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Triple ita edition. You know what to do.
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What sewing machine do you guys use? Anything you like/dislike?

I'm buying myself a new one for Christmas so I'd like to hear what you guys have before I actually buy one.
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>tfw still using a hello kitty machine i got when i was 12
It still works, even though it is a franken-machine as it has parts from my grandma's old machine in it. The timing gets screwy sometimes but I'm too cheap to replace it
I use a Brother sewing machine. Got it as a birthday gift and it works really good for me. I sew clothes and plushies with it. What all do you need your sewing machine to do? That might help you figure out what you need. Some people need some with basic sewing abilities and others need one that does more complicated things.
Wow, that sewing machine looks so complicated :| So many functions!

I'll be making clothes and lunch bags so machine needs to handle:
>Velcro (this one I'm worried about)

I've been using an old sewing machine that can only stitch straight, and while it still works, I want a machine that can do at least a zigzag stitch, and do button hole making.

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Last thread is saging and nobody is talking about Holiday Matsuri yet. How does everyone feel about the new hotel? Do you like the change from the Carribe? What are each of you looking forward to with how big the space is?

Hopefully finishing up on those Christmas cosplays or realizing, "Oh shit, Holmat's next week. I haven't done shit." Which is exactly me right now, I haven't started any of the cosplays I wanted to do and probably won't finish any of them in time.

Are there any panels you're excited to see? I'm definitely going to check out the Hamilton Sing Along panel on friday.

How many years have you gone to Holmat and what do you remember best from the previous years?
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I wanted to go to Holmat but looks like it's not gonna be happening this year. Maybe next.

Is 24 way too old to go to a con for the first time?
Are they doing any lolita events this year? If not, why not lol
Pretty hyped. Was hoping it'd be colder than usual because I'm definitely gonna die from all the heat in one of the Christmas-themed cosplays I'm doing.

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Are you ready to see every other girl doing Cindy for the next year?
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Of course
She's like the shittiest part of the game, so. No.
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You act like this hasn't already started.

Can we have another pattern dump thread? Plushies, accessories, clothing pieces, anything. I have a few CholyKnight patterns I can dump if wanted.
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I'd be interested if you dump anon. Got anything beginner level? I'm learning now.
looking for anything 101. taller than average so will have top custom any patterns I make, but props/accessories welcome.

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L_g0059879120 (1).jpg
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Couldn't find one in the catalog, but a few anons were asking for a review of this dress, and I finally got it! A few points about it
>amazing fabric, feels luxurious but not delicate.
>the lace is either the exact same as the original, or a very close replication. Either way, its incredibly soft
> I waited to talk to my seamstress grandmother to confirm, but quite a lot of the details are hand sewn, very well.
>on that note, my dress has a small stain that appears to be blood near the nape area (probably from hand sewing)
>the buttons are offwhite, not pure white, but the correct button otherwise.
>though, the cuff buttons were sewn slightly off (easily fixed)

All in all, I'm incredibly happy with the quality! I'd be happy to answer any other questions. Otherwise, this can just be a replica general.
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I'm not a lolita, but don't lolitas find purchasing replicas to be some sort of moral issue or something?
Yeah, most in our community look down upon those that purchase print replicas. It's a bit more of a grey area when it comes to bag and shoe replicas, however.
It was discussed in the previous thread, but this dress was bought as a christmas gift for OP and anons were curious about the quality

I was thinking of doing an 'ironic' Crossplay where I go as one of the sailor-moon girls but, you know, be a big hairy fucking man. (see inspiration pic)

Thoughts? Is this sort of thing generally allowed in cons?
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It's tired
Yeah, it's been done. Some people will chuckle. Do it if you want, it's allowed, but don't expect to become the next big hilarious ironic thing.
>See inspiration pic
Where? OP's pic is of a 5-year-old Japanese girl

How do you deal with cosplay that requieres you to have your feet exposed, or even worse go barefoot?
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Dance paws
Just wear comfy slip on shoes until it's time for photos.
Make these invisble shoes if barefoot

Just tidy up your feet, wash them, fix up your toenails, etc. If your toenails are really bad just get fake ones. If your character wears flip flops don't just buy cheap ones as they will break easily.

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cgl santa.jpg
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old thread >>9280420

Don't be a grinch this year, communicate with your giftee/santa and send them holiday cheer!

>Grinched gift signup and check will be on January 15th, 2017, unless you guys decide otherwise.
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For the cards, I don't know why I'm stressing about it but are you guys just sending regular cards?
I sent regular cards with some stickers. :) I was gonna do some fancy shit...but got lazy and stressed.
KB from VIC and CB from MS, your gifts were posted today. They are the first half, since I'll be sending what I bought online when they arrive.

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Post feels. Happy, sad, whatever... As long as they're cgl-related!

Let's keep this one on-topic, please.
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Reposted from the dead thread because I need advice.

I went to a con in 2012, and my friend got in a fight. The guy ended up hitting his head and dying, and my friend gets out of jail in two weeks.

How long should I wait before inviting him to another con?
don't invite him to another con

it might trigger his bloodlust
You can take him back to the conventions once he realized that words are not worth exchanging blows over. If an argument reaches such heights, take it to convention staff. I'm glad that he's not going to be charged with manslaughter, but he needs to understand self-defense is only acceptable if one feels their life is actually endangered. Otherwise, you are honestly suppose to turn tail to an aggressor and alert the authorities to handle the situation. I doubt he felt his life was endangered by the man.

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Closet of frills
Old thread >>9287213
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Moitie ita V2
nitpick, but that wig is a little sad. if the bangs were cut better or if it was just a better wig in general this would look better overall.

Long time lurker here (8 years I think), though I've never really cosplayed before.

I have a general question for everyone; what do you all think now that cosplay/nerd shit has gotten waaaaay more popular than it used to be?

And what sort of changes have you seen in the convention scene? Do you like it, do you hate it, do you notice any real difference at all?
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The cosplay community has gotten worse. More attention whores, more failed models who don't even know what they're dressed up as, just more egomaniacs in general.

The technology has gotten better, but that's about the only positive

The "community" if you even want to call it that at this point gets worse since more and more awful people get into it, while cosplay gets more and more accessible.

Just think about shit like the D.Va jumpsuits and think about how much those would cost 10 years ago; basic bitches wouldn't even dream about spending money on it on a lark.

This is why Jfash and lolita are so much better than cosplay nowadays. Still expensive as fuck and basic normies aren't willing to dress up in "weird" stuff outside of cons.

Too many basic bitches cosplay just for the attention and nothing more.

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OTT Lolita p3.jpg
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Hey, I'm new to 4chan and the general lolita community. I just (and I don't know if I'm doing this right) wanted to make a thread for anyone who cant find a review for dresses, blouses, etc. I find this a common problem because I buy from Bodyline, so for all you guys who also buy from bodyline and have many items, you can post how they look and any other information that might be useful. Thankyou. (I just put in a random lolita image I had because it was needed, full credit for the original to whoever owns it)
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Anyways, because I didn't want to include it in the original post, I would just like to ask - has anyone bought the bodyline l575 OP? Not the velvet-y one, because I am in AU and it gets wayyyy too hot. Photos included would be nice! :)
isn't that one a knockoff of a brand dress?
It's bodyline. You get what you pay for. It's a safe buy but don't expect great quality.

To not answer your question and go off on a tangent: If this is your first main piece purchase I would definitely recommend buying secondhand brand, check out Closetchild and Lacemarket, especially Closetchild, I spotted a bunch of nice classic JSKs and skirts going for pretty cheap earlier. If what you're asking after is that Bodyline floral OP, Closetchild has some Innocent World and Baby up right now you might like. Bodyline is fine, but you'd be better off just using it as wardrobe filler later on.

Share your finds of things you've seen at random that make you think of /cgl/ or stories of random happenings where you've let your gull side out and the salt flowed free.
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>verbally shitting on another gull because she's prettier or more successful than you but secretly wanting to be her/fuck her

just cgl things

Was gonna make this and hit up some cons in 2017. I have a group of friend's who are hitting up all the events along the east coast (US) and I'm gonna tag along.

But what would you suggest making it out of? I was thinking Wonderflex or something like it, for the armor. I have enough fabric from over the years for the rest.

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I'd say that's the way to go. It's a lot easier to make formable plastic look like real armor than foam, imo
That or fiber glass over primed evafoam. But that can be difficult for some people.
OP here

I've never done chainmail before, and only just realized that it was part of the getup.

What would be advised to do in this situation?
I keep seeing things about making galvanized steel rings and stringing them together.
Any easier ways? Though I'd like it to not break if I move too quickly and it doesn't follow.

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