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How was you halloween, /cgl/?
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New Idol thread since last one maxed out.

> What idol groups (anime or irl) do you like?
> Cosplay plans?
> Storebought or self-sewn?
> Best cosplay dance groups?

Also reminder that 11.11 is coming up, any big group orders?
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Additional questions:

> What's your local idol scene like?
> Do you cosplay by best girl/guy, or by proportions?
> Biggest annoyance?
>Cosplay plans?

Since Christmas is arriving, me and my friends ordered the Christmas Carols outfits from Love Live. Only two characters missing so I'm happy about the group
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Finally starting on Nana's SSr outfit whch I have been planning since forever. And I'm going to make her Christmas outfit at the same time since they use almost the exact same pattern

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Need help or advice on a cosplay? post here
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I'm working on a cosplay of Kite from Hunter x Hunter and I can't figure out if the blue part of his shirt is frills or just a wrap or something
Looks like it's supposed to be a wrap to me. If it was meant to be frills, I'd imagine they would flare out a bit more.
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How would I replicate these hand wrappings? Searching 'hand bandage wrapping' on google gives a advice of a medical nature, but I was looking for something that wouldn't be too chunky or uncomfortable. Thanks

Location: La Vista Hotel & Conference Center

Four days until Nebkon!
Who's all going?
Any events, panels, groupshoots,etc you're interested in?
Cool things to do while in Omaha?
Seagull meet-up?

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Are there any good restaurants near by?
I'd prefer not to drive to Omaha every time to eat
Looking forward to Chii Sakurabi, #1 idol.
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I've seen her mentioned on here quite a bit for having 4k followers on twitter...

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am I keep missing it or hasn't there been any germans in here since forever
there was connichi recently with wcs, ecg and dcm coming up as well
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WCS and ECG was so fucking boring noone besides the winners really cared about it
sad but true. the Connichi Cosplay Wettbewerb was more entertaining even though it wasn't that good at all.

can't say the summit and championship winners didn't deserve it but everyone was so lame anyone could have won the contests without anyone knowing why exactly
Any upcoming cons? What is next?

Pretty details edition.
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tutorial: http://www.awwsam.com/2016/03/diy-no-sew-funfetti-cake-slice-pillow.html#.V91LkJN96CS

Old thread >>9261713
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The print on this dress is really cute and interesting.

I'm not a cosplayed but I need your help, I am joining the wrestling business soon but I need help making my gear.
Since you guys spend alot of time making cosplay I want to know what are some good durable but flexible material for tights?
Have you even made something like Kickpads before and what would some good material be?
More question to come, but I'm aiming for something like pic related.
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>wanting some
>implying you can do a spiral tap

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Thoughts on Cosplay gofundmes and such /cgl/?

>>Complains about gofundmes
>>Creates gofundme
>>Keeping money
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I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. One of the cosplayers on my Facebook feed currently has a GoFundMe to help her get to done convention. I suppose if you've got a fan following that sees value in helping you do the thing you love, that makes sense. I don't think i could ask for such a thing myself and I don't want to donate, but more power to them if their talents are good enough to inspire donations.
Kill Yourself
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Famous cosplayer sky brown deserves every cent

I want to cosplay as Kishibe Rohan, but I wonder about the materials I could use to make his headband. Any ideas/recommendations, /cgl/?
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Maybe the help thread or JoJo's thread.
Thanks, doc.

So I made hundreds of these for Halloween. FedEx lost one of my boxes and it sucked as I had to refund those customers. Anyway the box turned up this week - they found it. So now I have 40+ Eleven Dresses just sitting here and not sure what to do with them. I have tried to selling them on my Etsy account (frenchieyork) and A Costume Paradise but I thought I would try here if anyone is looking for one. I am literally willing to sell them for $30 plus postage. I hate wasting. They are really well made(you can read all the reviews) I made the exact replica
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Litterally try tumblr and twitter! Or you may have to hold onto them until the new season begins or next halloween.
put an add up on tumblr, people will definitely bite there.
OP if you don't have a tumblr with an audience you could link your etsy and see if anons would be kind enough to shill for you.

Let's discuss our boob problems when wearing lolita fashion.
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I'm not sure if this thread is supposed to be bait or not, but might as well I guess. I'm decently busty, as compared to my waist size, so I'm just wondering how I'm supposed to make sure there won't be any gaping with buttoned blouses? I was going to go with a measurement that's at least 4 cm bigger, but I'm still worried it won't fit properly.
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buy these & sew them on in between the buttons. enjoy your gap-free life
I just want to rant about how im JUST busty enough to be out of measurements for most brand, but my waist is normally within measurements.

It makes me so angry. Im trying to lose weight but even at my skinniest I always had huge boobs that were too big for most brand. I hate wearing a chest binder and im seriously thinking of getting a reduction some day.

Fuck big boobs that run in the family. My cousin had to get a reduction too.

Im afraid those would just easly snap off.

I prefer just adding extra buttons between every buttons, more buttons!

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My ryuk Cosplay..... How do I stay? Insult me
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One of the better ones I've seen. Well constructed, but the bottom half is kinda boring. Not enough chains
more chains senpai!
otherwise really good!
Your makeup is crusty af

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Would you be able to have fun if you went to a con alone?
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I always go to cons alone.

And no I don't have fun
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Maybe I would now but my one experience of going alone was a disaster.
>was about 16 and in cosplay as Misa from Death Note (which was a skimpier costume that I probably should have been wearing to be fair)
>ended up taking to this dude in line who kept asking very invasive questions (asked me if I was alone at the con, if I was looking for a boyfriend, asked me if I liked hentai etc.)
>being a socially awkward kid I didn't know how to tell this guy to leave me alone and just kept laughing awkwardly or answering his questions
>ended up calling my mom after a few hours to pick me up from the con because he kept following me around and I was creeped out
I go to cons alone because I don't have any friends. I find it fun enough, I like looking through artist alley and buying cute stuff, and seeing people's cosplays.

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Continueing the red x white dumb from the last thread.
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