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New thread as last one is in auto sage

How have meets been recently for you guys?
Any good comm drama?
Plans for New Years?

I haven't gone to any in awhile but I plan on going to some in January.
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Does anyone have tips for organising themed meets in a small comm without looking like you're being selfish and just want a theme revolving around your stuff? I don't want to seem like I'm excluding anyone but there's also no point theming meets if nobody follows the theme.
I can't help you but I hate that my comm tries to put a theme to every meet. Almost no one follows it.
Christmas meet next week. There's a gift exchange. I was working on some new stuff for my etsy that I know a gothic lolita would appreciate, and was so happy when I got assigned the gothiest goth in the comm. Sadly, the host forgot to add herself and scrambled it. My new giftee kind of wears anything and everything and I'm not sure what to make them.

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old thread: >>9254336

>NEW! Frequently Asked Questions
>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (WIP)
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Anyone hear from fanime yet?
I'm planning to sell individual stickers, and what is your general preference on size? I have stuff that can range from 2"-4" but I'm just not sure on which size to go with.
Says on the site they're finished judging but looks like the emails are going out in waves.

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Old thread almost bumped off the board.
Previous Thread >>9248824
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Oh I fucked up the thread title. Oops.
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Audra's Dirty Secret drinking game;
Take a shot:
-Every time Paula sighs
-Every time someone says "Dolly"
-Everytime Stephanie cusses for effect
-Everytime someone acts likes a special snowflake
(Bonus shots for crying)
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Where can i watch this online?
myxtv 's website
Says not available in canada, guess im fucked

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Let's talk about photoshopping/photo manipulation. It doesn't have to just be about body/face shooping, let's talk about editing lighting and bringing out the scenery too.

>the difference between good and bad Photoshopping
>common mistakes and how to avoid them
>useful tutorials
>your favorite techniques
>tips and tricks
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This image really freaks me out. That head does not fit that body. Would be curious to see original.
In my opinion the idea of good photoshopping involves making the picture look like it wasn't shoped at all. As soon as the manipulation is noticeable it counts as a bad job to me.
Same. That should be the rule of the thumb, especially for people (background is more excusable).

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Haven't been to /cgl/ in a while because of when it had started to go to shit. I checked shit out a year ago and it was Facebook-tier bad, but my friend linked me to something here and I realized that it seems to not be so cancerous anymore. I'm fucking glad, the exodus didn't truly happen here and /co/ and /v/ don't fill a certain niche for me. And I missed having a female-centric board to have fun on.

Enough with my blogpost. I know that it's the anime/manga that typically looks fucking terrible when cosplayed, but when it goes right, it goes damn right. So let's have a DB/DBZ thread. Other Toriyama shit is good, too.
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**Though I do wish I could post five images at a time like on 8ch. Goddamn, this is annoying.**

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Haven't seen one in a while.

Post your before and after photoshop images.
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I started taking my own photos at home, still learning how to get the best results and edit, etc
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The "eyebags" on the left are truly horrifying.

Do lolitas host tea parties? If so, only other lolitas are invited?
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Yes. Yes.
I'd host tea parties all the time if I had anyone around to invite. I wouldn't necessarily say only Lolitas (other fancy looking J-fash would be fine too, or hell, even good historical stuff), but I'd be pretty selective about the guest list.
Yes and yes
Though in my comm boyfriends as allowed.

They usually just end up doing their own thing really

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Has anyone here bought from Dolls Kill before? They have some pretty cute jfash stuff.
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Nice b8
How is this bait?
Dolls kill is a site that sells other brands such as killstar, iron fist, etc. Look up the brand you like for reviews.

In the previous Dutch Thread >>9279076
>DCC/Castelfest Strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11811597/r
>Foreign convention advice
>AFN "drama", DAS revelations and fake accounts
>Crafting and cosplay advice
>Yet another "is 3D printing cheating?" discussion
>Welcome all LARP-ers!
>Swallowing pills meant for dogs for some reason I still don't get.
>Testing costumes at home
>Shitposts (Dead)
>How to deal with shitposts
>Shitposts (Dead)
>Elfia organiser arrested for assisting a child abuser.
>Otaku Shoppu is closing their physical store.
>Lolita Secret Santa
>Getting a cosplay for under €15 and how it's impossible
>White knights shitposting
>Are these models underweight or fit?
>Dumping cosplay pictures
>Yuri on Ice cosplays at DCC predictions

Next five major events:
>Dutch Comic Con Xmas Edition (December 17th & 18th, Utrecht UT), the Christmas themed edition of DCC.
>Castlefest Winter Edition (December 17th & 18th, Lisse ZH), the winter edition of Castlefest I totally forgot about.
>TomoFair Amsterdam (January 7th, Amsterdam NH), will it be their first edition without a bouncy castle?
>Dynamic Con (January 29th, Eindhoven NB), another newcomer on the scene targetted at everything cosplay.
>Yaycon (February 19th, Amersfoort UT), yaranaika?
The full /cgl/ con calendar by OP with links to each site/FB event can be found at https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=17gim9nkndjpvpnhp1pr64l410%40group.calendar.google.com

Friendly reminders
>Posts made in Dutch are against the global rules and will be removed.
>Ignore shitposts and attention whores. Attention is what they want, so let's not give them any.
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. Best is to not take things posted here seriously and just move on.
>Nagging is okay, but if you want change you might want to contact the party involved and offer them some feedback.
>Posting pictures of (WIP) /cgl/ items is still encouraged
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Damn, I want this
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Dropped picture
I actually ordered this last week! I can't wait till it arrives (together with my other pokemon center loot)

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The old threads are kill.


Post feels. Happy, sad, whatever. Just KEEP IT CGL RELATED.
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>trying to stay fit for the con
>eat nearly an entire box of Oreos

I'm a gross monster.

>go to WalMart late at night for last-minute cosplay supplies
>homeless man begs to suck my dick for $100
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>boyfriend's birthday is coming up, already bought him something fancy, have some extra spending money left over
>See my dream dress listed on lacemarket
>its in a FULL SET, and only $250 for the whole thing, when other listers are selling the dress alone (in undesired colorways) for $300+
>Boyfriend tells me for his birthday he really wants to treat his poorfag brother and his family to a nice expensive meal, and have his friends come along too
>Bf's had a tough time, friend killed himself on his birthday last year, a few of his family members died too so I know how much this will mean to him
>Don't buy the dress, tell boyfriend he can invite his family and the money can go to that instead
>His friends don't hang out with him on his birthday, cancel birthday plans with him to go have a "celebration of life" vacation together to mourn their friend who has passed
>His Brother tells him "don't really feel like going, I worked today and i'm tired" last minute
>its just me and him at this restaurant and I try to make it the best birthday I can.
>afterwards he looked at me sadly and tells me "I'm sorry you couldn't get that dress. Seems like we didn't need the extra money after all"

what the fuck on his friends for valuing the dead more than the living
what the fuck on his brother for being "too tired" to be treated to a fancy ass meal
the fuck kind of friend offs themselves on their friend's birthday, my bf can barely enjoy his birthday anymore

I don't even want the dress anymore, I just want my boyfriend to be happy
Oh man, blowing off your bf for a vacation is pretty cold.

Old one is dead. Please someone tell them edition.
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This is all I can see because of those gloves.
How dare you insult Consuela like that
Holy shit, that has to be one of the most unfortunate cosplayers I've ever seen. Up there with Peacockfeather. I genuinely feel bad for them, even if they lost weight and got their teeth fixed I'm sure they'd still look like Quasimodo.

Post what you got
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Post j-fash or cosplay tumblr, instagram, youtube, etc. Self posting is fine.
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I'll start with some tumblr blogs I follow:

>inb4 the "OMG YOU SHOOP" shitposts start
Anyone on pinterest? I'd love lolita boards to follow.

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Last one is autosaging
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Ita thread! Omg phone.
>saged for carbohydrate
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I've been waiting to post this trainwreck of a coord

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