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Share photos of any god-level cosplays.
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what anime is this?
That's Ms. Muffet from the game Undertale.

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New thread.

How do you think this Ohayo was in comparison to last years?
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I'm salty there wasn't a map in the guidebook nor a program guide. Why the hell are you handing it out if it's absolutely worthless?
I wanna hear fun stories from the weekend. Horror stories, cute things you saw, etc etc
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poasting what i have. seriously only took <10 photos because my gloves didn't react to my phone screen. I'll selfdrop in a second to fish for pictures of myself.

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Riddle me this, gulls;

What's the proper etiquette for complementing a Lolita? Obviously I'm old and that's the trouble, right? But truth is, Lolita fashion was already getting into the spotlight in the late 90s/early 2000s when I first went to Japan for work.

Is it worth commenting on a coord to someone half my age? Are you happy to know that people appreciate the effort you put in to the fashion or am I just automatically a creep?

No I don't want to take your picture or ask you out or to buy you anything. I just want you to know that I recognize that it was a serious effort to display your fashion and I think you look cool.

What do?
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imo, using proper terms and complementing specific things is a good way of letting people know you're not being a creep. Like "I like your coord" or "I like what you did with that print". Keept it about the fashion and not her.

Also, and this applies to almost everyone not just lolitas, don't bother people that don't what to be bothered.
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Well obviously.

But I think it's safe to say that someone didn't dress up like a Victorian China doll to not attract attention. In some weird way, whenever you see someone in an Angelic Pretty dress, or with a giant pink wig, or a Voltron costume, or enormous rhinestone ear guages, s/he did that for you. I would just like them to know that I appreciate the trouble.
Okay now you're making it weird

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Oldschool not ita (it is kinda ita)
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If you were earning $15,000+ a month on patreon for either Cosplay, Lolita, or other Japanese fashion

what would you do with that and your newfound popularity, and how would you reward your patrons?
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Pay off my student loans ASAP, pay my car off, get a nice apartment, not sure what I'd do about being popular.. maybe be one of those losers and advocate for issues I care about?
I'm hella crafty so I'd probably make a bunch of cute trinkets and small accessories/cute drawings an all that shit
Travel the world as a "fashion icon" and buy cool candies in different countries, and give giftbags of said candies to certain donors, and maybe a handwritten note depending on the donation bracket.
I'd also become a tripfag and post on boards.4chan.org/cgl/, making questionable posts that would alienate half my fanbase.
pay off all my debt, move to Japan for better access to lolita/jfash, buy good camera equipment and do gaijin in japan vlogging (because you can never have too many of those) with a focus on japanese fashion stuffs

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Time for another thread

Old thread >>9300784

>Grinched gift signup and check in ETA: January 15th, 2017.

Cards and gifts should be sent out by now and will hopefully be received before the 15th.
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KM here! Ouji anon I've received your gift and will be posting pics as soon as possible!
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Gift ID is 3815. Anon I'm absolutely in love with everything you got me! My favourite has to be the combined books because I was specifically wanting to reread those three! Everything fits my aesthetic to a T and I hope my gift isn't disappointing compared to all the personalization you put into mine! Thank you so much! JW I am still on the hunt for your gift but my college might just be holding it until normal mail hours resume. Is there tracking that says it arrived? I'll give them a call tomorrow so they can search the mail room for it!
EC from NZ here, unfortunately away from home for a week but if you were my SS from Russia i've received your package!!

Let's start off the New Year with some quality posts....
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I was literally going to post this. It's so ill fitting...
I just saw this on my Facebook, I want to die.

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Have you ever seen a design or character that you really, really liked, but after you watched/read/played whatever they were from, decided you didn't like it or flat out hated it too much that you either decided against cosplaying it or are reluctant to do so?

Characters whose designs you like but personality you hate (or just couldn't pull off) also accepted.
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Pic related is my #1 "love the character, can't stand the series". I'd be perfect for Makina, but I'm not a fan of "forced edginess" series like Deadman.

Also both LoL and RWBY have some really nice designs, but I can't stand either of them or most of their fanbase.
>dressing as something you dont like

Why do people do this.
I think the idea is that you *wanted* to cosplay [x] thing but held back because you didn't like it.

Cosplay has turned into shit ever since everyone is out to rank up their social media numbers.

Can we have an appreciation thread for cosplayers who still stick to producing quality work and don't fill up their social pages with tits and ass?

Hard Mode: Those who do both (Yaya) don't count.
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It doesn't exist, anon. Sorry.
It does but nobody cares unless you're attractive
No one cares about accuracy and quality. GTFO OP.

If they aren't hot or sexy then they should stop cosplaying and leave.

Last thread >>9312977
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why those shoes
and a better petti silhouette would have made this so much nicer. The snow in her hair is cute though

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Last one got deleted for ot. >>9314641

Wig cap too tight? Petticoat deflating? Share those cgl-related feels here!
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TFW no cgl gf
Why would you ever want one of those.
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>tfw some ita in your comm ruins the aesthetic by wearing a thong

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Can we have a thread dedicated to themes we just want to fucking die already, or themes that should have never been a thing in the first place like pic related
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What even is this? I don't get it
Jaysussss, you'd think they would at least make better tutus or tulle skirts, those look messy af. Like they were stored in bags and pulled out after years and just worn.

Disney Princess (insert random theme) costumes rarely work out.
Disney princess ballet

>cuz the previous one didn't even have cringe

Also not sure if this girl is a troll or blood dead serious.
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Possibly serious.
"Alt lolita"
Note the girl's father in the background washing dishes at 0:55.

The girl in the white tank top single-handedly made an already bad dance cover into an even shittier one.

How do people make stuff like this and think it's good enough to publish for the whole world to see?
Is the girl in the white tank drunk? She seems so lost looking everywhere

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Last one auto-saged >>9291716

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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Incoming dump
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Calling all con ladies. Got your period before a con, lingerie tape failed, eyelashes clutching for dear life during a shoot? Tell your horror stories here.
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Fairly boring, but have some boobs:
>getting ready for the con in the morning
>boob window costume which required copious fashion tape to stay in place
>after about half an hour and with some help from another cosplaying friend, get the boob window into a satisfactory position
>tasteful cleavage and pretty well centered
>go out of room to meet up with the rest of my (non-cosplaying) friends
>one of said friends takes a look at my costume, reaches over without asking and yanks on it to readjust it
>briefly flash entire friend group
>"Sorry, I didn't realize you'd taped it! It was kind of low."

Pro tip, con goers: never touch a cosplayer's outfit unless they ask you. It looks that way for a reason and if you touch it, you will fuck it up.
Not the most interesting but definitely the most painful thing to happen to me at a con
>get cheap boots off of taobao
>they are like half a size small but the con is a week away and im too cheap to replace them
>im planning on spending all Friday in this cosplay
>halfway through the day my feet start to hurt really bad but if I walk on my toes I can handle it
>by the evening I cant walk without limping
>at this point I want to leave but my friend and i have a photoshoot at 8
>the location is a 10min walk from the hotel but it takes me closer to 20
>the photographer pretty much just wanted to take pictures of my friend so I spend most of it sitting down
>at the very end, he decides he wants to take running shots of both of us
>my friend really wants some pictures of us together so I try to rally
>my feet hurt too much to really run so the photographer keeps making us try again until he gets a good shot
>it hurts so much im tearing up at but i want this over so I mange to actually run for a few minutes
> I limp to the sidewalk to get to my ride and im in so much pain I have to sit on the curd
>when I get in the car I take my shoes off
>my socks are bloody
>I peel them off
>my feet are covered in blisters some that burst and my entire right toenail and the tip of the left one have turned totally black
>I missed the next day of the con and I couldn't wear real shoes for a week
>it to almost 7 months for my nail to grow out
>we never got the pictures back

I always make sure I wear shoes that fit and are comfortable now even if they are a bit more expensive or less accurate

Holy shit

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