nice width to them, wider than IW underskirts. Their biggest downside is that they're very, very, very heavy -- heavier than most of my dresses, I use a poofmonster Snowfield petti under it because the Surface Spell petti doesn't do anything. One extra perk is that they're stiff enough to have a nice shape even without a petticoat, so you can toss on a normie top and wear them on normal days (if you don't mind being a little poofy).
I came here to put off studying for my women's health exam not be reminded of it

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Last thread. >>9579314

Share your cgl-related feels here! Don't fight.
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>Over extends myself for a con that is next week
>"I won't do this again, I'll take my next con easy"
>Over extends myself for the next con too

Fuck, why do I do this... :*(
>hanging out at a friend's house
>"I wish I were at home, looking at my burando"
I want to make more Lolita related memes and reaction images but I've had such a art block the past few weeks that i have no idea what I should draw or edit

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Last thread autosaged, I'm re-posting the last anon's dump

previous thread >>9571742
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Why not go back to the sweet ass aircraft carrier?
Is this a renamed kantaicon?
I'm mostly pissed off at the stairs and it's pretty weather limited for good shots

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Qui /otakuthon/ ici?

C'est ma 4e année.
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C'est une board d'anglais, nouveau aime.
on hon hon titty croissants

i have 0/3 cosplays finished and I'm dying
je suis un ananas

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ITT: Describe /cgl/ in one picture.
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Three months out from the East Coast's biggest anime convention.

>New city, new and bigger location
>Anisong Matsuri, but not as good as AX's
>Will be ungodly hot, as always
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i'm going to the Idol night at AX's maturi, but Yousei Teikoku pull a better live show than any other japanese band at cons.
Ah, yes. Finally an Otakon thread. What does everyone have planned for their cosplays?
I'm disappointed in Otakon. For the biggest convention on the East Coast you'd think they would stop reusing the same guest. T.M. Revolution is a great performer and I love the music, but I honestly thought I was reading some old news.

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Because sometimes gulls need to show off how much burando they've acquired.

I'll start, here's my Lolita and Otome wardrobe from left to right:
>BTSSB My Advent Calendar JSK in Red
>BTSSB Poodle De Frill JSK in Pink
>Innocent World Marine Bear OP in White
>AP Wrapping Ribbon OP in Light Pink
>BTSSB Sugar Baby Icing Cookie JSK in Pink
>Dream Fantasy LP in Pink
>Candy Sprinkles JSK in Lavender
>ETC Rabbit Handkerchief JSK in Blue
>AP Fantastic Carnival OP in Lavender
>Wonder Toy LP set in Sax
>BTSSB Kitty Kitty Rhapsody JSK in Black
>BTSSB Kumya-chan's Ribbon C'set Bon Belle Journee JSK in Red
>AP Lyrical Bunny JSK in Black
>AP Magical Etoile First Release JSK in Red
>ETC Parade De Foret JSK in Brown
>AP Dreamy Baby Room JSK in Pink
>ETC Image Livre
>Innocent World Sugar Cake OP in Pink
>AP Victorian Tassel JSK in Ivory

Not pictured (besides my blouses/shoes/accessories) are two Bodyline JSKs, Duet Rabbit Note in Red and Felicia's Teddy Bear in Red as well as 3 JSKs from the indie brand Sweet Mildred, I also have AP's Let's Play Hide & Seek Marie OP on the way for a more hime-gyaru look.
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Not to be a total bitch, but you don't really have that much to show off and what you do have isn't impressive either.
Everyone has different tastes anon, at least she doesn't have any terribad prints in her closet from what I can tell, why don't you show off your wardrobe to see if you have anything better?

>mfw 20 brand dresses isn't considered 'much', meanwhile I'm sitting here with my measly 4.

Feels bad...
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take your blog post elsewhere lol

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Collage V1.jpg
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If, hypothetically, you can only have a limited number of items in your wardrobe, what would you pick?

>2 OPs
>2 JSKs
>2 Skirts
>2 Short sleeve blouses
>2 Long sleeve blouses
>2 Cutsews
>2 Sweaters
>2 Coats
>2 Shoes
>2 Pairs of socks
>2 Pairs of tights
>2 Purses
>2 Hats
>2 Headbands
>2 Wristcuffs / Gloves
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I would just shoot myself in the head because this is no way to live
This concept is kind of batshit unbalanced, like you can have 6 main pieces and 10 blouses/boleros but you can only have 4 items of legwear? Two coats and two wristcuffs is borderline excessive when you get that little legwear. Heck, I don't even wear short-sleeved blouses pretty much ever so at that point they're just a waste of space.

Honestly at that point I'd give up on trying to be versatile and have variety and just go all-black, possibly even all one brand to save myself the hassle of trying to keep both cotton and chiffon blouses around, etc.
Shit I can't do a proper collage on phone. Will do tomorrow.
That would be really sad though, only having 6 lolita main pieces

Most of my classic dresses are from IW, but lately I have fallen in love with Mary Magdalene's and Victorian Maiden's respective aesthetics. My folder is lacking in coords from both brands, so I decided to start a thread with what I have so others can post what they have and get inspired too.
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A lot of my coord file names are the dress names but posting what they are anyway.

MM Madeleine Chiffon
File: Apollonia OP 1.jpg (115KB, 540x810px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Apollonia OP 1.jpg
115KB, 540x810px
Apollonia OP
File: Apollonia OP 2.jpg (61KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Apollonia OP 2.jpg
61KB, 640x960px
Apollonia OP

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3-5 years ago she was the hottest cosplayer around. Then she just disappeared. Anyone know what happened to her?
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Gave birth to triplets
She's still in the con scene but as an artist. She cosplays at her table sometimes.
She's been focusing on her illustration skills more really. Don't know why exactly. I know that some of the photoshops going around (that made her look all dirty and shit) upset her somewhat, plus I think it just got too expensive.

But yeah, she's still about. Her tumblr is still active.

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Everyone approaches the style in a slightly different way, but do you feel like you're missing something that everyone else makes look good?
Do your coords feel incomplete no matter what you do? Do you always feel like you're the odd one out in meetup photos? Did you come from genuinely having shit normie taste and still having trouble learning what looks good?

Post it all here, break it down. If you feel you've overcome anything like that, help out a salty gull in need.
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I'll start, I'm shit with accessories. I really am. I have a reasonable collection of them but I feel like they never look right. I don't ever end up buying enough legwear to match everything I own properly because I impulse buy cute shit without thinking about how it'll fit my wardrobe (which is all over the place with about 3 or 4 different styles).

I'm considering doing a clearout of everything I don't wear regularly in my accessory drawers and starting nearly from scratch.
Genuinely shit normie taste here.

I can't style my hair for shit unless I wear a hat or a wig.
Even though I have a sizable wardrobe I have obvious favorite main pieces that I wear a lot and sometimes I feel like people who haven't seen my wardrobe posts believe I only have ~10 dresses after 7 years of being a Lolita.

Last thread >>9383358

Share what you've got coming in the mail!
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birthday mail.jpg
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Gift from my bf for my birthday this year was a budget for my wardrobe, so I picked out some much needed accessories from cc. Super excited about the cape and the ring (I've had my eye on it for ages now)
what is that black cape? It's super cute!
I'm not sure on the 'official' name, but it was listed as 'Balloon Sleeve Coat' in black. The brand is Peace Now!

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What is the best material for:

1) moving in
2) hide panty lines
3) best fitting

Pic related, latex on the left and fabric on the right.
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>Moving in
Spandex you can wear much longer because its breathable

>Hide panty lines
Latex because if you ask me you should just be nude under latex

>Best fitting
Overall latex because its tighter an more form fitting.

Both have pros and cons but I'm biased because I love latex
you've been posting these thinly veiled fetish threads for like 3 years now
got em reel gud

I swear the NYC cosplay scene has some of the scumbaggiest people! There's a group called THE SENPAI PROJECT, and they do a bunch of cosplay parties and cosplay shoots and videos, and the guy behind it, Ory/Javier, just got outed claiming he had cancer and was going through chemo, but posted up instead of video off of Google.

This is just scummy. Bad enough he's claimed it in the past and said it was just an STD. Bad enough The Senpai Project sells videos and prints of their shoots and the live streams of their sexual shoots without giving any money to the cosplayers after the shoots are over.
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In other news, water is wet.
>thot enablers get scammed

lmao pottery
Apparently these guys are now hosting an afterparty at Colossalcon East, so I'm curious what they're about and if they're actually reputable or basically just a more organized and less cringe version of that other group that tries to run parties at cons (the Boatakon group).

This thread reeks of typical shit stirring though. Do you have any more info on this cancer scam?

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