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Haven't seen one before, so I hope you don't mind if I made one!
> Events you hate
> Events you like
> Have you ever been in a Main Event?
> Performances that stuck with you?

I have always wanted to sign up for a Main Event but a. Never finish a costume in time or b. get anxious about possibly choking up

Help me to convince myself anons
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Do you mean cosplay contest performances/skits or just main events at the convention in general (i.e. concerts, screenings)?
All Main events, cosplay related or not.
For me going into cons i used to think the Masquerade was also the gold event every con should focus on.

Now I can not stand watching them

Love the photos already seeing from Mag Fest! I wish more photographers could be so awesome and quick in delivering their cosplay photos! Anna Fischer's already posting photos awhile the con's still going up, while other photogs still requires days to weeks before anything! Wish there were more professionals like her with such a quick turnaround!

What are photographers in your area have a quick turnaround? Would love to look up new people to work with, while I travel around the US to different cons this year?
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if you're ever in northern california, kittencabada photography started posting pics of my starfire on their instagram day of, they work pretty fast. the photographer for cosplay of sacramento also works fast and offers a lot of different types of shoots besides cosplay too. that's all my experience here though.
>Anna Fischer
>cosplay photographers should post photos immediately
>fuck those asshole photographers who try to charge for shoots

People in this community are so stupid. You get mad when a photographer doesn't post photos quickly enough and you get mad when they try to charge money for shoots. If you get a free shoot, you need to chill the fuck out and wait. If you want quick results, cough up some cash.

Anybody into kimono fashion? Do's and don'ts? Sources? I'm really inspired by all the New Years outfits in Japan right now.
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Kimono is really easy to get wrong. People don't understand how many components go into an outfit and end up buying cheap polyester bathrobe 'kimonos'. I recommend reading through Immortal Geisha forums for those interested in order to avoid looking like an ita.
When I had a twitter account I used to follow a lot of Japanese people, and every time they busted out Yukata/Kimono it was always their Grandma's and passed down from generation to generation. Doesn't really seem like something that one can get into without a lot of money.
You can actually get used kimono for cheap on yahoo Japan and even eBay. Buying anything new will cost you an arm and a leg though.

What is this?
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Obviously a modified gasmask with electronics parts.
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If I pull that off, will you die?
It's a regular respirator with computer parts superglued to it because <ɥB€ᴙPvnk

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Last thread hit bump limit. >>9284636
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I'm pretty frustrated with non-participating members in my comm's fb group, and I'm thinking about purging people who don't go to meets, let alone participate in group discussions, or have anything lolita related on their pages.

I can kind of understand not displaying lolita if they want to keep things separate, but it seems like most lurkers/inactive members are cosplayers which is a moot point in this case.

How have others here manage the problem of who goes and who stays?
I travel a lot so I'm in a lot of coms (hi I'm part of the problem) and pretty much all of them did a recent purge. I don't see an issue with a purge.

Most groups did a facebook event where you had to mark 'going' if you were active and attended a meet recently, or were planning to attend a meet soon
What about mods who don't participate in Lolita? Should they be purged as well?

Old one in autosage >>9255315 so new make-up general thread
Some questions to get us started
>What makeup do you wear daily (if any)?
>(If you wear lolita or another jfash) What makeup do you wear when you get dressed up?
>Favorite color drugstore/cheap products?
>Favorite mid to high end products?
>Favorite Asian products (of any price bracket)?
>Makeup trends you like/dislike
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Oops, didn't mean to type "color" before "drugstore". I'm on painkillers now and not 100% lucid
Does anyone have any recs for a good foundation for cool toned skin? Makeup stores keep recommending ones that are very yellow and I can't seem to find any info about it on most brands' websites.
Any gulls opinion on Models prefer brand? I want to start practicing my make-up more and their eyeshadow palette looks good for beginners

What are your feelings/opinions on foam wigs? What makes a good character wig? What makes a bad character wig?

IMO I think foam wigs can look cool when done properly and absolutely terrible when done by amateurs.
By "character wigs" I mean the hyper-stylized, hair sprayed into place wigs that have zero movement but are source accurate. I think they can look cool but sometimes come off helmet-like.
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Are you a sweet lolita with an OTT gothic dream dress? Are you a classic lolita with a secret love for Sugary Carnival? A lolita with an all-black wardrobe plus one sax x white Alice coord? Post pics.
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My biggest weakness is AP OTT-sweet era novelty bags, even though my wardrobe never goes sweeter than maturely-styled Innocent World. I secretly want to do a fairy kei coord with this one day.
Also this bag, even though I look shit in mint, and have ever owned or even wanted dresses in that colour. It just looks so edible.
Dropped pic.

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Old thread a kill >>9246217

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:
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Selling, I just want to get my wardrobe cohesive for the new year so I'm selling off things that don't fit in. Please making me an offer if you don't like the price. Prices include free U.S. shipping.
Email me for better/proof pictures
1. Velvet meta jsk with bow sold
2.btssb sailor op $150
3.btssb jsk $45 (has small stains)
4.jane marple skirt $30
5.milk skirt sold
6.amavel blouse $50
7. Ap beret $30
8.antque best headdress sold
9. 2l body line blouse $20

Please feel free to make offers as I would like to get rid of everything! Thank you.
just emailed you from other thread but didnt realize you sold the AB headdress but still interested in other item
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For sale or trade (prefer sale) Feel free to make offers, I need this shit gone.

BTSSB Strawberry Cherry Yukata NWT without obi. $130 USD + ship.

Aatp Merry Making In The Ghost Town skirt + otk + headbow in the black color way.bid $260 or BIN $320 including shipping.

Let's make a thread for all the /cgl/ related purchases you hesitate about.
Contributing with pic related,at 120$.
I just don't know how i'll coordinate it and i'm affraid to look too childish in it but it's cute af
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There are better strawberry prints imo. Save your dollarinos for one with a more coordable color than that green.
If your reasoning for hesitating on something AP is "I'm worried it'll look childish", just don't buy it. Even the most mature of AP looks sweet, childish or just too colorful.
This is cute but I feel like it would be cuter as a skirt and just used for casual. Like other anon said, there are better strawberry prints out there. If you want one that's a little more mature, keep an eye out for some of IW's strawberry prints.

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2 months left, let's get this party started

What are you working right now?
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Going as Nico in school uniform from love live
a meme cosplay for day 1 and a mob psycho one for day 2.

Im pretty pumped about ALA
Haven't been to ALA since the last year at LAX, how was the OCC?

old one in sage and we still have shit to talk about edition
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Hot damn, I love this one so much.
Some anons from the previous thread that might still need help
I wonder how they did the zippers? I've never seen zippers that large

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So, how important is accurately portraying height in cosplay?

Asking because I'm 5"7 and looking to cosplay a 6"2 character.
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You can't control your height, so there's no point stressing over it.

If you're by yourself, no one will judge you over it.
If you're in a group, try to angle/pose shots so it's not obvious how not-tall you are.
it's not that big a deal really, and if you want to close that height gap a bit more, there are tons of cheap shoe inserts like pic related you can use to gain a couple extra inches
I don't know anon, 5'7" to 6'2? That's a tall order.
It would be a be a little bit of a reach.
You wouldn't want your cosplay to fall short, would you?
I mean I don't think most people would care but the look just wouldnt size up to your expectations
Really though, do what you want, just don't get your hopes too high.

>Great guests
>Ran on time
>Schedule laid out for fan gatherings
>Panels content has been dramatically improved and more content is offered outside of basic lecture stuff
>Pretty good party scene

Still boring to go to. This con checks off all the boxes for me yet I can't find myself enjoying it a lot as others
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I feel that way about the one I hope I can go to this spring. I'm like that a lot of the time not just with cons. :(
I've been going to Sac as an artist ever since they moved to the convention center, I feel the same way as well. I almost want to say that it's dampened by the city itself, stuff to do in the area is quite sparse, and it also feels like the crowd is a lot younger. The surrounding area feels like it's really empty with places to eat kind of scattered about as well as the main road kind of being dilapidated. Also the con center isn't very large and there is only one large hall in use for the dealer's/artists, so everything else is either crammed upstairs or offsite.
I had some issues with staff communication at the event.
It seemed like I could get four different answers to the same question and then, acting on what I'm told, still be wrong.
Also; why is Sac anime's swap meet called a swap meet when you can't just show up with stuff? It seemed like a lot of the staff was selling their stuff there and because you couldn't bring things with you to trade, there were more buyers then sellers by leaps and bounds.

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screen cap.jpg
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So while scrolling through my facebook today I saw a convention director here in Arizona post something about a up coming convention called Outlaw Comicon. This thread blew up and it got me to actually research it. Now person who posted the thread didn't name drop anyone or the event and he was super respectful though out the whole thread. Someone who I'm guessing is the event organizer did name drop the convention.

After looking at this holy fuck this is gold.
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How nice of him to provide business 101 to potential vendors - I bet he's a hoot at a party.
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To add.png
32KB, 505x326px

This just keeps getting better and better.
Oh it is great! Wonder if it will actually be a con or if it will burn before it begins.

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