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Anyone hype about the new trailer and the off colors? Are you ready for all the "FIRST" Emerald cosplays?
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That trailer was beyond cringe
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Anyone thinking about doing a cosplay of ballerina Pearl?

We've hit July and here come in the influx of Florida cons for the summer.

Orlando Anime Day 7/15
Supercon 7/27-7/30
TBCC 7/28-7/30
Metro 8/3-8/6
Mizucon 8/25-8/27
SakuraNatsu 8/26

Which cons will you be going to? Cosplay plans, event excitement/disappointment
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>Three cons a month
Damn, Florida
The miracle is that's spaced out this year lol. Last year July had Metro, Ancient City, AFO, Supercon, Lamecon. The state is saturated af with cons
Didn't last year have like 3 or 4 cons happening the same weekend? I don't think any of them were more than 3-4 hours away from each other too.

Let's have a sort of positive thread here. Tell us about you lolita goals. They can be big or minor, doesn't matter. Also, if you feel like bragging about something good that happened to you (lolita related), feel free to tell us here:

>Goals related to your clothes and wardrobe (buying more pieces, getting a more cohesive wardrobe, selling pieces, getting better at coording, etc)
>Social goals you might have in the fashion (meeting more lolitas, hosting an event, going to a large tea party, etc.)
>Personal goals you have related to the fashion (losing weight, getting a new haircut, become more knowledgeable in the fashion, save more money, etc.)
>Goals that you're currently working on
>Goals that you're hoping to start working on soon or in a future
>Goals that you have already been able to achieve within the fashion
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- a big, cohesive wardrobe (buying only black, brown and red dresses sounds good for now)
- buying some usakumyas
- wearing lolita more often
- getting a hime cut
>get more things that i truly love
>wear it more often
>try "bittersweet"
>try punk lolita
>try pirate lolita
>attend a tea party with friends
>get better mentally and get a job
>get better at drawing lolita and drawing in general
Achieved goals
>working for a brand
>meeting brand designers
>having a well paying job to afford more dresses
>appear in a magazine
>appear on tv

Still open
>own moitie pieces (I'm mostly into sweeter styles, but moitie is what got me into lolita)
>lose more weight to fit more pieces (even though I know that my boobs most likely won't shrink anymore)
>model for a brand

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>incoming dump
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Last thread >>9603862
Stay on-topic, and don't respond to bait.
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>Finally building a lolita wardrobe after years of wearing casual jfashion and lurking
>Want to use amino
>Have technically enough to make 3 coordinates for adult EGL, but they won't be great and I don't have enough experience to contribute
>Respect and understand they don't want newbs
>Guess I'm sitting at the kids table
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Last thread has gone off the rails big time.

I don't know if I want to dedicate myself to learning Japanese and realize my full weeb potential or if I should go for another language like French or Spanish that would actually help me in real life. I know I can learn more than one, but I don't know which one to prioritize... If I learn Japanese, it seems like it'll be much easier to practice since I can look up raws of manga/anime and practice with other weebs at cons. Spanish I could practice with coworkers (I live in Texas). French I could practice with two of my fluent friends. I just... dunno...

Japanese would only be useful in my hobby, so it doesn't seem like it's worth it. Anyone else wanna weigh in on this?
French will be less useful than Japanese, unless you intend to move to a French speaking country. At that point you might as well learn something at least relevant to your hobbies.

Spanish is dead useful, though so that's also a good choice.

Hi CGL! I plan on cosplaying Alice. I want my costume to be accurate to the 1951 movie. This includes having a large, bell shaped skirt.

Only detail I'm not sure of at this point is if I should get my poof from a bunch of petticoats or a hoop skirt + petticoat. My preference is on the hoop skirt: it'll easily create the shape I want and works well in the Texas heat. In addition, Alice in the 1951 movie is apparently wearing a hoop skirt to support her dress. All of my friends I've talked to have supported the hoop skirt idea.

I am considering ordering the 42 cm hoop skirt from Divinity Doll, even though it costs $150. I would layer my Malco Modes 582/Jennifer over that.
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Use the help thread
There should be an active help thread.

Also Alice would be wearing a petticoat, not a hoopskirt. Even the official disney park costume uses a petticoat.

Didn't see the help thread from 8/15. My bad.

I've seen the parks costume. I think it uses some starched fabric/linen petticoat. I think a regular nylon or chiffon petticoat would be fine under my costume though. Part of me thinks 1951 Alice appears to be wearing a hoop skirt because it was easier to animate than 4-6 layers of petticoat.

Old one is auto saging

Pic related:
>Parking lot
>Uncomfortable normies in background
>Uncomfortable looking cosplayer with blatant shooping
>So much second hand embarrassment
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Wait are her upper lip piercings out in this one?! I honestly didn't recognize her for a second and I think that's why kek
no anon they're still there

last thread is in autosage >>9591244

I was just trying to find a pic of an old meta dress...
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Why would she choose to stand like that. It's like shes trying to look as bulky as possible
the skirts were apparently made from fucking curtains, like gone with the wind but worse

does anyone have sauce on the sweater in >>9598770? it's pretty cute for non lolita wear
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Anyone have any neat /cgl/ related shows, preferably in Japanese since I'm trying to up my language game by watching non-animu stuff without subs? The Doll Life was okay but obviously scripted as fuck and felt like it was made by interns. Something like that would be very easy for Japanese learning though.
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Turning Girls.
>Turning Girls.
Oh thanks, I remember this was on my to watch list from a while ago because I thought the characters were cute and I forgot about it.
I'm so confused. You want Japanese shows related to /cgl/ that... aren't anime? You do realize the c in /cgl/ is cosplay. Which is pretty much all anime, besides the superheroes and whatever. There's been threads for lolita in shows/movies already, so I really don't get what you're looking for here.

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I'm going to be painting a paper maché mask today, but I don't know what design I want. Anyone have any ideas?

Pic related, but not my mask. Mine is "flat".
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I might go with this one.
Kick ass
You could always do the popularfag thing and make a Persona inspired design.

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