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...So that doujin posted in the feels thread left me fucked up. Anywho, what do you gulls do to stay safe?
>Do you take any self-defense classes?
>Cute self-defense gear?
>How do you deflect creeps while in cosplay/lolita?
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i'm sorry i did this to you but maybe something good can come out of it

i carry around a bottle of mace that looks like a lipstick tube, but realistically i doubt i would be able to get to it in time if something actually happened

i just make sure that i'm never ever ever alone when i'm in lolita (or just in general) because i'm realistic and know that i could easily be overpowered like our girl princess-chan

there was this one time i kicked a fucker who was trying to look up my sister's skimpy cosplay skirt but that's the closest i've come to initiating actual self-defense
it's okay, anon-chan ;-;. We can talk about an important subject at the very least. Pls don't feel bad.
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I carry around mace. I want to put a warning that mace isn't the best self defense option. Most mace canisters carry a warning to only be used on either animals or intoxicated people. I think stronger varieties of mace exist, but they are illegal in most states. My mace isn't fancy, it's in a black holder and it's called 'Terminator' or some shit. Below the logo it says, 'They won't be back.' There's a lot in how you carry yourself. Also, be nice. Unfortunately a lot of predators will target women for no other reason then they were mean. Unless a man gives me a reason to use force, I try to be as nice as possible deflecting advances because some of them will get uppity if you are not. I've only once ever ran into problems and thank god somebody stopped. I usually never get in cars with people but after having a man trail behind me 2 miles per hour on a highway for 15 minutes flipping off trucks and cars, I've never booked it into a car so fast. I also don't wear heels because I try to be prepared to book it.

What do you think of the recent costume pattern releases by commercial pattern companies (Simplicity, McCall's, Butterick, etc.)? A good trend or too late, too little?
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I wonder how accurate those pants are.
Good for beginners. Part of the general trend towards making babies first costumes passable instead of hot messes. Convenient for things where you could pattern it yourself but sometimes just don't want to.

Best thing about it is that it means pattern and sewing companies are realizing cosplayers are their next big market. All the quilting grannies are dying off slowly and modify under 30 is picking it up, they all do costuming or some other handcraft entirely. People who DO quilt are moving towards more specialty markets, indie designers, and small local shops for their fabric, not buying 30 yards of Simplicity's quilt binding any more. So the trend towards more apparel-focused materials and tools should follow as the big three companies go for the new demographic. I've already noticed that JoAnn's has really stepped up some of their apparel choices in the last year or so, after spending a few years eliminating a lot of their colorways and products. There's some legitimately nice stuff there now.
yes, even the quilting fabrics are nice and fresh.

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Old one has hit the post limit

Whos wardrobe posts are you looking forward to?
Are you doing a wardrobe post?
Have you gotten a New Years lucky pack?
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My local comm fb group had a thread about wardrobes, and overwhelmingly people said that they didn't like the idea of wardrobe posts and thought it wasn't anyone's business what they owned.

I wouldn't have expected that from a lolita comm, but I don't mind because I have a pretty small wardrobe.
That's so weird. Even with wardrobe posts that are small I love seeing them! It's fun to see other people's styles! I personally haven't done one in the past 2 years and probably won't do one this year just because my kid + a full time job keep me from the time and energy needed to do it. Even though I only have about 40 main pieces. I don't know how girls with larger wardrobes manage to do it even without kids and a less time consuming job. Do you take photos slowly over the fall so by winter/January you have your whole wardrobe post ready?
>Even though I only have about 40 main pieces
>even though

Now I havent been into this fashion as long as most on here, but what do you consider a large wardrobe and what do you consider small?

Because that seems large to me!

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At what age is a female cosplayer too old to cosplay cute anime girls, such as moe aidorus? I have just turned 23 and I'm afraid I won't be able to realize all my cosplay dreams in time.
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35 if you're asian
Depends on your face shape.

Even when I was 15, I couldn't pass as a cute anime girl. My friend is 29 and she still gets ID'd so she does pass for it.

Post here your lolita-related regrets, not only for buying/not buying stuff.

Probably my biggest regret in lolita is for not trying OTT-sweet when it was popular. Now I literally can't even imagine such circumstances of my life where all of that pastels and plush bags could look acceptable.
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Not joining my local comm years ago. I held out because I was socially awkward and an ita and thought I wouldn't be able to make friends. Now I'm less socially awkward and /cgl/-certified not-ita, but I'm a newbie to my comm and they treat me as such. The girls my age who got into lolita around the same time as I did have all known each other for years while I'm an outsider. I always end up sitting at the newbie table, with the teenagers who want to listen to Melanie Martinez while complaining about how their parents won't buy them AP replicas.
I regret that it took me so long to get into it. Now that I finally have the money to afford brand and all that stuff people are starting to tell me that I'm 'too old' for this children stuff and that I should grow up and invest my money in whatever adult stuff. I just don't know what to do...

I'll just shut my ears and throw my money at Baby I guess...
I regret not accepting an offer to be a mod for my comm when I asked a year ago. The new mod that was asked has an ego and can be incompetent sometimes, especially since she only asks for/accepts help last minute due to her pride.

Goodnight, sweet princess.
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Are any of you lifestylers? I don't especially mean wearing lolita or something like that everyday but more like trying to make most aspects of your life as lolita (or whatever your aesthetic is) as possible.
What is your aesthetic? What aspects of your life do you aesthetic-fy? What does it give you? Tell us everything about it!
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I don't wear lolita 7 days a week but my normie and work clothes are also inspired by my gothic and classic lolita style, for example I wear a lot of my moitie blouses with my work uniform. My whole apartment is decorated to suit my lolita aesthetic too. If something isn't in my style it doesn't feel like "me" and I can't relate to people who wear several really different styles. I do hand embroidery, bake a lot and I go to visual kei concerts when I can. If it's something I can't find in lolita style, for example a ski jacket, I just get it in all black. I'm studying children's literature.
what're some good ways to go about implementing my wardrobe aesthetic into my everyday life? i do have a specific clothing aesthetic but sometimes incorporating it into my day-to-day outside my outfits feels like too much
What style do you prefer? Classic and gothic tend to be easier to incorporate into daily wear, sweet is doable but not as much.

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If there's a fictional girl we have most in common with it's Alice, not Lolita. Why don't we just call it Alice fashion from now on?
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This has come up a million times, it's not a unique idea. Lolita has and will always been called lolita. Get over it. It's just a name. Freaking out over similarities to Nabakov only strengthens the perceived link to it.

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Past one is on sage >>9247615

Friendly reminder that LF won't ship Lucky Packs and so on until 2017.

>"What is Menhera?"

>"What is Gurokawa?"

Please try to ignore/do not respond to obvious bait (like "that" one anon that is reposting bad coords for drama and calls everyone fat).
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It's lonely in here.

Purple or pink pill earrings with pearl accents

Glitter syringe with gold necklace and beads/bow

Skeleton cat 'Go Away' unisex shirt

Novelty razor blade necklace, this seller also sells novelty scalpel necklaces. (U.K.)

I'm including some strawberry items since they can be incorporated.

Strawberry pom pom earrings

Strawberry milk graphic shirt. Mexico.
As brands start to prepare their spring/summer 2017 releases - what's everyone's hopes for them? Personally I hope for less pastel releases, more so when it comes to Listen Flavor as they label themself a punk rock (lol) brand but mostly made fairy kei-ish prints this year outside of collabs.
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I'd like definitely some more of the yami kawaii side of things from listen flavor.
Outside from that I'd love to see more local creators making goods that work in the fashion. Eg, this is a new set zombieunicorn is working on

Katsucon is just two months away! Who's ready? Whatcha cosplaying and cos testing? Who's booking shoots or booked shoots? What'll be the most common costumes, NVM, it'll be f'in Overwatch and Love Live still >_<
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This'll be my first time, any tips?
>broken exit signs and walls
>an actual fire

Gee, I wonder what'll happen at Katsucon this year.
You forgot the frozen hell of 2014

As for OP, I'm just going to roll with it as it comes, I have a few things that I want to finish but I've decided to not stress it this year. If I get anything done then I'll just hit up my photog friends last minute or bother them post con.

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Discuss oldschool, dump photos and snaps, get coord pointers, etc.; you know the drill
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Is there anything you gulls can tell me about this brand?


I'm really intrigued by it, and other than what the seller has said on it it's all I've heard about it. The tag looks pretty cool and seems to be something really old. I don't believe I've even seen mention of this brand/line in any Kera or old GLB.
That fabric has been used by lots of brands such as Moitie, VM, Heart E and others.
And even AP and Chantilly:

I personally own the Moitie JSK with this fabric, it is beautiful and high quality:

Make Aliexpress great again edition
(also plz no politics we are here to discuss cheap chinese shit)
Old thread >>9261510
Aliexpress a great alternative to ebay, and small order alternative to Taobao.

>Makeup, sex toys, food, and things that go in/on you aren't guaranteed to comply with safety standards
>You won't be able to claim compensation on Aliexpress if products harm you, use your discretion.
>Electronics? Visit >>>/g/ and search for /csg/ and ask your questions there
>Large Order? Check out the Taobao thread
>Ask questions and buy at your own risk. Stay savvy!

PS I posted a big collage last thread and lots of people asked for photos and sources and I am so sorry I didn't get back to you all, I've been traveling and busy with college stuff
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Exams are over for me, so I started whipping up an Aliexpress guide.
I'm referencing some of the Taobao FAQ format, it's currently not as robust.
Good, Bad or Ugly? Does anyone have any content I could add to it? Remove?

Are you a native English speaker anon? Your guide is perfectly understandable, but there's a few grammar mistakes scattered throughout.

>However, food, makeup, sex toys, certain jewellery and anything else you put in or on your body needs to be purchased with high precaution.

You want caution, not precaution here. A precaution is an action you take before you do something, caution is to take care.

>you will very unlikely be covered well enough for any damages caused upon you or the person you give the product to

I'd say something more along the lines of, "You are unlikely to have consumer protection for injuries caused by faulty products."

>Next, if you can see behind the smoke and mirrors of digital photography, then that’s a start. Tricks like making an object looks bigger/smaller, covering up flaws or photoshop are potential This is where I wouldn’t recommend the less internet savvy like the average mum/dad/grandma.

Reread these sentences, it seems like there's a thought missing in the middle.
Haha sort of yes. I learnt English and my home language simultaneously as a child so I don't deserve an excuse. Thank you for your help!

It'll be all corrected in the 5 minute update. Thanks again!

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Painful stories while crafting, property damage you've caused with tools, let's lick our hot glue burns together.

> Working with Instamorph
> Needs boiling hot water to soften
> Knocked boiling hot water over myself and on my laptop, completely destroying it

> Sewn through fingernail

> Sliced a gash open in my arm with utility knife
> Had insulation foam dust get in the wound
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>Shaping foam with box cutter
>Have bad habit to cut toward myself
>Foam slips
>Stab myself on the stomach
>Luckily the blade was short and it wasn't deep cut

>Be hemming
>Fabric is badly under the foot
>Without thinking start adjusting it while machine is still going
>Sew through my finger

>Sew something
>Get needle right under my nail
File: IMG_3397.jpg (21KB, 299x234px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 299x234px
>couple of years ago
>at the sewing machine
>lean over to grab scissors
>the underside of my boob brushes over pin cushion
>slight pinching sensation, thought the pin cushion just grazed me
>take off bra for the day and noticed little pimple under my boob
>again didn't think anything of it since I've had acne their before
>two days later
>boob feels warmer than normal but I didn't see any redness. Pimple is slightly bigger.
>week later pimple is gone but my boob is still hot
>three days later I awake to the underside of my boob wet
>lift it up and there is brown pus oozing out of it
>go to the doctor
>mrsa infection deep in my boob
>doctor asked if I was punctured by anything
>suddenly dawns on me that that must have punctured my boob on a sewing pin

Pic related. My skin started to fall off but they got the infection under control. Always watch where you place your titties.
>drop iron directly on arm, have to go to the hospital for a second degree burn, still have the scar 7 years later
>slice open thighs multiple times with blade from working while sitting down
>cut the skin between my thumb and index with a blade
>accidentally drop scissors and "catch" them by shoving them a good cm into my hand, probably shouldve gotten stitches but didnt
>the usual stepping on pins & hot glue burns
>bad habit of accidentally pressing the underside of my wrist against my still hot heat gun when reaching to get things by accident
>melt part of a rug by accident with the heat gun, it's not our rug and i still have yet to attempt to fix it
>accidentally put a hot iron against a different rugged floor face down (thankfully our rug this time), iron imprint in floor now

also for the bigger thrill seekers (please be safe with wood guys, i have a pro mentor me but mistakes and machine fuck ups still happen sometimes)
>turning wood on lathe
>it flies off and cracks me in the mouth, splits my lip, thankfully teeth/gums were fine
>turning something else on lathe
>it flies off thankfully in the other direction and cracks a window

i havent had any sewing machine needles break/go through my fingers yet but im sure the day will come

It's about that time, gulls. Are you guys looking forward to anything in particular?
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I'm looking forward to buy my first meta lucky pack!

Also looking for Listen Flavor
Liz Lisa although their reveals aren't up yet, I really liked last years so im hopeful this year will be equally cute.

Very interested in other gulls are looking at though, i'll be in Tokyo on Jan.1st so I need to start making my map of stores to hit up.
Also preordered Ank Rouge and Swankiss. Curious as to what special prints AP and Baby will do this year.

I've always wanted a pack from Amavel but I always miss out.

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2MB, 1440x2253px
Didn't see one in the catalog. Post bad/cringe sale posts and items!
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Wtf is that even supposed to be?
Its Maddy from ever after high doll series
>due to weight loss

well good for her tho

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