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JRPG cosplay thread, post pics and comments/progress if you're working on something.

Also what groups would you like to see/do?
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So little Atelier Sophie cosplay out there
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This was mentioned in another thread that I think is dead now (??), but definitely more rf/harvest moon (pic related). Planning on making a Raven cosplay from RF3, but who knows when that will get done. More of a dream I guess.
I'm an oldfag so I'd love Suikoden or Skies of Arcadia. I did a shitty Vyse in the long long ago that I sadly have no pics of. :(

Con is in two weeks let's talk about it!

Denver is gonna be packed beyond all measure because of Taste of Colorado and the first football game of the season.
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I'll be there. I remember getting fucked by the traffic because of the festival and football game last year too. Driving in downtown Denver stresses me the fuck out.
Photoshoot schedule is up on the NDK Facebook page!

Who knew Inuyasha was still popular enough to have a designated photoshoot?

Schedule is up now too!

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Halloween is just three months away, gulls. Have you started planning your outfit(s)?

Post Halloween inspired coordinates from any fashion
>fairy kei
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Previous thread in autosage, new larp thread
All the fucking mud edition. (seriously, fuck the mud)

previous thread
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also finally I have nicer pics from one of the guys who were also in the Landsknecht camp on Drachenfest
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Yes, I'm the same anon who started the university thread last month. But this time, I would like it if you guys were to share experiences on wearing lolita to university or school, typical reactions you get, and what you typically tend to wear to classes. It would help if you specify your major or department, or what kind of school or college you go to.

I'm planning on wearing lolita for the first time tomorrow to my university classes. My uni is a huge state one and there's all kinds of people, plus people already know me as someone who dresses out of the norm, but it still makes me nervous cause I have no idea what to expect. I'm in my second year as an art major btw.
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>typical reactions you get
Got compliments/questions, sometimes a passing yelling person if i was off campus, and stares.
probably some secret pics and being made fun off covertly, but nothing that I noticed.
>what you typically tend to wear to classes
as for lolita I used to wear really sweet outfits. even pink wigs sometimes. I never got harassed.
>your major or department, or what kind of school or college
I was liberal arts, at a state school.I live in a pretty liberal state, If that means anything.

I would say start as casual as possible if you are nervous. build up to flasher things when you get more comfortable
I go to a big state uni, majoring in psych. I wear sweet, and sometimes classic. People think it's really cute, and it's a good conversation starter for people to come up to me and ask about what I'm wearing. The professors have talked to me about it and seemed really interested and entertained. Of course, you get some strange stares as to be expected. I haven't had a negative interaction yet, though. Don't get lazy and wear ita coords though. Plan your coord the night before or just don't wear lolita if you don't have time to make it look decent.
>even pink wigs
I just cringed so hard.

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Last thread is autosaging >>9592886
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12 more days until Wed. is the new Thursday.
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I get in Wed/Thurs midnight interface will there still be drunken revelry by then?
These threads never seem all that busy for such a huge con. Is it because it's not focused on anime as much as other ones CGL attends, or harder / more expensive to attend?

Fuck yeah DragonCon
Yeah I think this is mostly a weeb board so.. Still the best con ever.

What upcoming cons are you planning to attend?
What cosplays do you currently have on the go?
Cosplans for the upcoming cons?

Also dump any dramu if need be
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>What upcoming cons are you planning to attend?
You mean the out of the literal two upcoming conventions??
Do Kiwis really merit their own con thread?
Waiting on the usual "I can't be bothered/don't even like Con anymore", but still end up going posts

Don't derail it this time part 2.

I love steam lolita
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Ok, you do you. I think it's mostly uggo, but I will accept once people learn to pull it off well (and that's gonna be a challenge), because I'm not a boring asshole and new ideas are welcome imo as long as they're executed well.

>Lolita looks better with natural haircolors, especially if the hair is styled well. Only a few "unnatural" colors are good if they're toned down a bit, but the ultimate best is natural tones.

>I don't get wigs. They're tacky and make this fashion look like a costume in 9,9/10 cases.

>I hate overly simplified dresses that are emphasized on print instead of structure and frill. I loved some of the slightly newer AP and BtssB releases people called burando lace monsters, that kind of designs look fun to me.

>I love Elizabeth OP and I think it beats a lot of newer releases AND currents of this fashion in cuteness. (don't know if this is unpopular though ???)

>Some thigh high boots are ok in lolita if you know how to pick and use them.

>Erololita is underappreciated and very badly treated. I hate to see when people try to do it and all they do is either shorten everything or wear lingerie or ugly corsets that are too long for skirts instead. Gurl no. More tasteful erololita is closer to gothic but spiced up with things like sheer fabric in the sleeves, gloves, thigh high boots and more mature make up. People get it so wrong and I'm pissed.

>People seem to diss the bodyline Old School set L082 but I like it. It's a good set, it's cute and the quality isn't really bad enough to warrant so much hate. The headdress though is unbearable, I'd rather have a rectangle hairdress with it. Other than that there's nothing wrong with that set and I don't get the whole dislike against old school.

I hope I made sense.
>Lolita looks better with natural haircolors
How is this unpopular though? Most people on here think that
I don't think that it necessarily has to look better, but it's much easier to match with a coord, and lots of people who wear unnatural colored wigs are itas who thinks it's okay because it's "kawaii uguu"
I like it when people incorporate offbrand/non-lolita items to their coords.

Are you sure you are a lolita? You seem to think it pretty much all wrong on what is popular and what is unpopular.

What happened
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It's owned by an asshole to start off with.
You can't just give me that. Come on, I need details. Especially since people are comparing it to DashCon.
The only thing I've seen so far is that staff members told vendors that attendance would be a minimum of 1,000 people and at least one staff member claimed that attendance oils reach as high as 8,000. According to a vendor, the actual attendance was likely around 200.

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