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>In a sort of large comm
>Only other guy is never around
>Girls know that I'm super shy
>They try to make me feel embarrassed a lot
>Don't want to seem like a complete bitch so I try to follow along but just get even more embarrassed

What do I do? It's the only comm around here and I don't wanna seem like I'm a total spaghettiboi....Is it so hard to let a guy have fun with the fashion and leave it at that?
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were you not getting enough attention in other threads that you had to make one for yourself

how can we take you seriously when you are smearing your sketti all over the board?


What are you even talking about
Maybe they are embarrassed to have an ugly tranny in their comm.

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>never cosplayed before
>wanna do pic related as my one and only cosplay

How much would it cost to make a decent one? How fucked am I?
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Trillions of dollars probably
Try bothering this anon for answers, he/she made a really nice Gundam:
>How much would it cost
More than you want.

>How fucked am I?
Pretty badly.

Gundam/mecha costumes are always better ideas conceptually than they are in practice.

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How do I get a successful cosplay patreon?

Not doing nudes.
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she gets an insane amount. never knew that.

I'm assuming the usual. Actually be good at it, interact with your community/following, be consistent and regular with updates/postings. Take a lot of photos.
Who are some other successful patreon cosplayers? Other than J nig.

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I'll start.

I actually like the newer AP releases. I don't have much interest in chasing the older stuff anymore like when I first got into lolita.
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I'm okay with unnatural hair colors in lolita.
I actually really like Kawaii Goods.
I'm fine with people smoking in brand, even if it's around me

Post your winter wardrobe inspiration. Bonus points for pants or long skirts.
Let's keep it cozy.
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sorry this one is so tiny

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Is full bodypaint cosplay a thing? Is it allowable in conventions? Thinly painting over nipples counts as clothed technically right?
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I think basically everywhere wants you to have on stick on thongs and pasties, but I've seen some mostly naked people at cons before. It depends on the con.
Yes, but no. There's no way you'd be able to do this anywhere other than an 18+ con, which are very few and far between.
Alternatively, the technical dick route would be to go to a con in a city that allows for public nudity and just not enter the actual con itself and take pictures outside.
I wish it was more of a trend, though I doubt prudish cons will allow it.

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Do you feel that photographers should restrain themselves in public shoots or is it the cosplayer who's over exaggerating things?
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Serious question. Is it canon that shots like those are allowed at comiket and the likes? Or do they have any note on their cardboard sign saying "lewds allowed"?
> is it canon

Away with your autism.
They allow risque', but never to the point where exposure could occur, at least more than what the US does anyway.

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Favorite Etsy stores?
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seconding loliable etsy stores

peacockalorum seems okay, would love to find wristcuffs under $25
Kawaii Power Up is awesome. She'll give you a little gift with your purchase
>wristcuffs under $25

Taobao, fampai

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Are you into j-fash?
are you possibly the only person in your asscrack of a country who is into j-fash?
welcome to the second/third world j-fash thread!
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I'm so sorry.
thank you, we need it
Isn't the second world the former USSR and soviet satellite states? I thought Russia had a huge lolita community, and Romania has a small one, right?

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So in June 2017 I will be flying over to Ohio from the UK for colossalcon. It's my first time so feel free to leave tips and advice for going abroad for cons as well as any stories of your own!
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of all the cons to fly internationally for???
Believe me, no matter what con it is it's going to be miles better than literally anything in the UK
I was originally flying out to see friends but colossalcon is on around the time I am going so we decided to go lmao

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Old one is kill. >>9273428

Post feels. Happy, sad, whatever. Just KEEP IT CGL RELATED.
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>old one is kill

we all know what happened, don't try and sugar coat it
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We found a new home for my obese grandmother! That means I can go to the con in a few weeks.

I'm busting out my Miku Append cosplay, and I couldn't be more stoked.
You're going to wear this?

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I'm planning out my cons for next year...list any conventions in the USA that you think are worth traveling to if you're into lolita and/or j-fashion! I'm specifically trying to find ones that have actual Lolita fashion shows
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Obvious suggestion is Rufflecon, but I assume you've heard of it.
Definately Rufflecon. I find any major convention is going to have Lolitas. Anime conventions tend to have a fairly large amount. While these aren't conventions technically, Japanese festivals like Sakura Matsuri also have a high lolita attendance.

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Last thread hit max: >>9272778
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File: IMG_5663.jpg (193KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193KB, 960x960px

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Expocomic? More like EMPTYCOMIC
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Like this thread.

Nothing to do here.
Where is the salseo!!??
Japan Weekend master race

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NorCal Cosplay Gathering just finished and it had a good turnout and plenty of pictures being taken.

What's /cgl's/ opinions on these things?
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I always wanted to go to a NorCal gathering! It seems like a really cool and well-organized thing
been to a couple norcal gatherings....they're much less fun if you don't already know some of the people there though. very well organized though!
Great excuses to get together and see everyone in the times without a con. Super cheap - $5, parking, and whatever gas it takes you to get there. The best one is the spring one at the Japanese garden in San Jose so if you're going to go to only one it should be that one.

if you keep going you just become friends with people. I'm not even a social person and it's come to the point where people recognize me on sight.

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