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"nz in every field" edition

Old thread
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I don't really care for Dragon Con personally but it's nice to see them actually get bigger prizes and listen to what people might actually want
So what's the deal with all the supposed 'people cosplaying the same character as someone else just to look better than them' drama? I've seen this accusation thrown around a few times this year and I'm kind of confused by it. On the one hand, knowing that someone is doing something just to spite you is shit, and on the other, I'd be too busy laughing at them wasting money on something like that to give a fuck.
anyone else working at the con know why bill made an announcement before doors opened on monday about hall two & three having beef with each other?

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So, I know absolutely nothing about even remotely complex cosplay.
How easy/hard would it be to make/obtain a cosplay of 9S from Nier Automata?
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When is the con you're using it for and do you have money?
March, and yeah I could amass a good bit of money by then. What'd be a good estimate?
Try using the help thread here for future reference >>9291738

Honestly March is probably too short of a deadline an would have to pay a rush fee for any decent commissioner. It'd be much easier to make it yourself, just find a few good base patterns and alter the pattern.

How many alt jfash brands release wedding clothes? What would a wedding in your favorite street style(s) look like?

A lot of nerds wear cosplay for their weddings, and goths are lifestylers who incorporate their fashion into their weddings. But when it comes to jfash like we are all into, I only ever see EGL brides or couples.

What about a mori-kei wedding? Jgoth? A shironuri bride and groom? An avant-garde menhera-themed ceremony? Let's get creative
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>visual kei wedding

Would expect a 10/10 party afterward
Mori girl bride in an outdoor springtime wedding would be the loveliest
And easiest to be accepted by family and friends, with plenty of Western shops to use in incorporating the mori theme

I want to be a character with a funky skin color this Halloween. I haven't decided who yet, but rec me some purple/green/blue makeups that won't rub off on my clothes. Also, I've never actually used makeup a day in my life, so I'm gonna need a crash course on how to put it on.

>medium pale complexion
>no allergies
>I don't want a zentai suit
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Go as pic related.
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Nice pic,what brand of makeup is that.
Alcohol activated

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Old thread is kill >>9302591

Share those cgl-related feels, gull friends.
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There's this local lolita who died last year, and her mom still posts pics of her to the Fb group. It's really heart-breaking.

"Our girl would have been 19 today..."
I wish I were dead.
I die but nobody misses me.

Best Tumblr Cosplayers?
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cowbutt crunchies
Thank you!
she's pretty good
jnig is overrated, her skills are shit.

Old thread is autosaging >>9294795
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>The Sun has fallen out of orbit and is going to crash into the Earth. Humanity has randomly chosen people to enter an underground nuclear shelter with enough food and provisions for the next 50 years until the Earth is habitable again, luckily you were picked.

>You are allowed to bring one cosplay outfit with you.

Choose wisely /cgl/...
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why though

is there going to be some kind of post-apocalyptic underground lizardman con

what are the chances that other weebs are chosen

i need details, OP, details
I would honestly rather die. I'd give my ticket to somebody else.
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If the sun crashed into the earth, earth would be vaporized immediately. Like throwing an ice cube into lava. Just poof. With that said i would go as banana wolverine, because why not.

Post worst Christmas inspired cosplays
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Somebody please photoshop this into a Christmas card
that visible wig cap

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It's getting towards the end of the year, so what are your /cgl/ related goals for 2017? It's time to start thinking about them New Years resolutions.
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Push my sewing to new levels.
I keep choosing costumes I know I can make, not ones I know will challenge me, and make pieces that I know would stump everyone in my local communities. No one here cares about detail, it's all about gimmicks and stunts here so I want to mix it up with quality sewing.
Actually make a decent full cosplay. I made one this year, and its awful, I have to redo at least 50% of it. My goal is to make a cosplay that I can actually show off.
To actually wear lolita and attend a meetup. I haven't world lolita since December 2015. Part of not dressing up was because I've been busy with uni so I haven't had time, another is that i've been spending a lot of money to make my everyday wardrobe a lot nicer, but the biggest part is that I lost inspiration and realized that I didn't like any of my past coords, except for maybe 2.
Luckily, I kind of went back to my "roots" in a sense. I went through photos/films/video/music that got me into lolita fashion and then asked myself what aesthetic, look and feel makes me feel good about myself. It actually really helped and I know what I actually want coords to look like.
I guess in a way it did resolve my 2015 resolution because I said I wanted to give direction to both my lolita and everyday clothes (university clothes), I just never realized it would be so hard and almost disheartening in a way.

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Anybody planning on hanging out with weebs for NYE?
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unfortunately, yes.

Ichibancon is no different from any of the other small NC/SC cons. same shit every year.
I actually really like Ichiban. It's a pretty fun time.
Yeah, I'm still trying to decide if I want to go. I went for the first time last year and wasn't really impressed

What do your non-lolita significant others think about you wearing the fashion? Or have you never thought to ask?
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Mine respects that I have a hobby that I feel passionate about but he doesn't like it. Not in a negative way, just in a "meh" kinda way. He does help me buy stuff sometimes, like main pieces, but for the sake of getting some amusement out of the experience he always asks for a sales pitch as to why this dress over some other dress or why this dress will really add to my overall wardrobe options. He's amused at the passion a lot of girls have for Lolita; but he'll never like it.
(however, we did strike a deal; he'll drive me to meets if I turn him into a historically-grounded steam punk)
>Tfw will never have a SO into this
>Tfw won't ever carry her bags
Mine's pretty much the same. He does find some classic and gothic coords pretty but in general he's not really a fan. He still helps me buy dresses though. He's interested in steampunk but doesn't think it would suit him so sadly he hasn't let me dress him up.

Because of the unfortunate rep, I also once asked him if he's worried that someone will think he's into ageplay because of the sweeter way I dress sometimes and he said he doesn't care what people think about him, but that he'd be furious if they said anything bad to me. My heart grew three sizes, ngl.

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Old thread: >>9265946

Link to this post (since it can't be viewed on OP's own blog): http://coffee-cat-gaming.tumblr.com/post/154157637852/everything-wrong-with-gothic-lolita
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>why ask for concrit if it's not for men?!
Yeah, who wants to improve for themselves right?

That whole list is quite sad, guess all styles of clothing that cover certain body parts are body shaming now.
I kinda like the tantrums she pulls when people call her bedsheet-chan. She's a whiny little brat that regresses to insulting others when she doesn't get the praise she desires.
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She's such a trainwreck. She's talking about "body shaming" when she stalked a curators Insta after being banned from LA for Butthurt and kept telling her to "hit the gym"

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How come Quiet cosplay didn't take off the way it did for other videogame girls?
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for real? this costume design is boring af. There are 100 other "basically naked" cosplays I would choose before this mousy-haired, jumbo's clown room stripper dead-eyed, Victorias secret bargain bin get up.

Plus if I'm wearing this to a con, I'm doing something that covers my booty enough to avoid communicable diseases if i sit in a panel chair or something.

go back to /v/ with your basic ass
we already have a metal gear thread, you numbskull
You sound fat.

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Obviously japanese fashion inspired outfits/coordinates that don't fall under/not intended to be a specific category
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