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Last one maxed out.
Commence with the feels.
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>See girl in lolita walking on opposite side of street
>want to go up and compliment her on her wardrobe
>can't be bothered and feel too awkward to cross the road and say something
>awkwardly stare from across the road instead

I wonder if she though i was weird for staring or knew i was secretly jealous of her outfit?
If it wasn't her first time out in lolita, she's probably used to the stares.
>have to briefly leave meetup to pick up medicine from nearby pharmacy before it closes
>ask if anyone needs anything from the store before i go, apologize to meetup organizer and say i will be gone just a couple minutes, say "be right back!" to everyone, etc.
>get my meds and some tissues for a girl with allergies (outdoor meetup)
>come back seven minutes later
>nobody is there

Not sure if ditched on purpose or just bad at communicating.

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Post Rare Manas
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Any updates about this being canceled and charges being pressed against the higher ups?
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Former staffer here, no updates from what I here. However, Bonnie has resurfaced on her social media (instagram, at least). Not sure if any charges are being pressed against her since she's deleted the staff facebook group, and even the hoshi public group that was planned on being changed to a community group.

I'm really fucking disappointed. I hope she gets charged for ruining the convention the way she did.
Former staffer here. There's no higher upS. There's only a higher up and that's the con chair (and possibly her significant other who probably knew about this and was benefiting from it.).

Executive staff is trying to talk with a lawyer right now but it's a really slow process. There's a lot of residual anger.

Con char has blocked almost all executive staff on social media and is dodging calls and e-mails. It seems she's also been in the process of scrubbing all traces of Hoshicon clean.

Check the archives, senpai.

It begins. Time for the ECG now.
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Who are those two presentadores????
Ganadores del ECG

Reserva Individual: Labyrinth
Reserva Grupal: Hyrule Warriors

Ganador Individual: Rapunzel
Ganador Grupal: The Witcher
Rapunzel??? Really???
You're kidding me...

Started rereading Noblesse and realized how many cool characters there are to do relatively simple cosplays of.
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Tower of God

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Looking back on your first cosplay or coord, how much have you improved? Selfposts obviously welcome.
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I'm not going to post a pic cuz I would get torn to shreds but I have definitely improved my cosplays. For my first cosplay I did something way outside of my skill range, had a floppy "spiked" wig, and wore really worn out non matching sneakers. The pictures of my fist cosplay horrify me...
I went from drooling over Milanoo and $50 ebay dresses to buying and wearing burando on the reg in the period of a few months. Still working on building up wardrobe staples but I think my taste has gotten a LOT more refined. It's encouraging!
First two costumes were a mix of:
>terrible fabric choices
>wtf is up with these seams
>unsealed body paint
>horrible prop, no sanding and shitty painting
>no makeup or posing skills whatsoever
>party city tier wig
>a-at least I've hemmed things and am not missing any parts, that's good enough, right?

Now, after about ten years of cosplaying on and off, I routinely surprise myself with how skilled I've become. My seams are nice, my props at least look clean if they aren't super impressive, I can typically eyeball things accurately, and I've gotten SO much better at styling wigs, doing my makeup, and posing. I still have progress to make, but for someone who only occasionally engages in this hobby, I've definitely improved quite a bit.

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There wasn't one in the catalog so...yeah.
What have you been wearing lately gulls?
Do you rotate your fragrances to as the seasons change?
Do you like layering scents? If so, what?
What do you normally like in a perfume/cologne?
Is there a certain "vibe" you like to excude when you're dressed in a particular way? (Like, mature, musky scents to go with gothic coords or light, feminine scents to go with sweet, stuff like that.)
Any perfume grails?
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Cosplayer here, looking for (male or unisex) scent recs for semi-daily basis.
Low- to mid-end. My visual influences are mostly 1950's greasers, 80's pop (think George Michael), new wave, and some synth. I tend to go for citrus-y scents in soaps, schampoos, etc., but I also like jasmin.
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My HG perfume is Hanae Mori Butterfly. I don't know anything about perfume but I just love it. I have minis of several other perfumes that were given to me as gifts but I don't like any of them as much as I love HMB. I've recently run out and I'm hoping to get more soon.
I'm a perfume noob but I want to get into it. Any suggestions on how to start learning and finding scents that I'd like? Currently I'm using some body fantasies bodyspray (sweet peony fantasy) I got in Japan and I love it but I'd like an actual perfume.

old one is saggin' >>9253168
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Last thread is on sage >>9097211

Useful Links (that are still active):
>Fairy Kei Forum - http://fairykei.proboards.com/
>Fairy Kei Help - http://fairy-tips.tumblr.com/
>What is Yumekawaii (feat. Spank!)- http://tokyogirlsupdate.com/yume-kawaii-girls-20150855504.html

Don't forget to check Twitter's ゆめかわいい hashtag in case you are in search for the latest japanese brand releases and/or inspo.
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Oh jesus I really want >>9207786
The hair is giving me Creamy Mami vibes and I love it
Someone last thread mentioned how they miss CCK but not so much the trend of people hauling everything from the shop.
I agree. I found the artist when I was a few years younger and remember telling myself I'd grab something, but never managed to before they sold out. Then I saw YT videos with chicks showing off like a million CCK items and it's like.
Ah. There you are.
Me too! I know anon didn't enjoy the art style so much but honestly I kind of find it refreshing
I have a thing for simple-cute art styles, I like the curvy lines and expression

haven't seen one of these in a while
starting with a classic and new one:
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go for that chic open-sore look!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQGUMYwro7Y why god
It doesn't even look good when she's showing it in the beginning. It's so sloppy.

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Let's start with the salsa.

Cosplay winners:
- Jorobado de Notre Dame.
- Alice in Wonderland.

Special for final fantasy by the public and special for Rapunzel by de judges.

What do you think of the event? and cosplay/cosplayers?
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too soon to start, no?

I think Jorobado of Notre Dame deserved the premio.
Do you have pics or videos?
In escosplay there's from all

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Let's talk tops

What style do you wear (gyaru, lolita, etc)?
What's your favorite blouse/top?
Where do you buy most of your tops?
What's your main piece/top ratio?
What materials do you prefer? Chiffon? Cotton? Knit?
What's an automatic no-go for you?
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>What style do you wear (gyaru, lolita, etc)?
otome-kei, lolita and recently a little larme & himekaji
>What's your favorite blouse/top?
mmm... I don't think I have one. I tend to wear tie-neck blouses and high collars most often. I also really love crew neck sweaters.
>Where do you buy most of your tops?
for casual axes femme & ank rouge; for lolita taobao
>What's your main piece/top ratio?
about 1:1. my goal is to be closer to 2:1 favoring tops
>What materials do you prefer? Chiffon? Cotton? Knit?
I hate cotton blouses. other than that, I'm open to everything.
>What's an automatic no-go for you?
see above... I don't know why, but cotton blouses feel so stuffy to me
>What style do you wear (gyaru, lolita, etc)?
>What's your favorite blouse/top?
A dusty rose one I found at a thrift store last year. Works really well with classic.
>Where do you buy most of your tops?
Thrift stores/taobao
>What's your main piece/top ratio?
12 main, 10 tops
>What materials do you prefer? Chiffon? Cotton? Knit?
I like silky materials that don't look overly shiny, as well as cotton and knit.
>What's an automatic no-go for you?
Anything high collar. They look like utter shit on me.
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>What style do you wear (gyaru, lolita, etc)?
>What's your favorite blouse/top?
Don't really have a favourite, but my dream blouse is IW's Square Neck Elisabeth
>Where do you buy most of your tops?
Baby, IW, and this local vintage store that sells a bunch of 60's blouses from Japan
>What's your main piece/top ratio?
If I exclude OPs that can't be worn with blouses, it's almost 1:1
>What materials do you prefer? Chiffon? Cotton? Knit?
I usually go for wovens made from lightweight fabrics, I love the sheer chiffon trend so much
>What's an automatic no-go for you?
Old school blouses, especially the ones with the really gathered sleeves, do not look good on me

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Do you have any tips on how to make an elaborate coord with a skirt? I feel like skirts are perfect for a more casual feel but is it possible to wear skirts in an interesting coord?

Also coord inspiration.
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I want prints (in lolita, but other Jfash is ok) that are creepy. NOT "creepy cute," I mean artwork that is unsettling without the kawaii aspect to soften the spooky factor.

Is a dress that looks like a set piece from an early 2000s visual kei PV too much to ask for?
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will dump some creepy prints

"creepy" or "disturbing" is also a personal feeling, so what kind of print disturbs you or makes you want to lock your wardrobe at night?
wrong JetJ
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So /cgl/, what's your favorite con in the US or Canada?
What made it your favorite?
Attendees, Panels, Guests, Artist Alley, Dealers Hall, etcetera...
Is it still as good after going multiple times if you have?

I recently got a job at an airport, so free rides and buddy passes and all that good shit.
I'm trying to find out if there's any cool cons I'm missing out on.
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Go to Anime California, it is one of my favorite conventions.
I've only ever been to Animethon and Otafest in Alberta, but Otafest is superior.
Kotoricon is my favorite small anime con in nj right now. It has a lot of shit for such a small venue. Animenext at atlantic city is a big contender and while it was fun all ive exprienced was the fun rave, the HUGE gameroom and the turn based larp which honestly wasnt my thing, more of a danger room guy.

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