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Looking to put together Senshi, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience or examples of him/anyone else from Dungeon Meshi?
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Last feels thread got deleted for too much off-topic. Let's try to do better this time, okay?

Share those cgl-related feels.

Most recent one before the last. >>9306056
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My friend just moved to Atlanta, where all the weeaboo and con shit is.

I wish I could afford to go. But the crime rate is so high, I'd probably get raped immediately.
very few neighborhoods in ATL are bad, the rest are gentrified to shit, making all the poor people move in near and in the section 8 housing, which is coincidentally the bad areas.
You should definitely try for Dragoncon, it's a unique experience.

Last thread got axed because that r9kanon came in talking about raping people, I'd be willing to bet.

As a person that lives in the metro-ATL area, and owns a rental property in ATL proper..

Atlanta is like every other big city in America, you have the bad areas, you have the good areas.

In terms of large cities, it's probably the cheapest big city to live in a decent area.

Most people don't live within Atlanta proper though. There are plenty of really nice suburbs that surround Atlanta.

I love the con scene here though, three big cons a year. Momocon, Dragoncon, AWA.

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Post anything related to upcoming MN, WI, IL, MI or OH cons.

Pic related, I haven't been to AMKE since I fell out of the loop a few years back. A friend and I plan on going this year, what should we expect?
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id like to know as well- im attending amke for the first time and would love to know what to expect/places to go or avoid/etc
Im from the NE OH area, and there is a new con taking place in July in NW PA. Is it worth going to a brand new con nearly 2 hours away, or are first year cons a waste of money?
I've been reading/watching reviews for 2016, they're overall positive. The quality of different programs wavers from year to year but i'd still say it's really good for beginners.

Hey gulls I was wondering if we could share /cgl/ related apps (games,photo editing,..)
Also post your phone wallpaper/icons and cases. Trying to get some ideas to make mine more kawaii since i can't find any cute case for my shitty Huawei Y6 II
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OP or anyone, if you want like cute icons and you don't have apple like me (Samsung user here) Zedge has icon replacements that are really cute and it's free (mostly). Highly recommend.
As for games there is Line play (I gave up on it though, gacha is bullshit with to many repeating items), Coco play which is adorable but really laggy and burns up the phone.
>pic is my phone with text editor(idk what app dont ask please) and Zedge icons also image is by cherrycheezy
I used to LOVE lineplay but i deleted it at the beginning of 2016. They were becoming mega jews. Just like every good cute game app after a while.
Also is Phone Theme Shop or Cocoppa any good for pimping your phone?
Have any gulls tried out aliceholic? I hear it's a non-cringy version of the lolita amino, but I'm not sure how big the userbase is

old >>9269982

Starting question, who is your favorite fursuiter?
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What a qt
....that eyeliner is disgusting wtf, it looks like a peeling scab
we actually had a pretty successful thread last time so jokes on you

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Killer7 in general
I wanna see a big guy try his hand at MASK de Smith
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That game was terrible, bad music and hideous artstyle on top of dull gameplay
Confirmed for no taste. Seriously, you have to be 18 to post here.

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No cons til LAGC

What is everyone working on over Christmas?
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I went to LAGC and Alcon in 2015 and they were back-to-back the worst con experiences I had. I avoided Animeleague events this year and went to Hyper Japan....tolerable but still a pretty big mistake.

England doesn't have many good cons it seems, so I am working on my Juri Han costume, as I am headed to the East in June....
I'm working on keeping my will to live over Christmas/New Year break.

Thinking about Telford in Feb though. Aby opinions of it?

I personally enjoy it, it's a lot more reminiscent of cons 'back in the day' before they were swarmed by people trying to get into the next 'new' nerdy thing (of course the old schoolers are aware it isnt new by any means. But is usually seen as a novelty by others). Not trying to be elitist by any means but you get THOSE people who will give you a clueless look if you list any anime beyond SAO, AoT and anything that panders to fujoshits in the last three years. You will find less of them there because its a bugger to get to no matter where you live.
They've expanded it in terms of where stalls are, how many halls they use, and the stage itself has finally been relocated into a completely separate hall instead of trying to compete with the sound of Robot Wars a few meters over.
The amount of cosplayers is substantial if that's your jam. Nice community, only had an incident with one sperg over the years who went around surprise hugging everybody from behind and then wondering why I cast shade the second time because I didnt know whether it was my boyfriend or someone trying to mug me.

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If you had to choose between Raven and Starfire to cosplay as, which one would you pick and why?
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Star is cuter so her
I have dark skin and big hair so I would have to do Raven with a hood so I look accurate.
Raven because goth girls are best girls

If you need help on a cosplay, use this thread
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What would be a good type of fabric to get for the cape and cloak?
I've been searching for a good tutorial to make natural silicone/latex/urethane foam skinning for a muscle suit. Like not super suit sort of stuff but something to mimic natural skin (as well as these mediums can)

Trying to cos lean buff reverse harem boys who wear low cut shirts and have uncovered arms and stomachs.

Someone recommended looking into tutorials for puppet making. Any advice, gulls?
duchess satin would work pretty well

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What does /cgl/ think of websites that tailor and make cosplays for pay?
Have you used one, if so, what was the quality like?
What are the best websites?
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Find a cosplayer who makes their own stuff/posts a lot of WIP's and ask if they take comissions
I have a specific timeframe and don't want to rely on just one person. The idea of a business seems more reliable and cost effective. Is that not the case? I only know a few cosplayers.
I use cosplay commission groups on Facebook if I have an intricate cosplay that I need done by a specific time. They link you to their business page, show you their past commissions and projects, give you a quote and you decide which commissioner to hire. I haven't been let down before.

Logh cosplay thread
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Are you gay?
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I have yet to see a decent Reuenthal cosplay.
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would discuss LOGH with all night/10

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Why isn't there a general for male cosplayers here? Or did I miss it?
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"Male cosplay" is a very broad topic. You'd be better off making threads like "patternmaking/pattern altering general" or "wig styling general".
That's a woman OP.
Do you see a general for female cosplay?

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I am going with my partner to a lolita themed birthday party in February. The dress code for men is ouji/fancy.

I am a 5'9 175lb bodybuilder with a beard (although I am willing to shave it into a mustache for the party)

How can I dress fancy/ouji for the party without looking odd because I lack most androgynous qualities.

Recommendations of stores, brands, inspo picks, etc would be much appreciated.
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Do you own a suit? A well-fitted suit will be fine. You can add accessories like a funky tie (check Etsy, Cyberoptix has a nice selection but there's a huge range out there), pocket square, lapel pins, etc to make it more fancy or to match your partner's outfit. An ascot is another option (see pic - if you have broad shoulders or a thick neck from lifting and find button-up shirts tricky to fit as a result, this might be a more comfortable option). Google

If you don't want to spring for a suit, hit up your local thrift shop for a nice vest to wear with a button-down shirt. Again, a tie or ascot and some accessories (pins, rosettes, etc) will bring it up a level. Google "mens ascot vintage look" for ideas.

The key with men's clothing is fit. You're better off buying something vintage / thrift and spending to have it properly tailored than buying new off the rack, especially if you have a non-standard build.
Great thank you - accessories like pins or a pocket square completely asked my mind. I guess I was to focused on the ouji aspect.

I'm definitely going to check thrift shops

I was thinking a vest aswell, as suits tend to be too small or fine on the arms and shoulders but baggy around my stomach when buttoned up

I'll have a look at ascots aswell

Cheers :)
shave the whole thing off
facial hair ain't kawaii

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Why outside of ouji there are almost no coords with pants?

I'm honestly curious why no j-fashions seem to have any pants, even casual ones (obv excluding lolita, understandably). Even if there's a rare picture they're just basic black pants or something that's impossible to buy.
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what the fuck are you on about, newfag?
Because it's not kawaii

>something that's impossible to buy
just about every single jfash OP that isn't lolita on this board has a pic with shorts or pants right now. wtf are you talking about

A discord for all your Jfash and Cosplay needs.
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Hopefully this one will actually last.
Last one sucked
Is this a new one?

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