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I just saw this and I thought it was pretty cute. What are your thoughts? Have you found any cute coords incorporating hijab?
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sorry but hijab and lolita do not work together because it ruins the silhouette and takes away from the overall look.
i am against the hijab but that's another can of worms
Hijab is supposed to = modesty. Lolita is not a very modest fashion in terms of standing out (not talking about skin exposure). The two ideas seem kind of incompatible.
I think it can be cute

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I'm no expert, but here is my list of factors from what I've seen around:

- Having the same body type as the character. If the anime character is skinny and you are fat, it won't make it look great.

- Doing some weathering to everthing so it doesn't look brand new. It just looks weird when there is no weathering at all.

- Maybe adjust the clothes to fit tightly your body. Whenever I see an outfit that is somewhat loose it doesn't look good.

- Must use a lot of make up. Using make-up to shape your face to fit the characters seems to help a lot from what I've seen.

What do you guys think?
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The absolute best factor to me is looking like an actual real life version of the character. But that shit is hard to pull off, unless you happen to look like the character to begin with AND have a great outfit/wig/props/decent make-up. Live action (apart from the race bending ones) really do a well job at it too, and actually also better than most cosplayers since they have all the budget for high quality outfits, wigs, and actors/actresses that already look like the character (e.g. Gintama, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Detroit Metal City). For me the magic of cosplaying was always about bringing fictional characters into the real world in this sense. In that regards, the 'famous' Peter Griffin cosplayer is awesome too. Because despite it being 'lazy cosplay' he just looks so much like the character.

However, on the other side of that, is also the skill of making the outfit/wig/props. I have a lot of respect for the cosplayers that can really produce high quality replicas. Make-up and body enhancement are also skills to make you look like a character, if you happen not to look like them naturally. I also have respect for people who are good at that. And well, last factor is of course shoop, since you could also use shoop to clean up stuff, like Misa TW Cosplayer. A lot of people hate her guts, but I have respect for her photoshop skills desu.

So yeah tl;dr 1. looking like a real life version of the character, 2. skills
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not shooping
Not gonna lie:

Base physical attractiveness is probably the most important factor.

Opinion 1: Photographers are more valuable than cosplayers in the cosplay community.
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without cosplayers there is no cosplay community
there is no cosplay
Photogs throwing a fit about getting paid for their HOBBY has caused every idiot with a point and click to start charging for photos, causing massive price inflation among the untalented.


go do more of those then
Came here to post literally this same thing.

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Last thread hit bump limit: >>9281889

I don't care how over used this headdress is, I love how simple it looks and how it doesn't take away too much from an outfit. It also sits nicely on he head.
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I really like this one. Everyone here said it was tacky.
that wig looks like garbage
The headdress is very hard to wear because it only goes with certain hair styles.

It's because baby uses the same wig for years on end.

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I'll start with mine. Is it weird to not let people take photos of you? People have done strange things to me while in cosplay (copped a feel of my boobs, my ass, I've even been lifted and kissed) so I try to avoid that like I have somewhere to be
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nope, you're not obligated to do whatever every random person wants and who gives a shit about them especially if they're gonna be pervy about it
Do you guys personally try to have a different cosplay for each day of a con? Or is that only for try hards?
How long should I wait for a lace market seller to reply/send shipping information before I file a PayPal dispute?

For a change of pace, here is a thread to post and discuss recent coords tagged as gothic lolita on various social media sites. This is like the Closet of Frills thread, but just for coords called gothic by their makers, and for more than just CoF (Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, etc.).

I will post some recent coords to start us off.
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Haven't seen many since Fire Emblem: Fates came out, show us what you've got
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Costume looks okay but damn she looks WAY to old to be Elise.

Unrelated to that, I was at Holiday Matsuri on Saturday and say the cutest Felicia. I should have taken a picture of her, she looked great.
Some quick pics from the HolMat FE meetup. I wasnt at the meetup, these are from their FB event page. I did see some of the cosplayers wandering around the con, though.

Nothing too phenomenal, but that Kaden had a really well done tail. It was held up by invisible thread so it didnt droop.

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post some classic coords now!!!
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Old one is dying.... Let's get those awful cosgroups going.

Love Live is a blessing and a curse to us all.
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leave idols alone

but what is that rin?
eli and nico are fine
u gotta feel bad for the people who actually tried and then get mixed with the trash""

these two in particular
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Animal Crossing gijinkas are the only acceptable gijinkas


hey gulls, as a person wanting to invest money into my own brand in the next year, I was hoping you'd help me out wt a quick poll on what sort-of unique print you'd like to see.
I compiled a quick list of items that aren't overtly common, plus some that obviously are, but could never hurt to be done a bit differently!
As always, your input is always well regarded (more than any other site), and please give me some more suggestions!
Thanks gulls, merry Christmas

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Jsyk "spiders" appears twice.
Way to not have anything I would want. Architecture, roses, and rockets/ spaceships
>unique print ideas
>Alice in Wonderland as an option

Almost thought this was serious for a second.

I want more prints with ducks.

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sad ran.jpg
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hello darkness my old friend...
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She can't be happy because Welkin isn't with her. ;-;

Plz anon stop. You just keep sendin me alone into battle comanding me 20 times. END this pain.

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quilting bolts.png
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let's have a thread about where to buy raw materials and supplies for cosplay and lolita.

some fabric sources (for the US):
>Mood Fabrics

Misc. sources:
>Michael's (general craft supplies)
>Fire Mountain Gems (beads/gems)
>Dharma Trading Co. (dyes)
>laces.taobao.com (lace)
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Have any anons bought minky or anything similar from taobao? Can I have some shop recommendations?
I'm waiting on some short nap minky from aliexpress. usually I get kinky from theminkyboutique.com
I get my resin from Amazon because it's usually the same price as Michaels/Hobby Lobby after the 40% coupon. A survey app I use rewards me in Amazon gift cards so I don't pay for resin out of pocket most of the time.

I use nail art supplies for resin and sometimes use nail art brushes when painting BJD's. I also make BJD eyes and use things like flatback pearls and rhinestones. eBay and Aliexpress have pretty similar selections. I use whichever is cheapest. Sometimes I have coupons on Ali but sometimes eBay has better cashback options/have a gc from instagc (thanks mysterious anon who mentioned it on here before!)

I will order some findings soon but can't decide between Fire Mountain Gems or artbeads.com. Does anyone who has used both have a preference?

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Old thread >>9283765
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What's everyone doing for the holidays?
>Any specific coord plans?
>Holiday-themed meetups?
>Waiting on LP/other sales?
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>Friend is getting more and more into Lolita
>Ask her for her christmas wish list so i can cherry pick something and mail it to her for a surprise
>"I dont want you sending me gifts, we are FRIENDS, anon."
Fine, no fucking shoes or head gear for you then. More money to spend on my /k/ secret santa
Ooh, what did you get them? I just picked up some 50s Korean War boots for my /k/ boyfriend.

Haven't seen one in a while and the catalog is empty.

Mostly I have a question but figured why not make a thread everyone can use.

> Fur suit or mascot related questions and discussions.

A friend needs clippers to trim the fur for his first suit. We've tried several pairs now to no use. Does anybody know of a set that works well?
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Oster and Wahl clippers
Andis A5
Also that art/chara are way cute. Sadly it looks like the typical;
> "I'm trans-bi-gay sexual and SO original."

> I just really wish the community wasn't so try hard edge lord.
>Andis A5
Go with these; they are the best price for quality value. There are better ones out there, but you'll pay heavily.

Also I agree with you, but it's tacky to call someone out like that.
Hand paw tutorial? Idk what i'm doing wrong, but the fingers always end up being way too small :/

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