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Post links to your favorite shops, good DIYs, and favorite cases/anything that you can deco

Anyone know where to get good cabochons and resin pieces?
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What's the consensus on Sophie and Toffee?
Okay I guess. I hate buying their shitty cabs but I like their molds. I make my own deco whip so I don't buy anything other than a select few rolls of lace, pearls and chains and of course some nice resin molds. Overall they're pretty ok. I kinda want to buy their monthly sub box but idk if they even still have it
Is anyone else overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of "decoden" case sellers with really amateur skills? I feel like I have to swim through waves of this crap to find something decent. It's always the same blob whip with random cabochons slapped on. Hardly anyone is very good at it.

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When you're out there working it on the con floor, what flares up your insecurities?

And how do you deal with it?
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I make the most retarded faces in photos sometimes. I deal with this by trying to make less retarded faces, only to make more retarded faces.
my 500% slav potatoface
that's why I always cosplay masked characters

but in all honesty

>Cosplay fav character feeling good
>Sees another cosplay on con floor
>same character as me, but they look 10x better than me
>start crying internally

Alternatively how to deal with it;

>realize that I worked hard on my own cosplay, go up to them
>"Hey Nice cosplay!"
>they gasp and see my cosplay
>we have good times about our fav character/series

I've done above, but I just asked for their picture, or told them their cosplay is great and asked them for tips on parts of their cosplay that look better than mine

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> Do you wear the fashion, or just an admirer?
> Traditional or modern, seifuku or blazer?
> Non-Asian brands you like
> Recent purchases
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Now that lucky pack season is upon us, keeping an eye out for anything?

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Too soon for an Ohayocon thread? 40 days away boyz.

Who are you cosplaying as? Hosting any panels? Partying?
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With all the construction and whatnot going on at the convention center last year, Ohayocon 2016 should have been an absolute disaster, and it turned out to be pretty good. Will Ohayocon 2017 be as good? Probably not, but I still want to believe it will be.

I live downtown, so my house is less than a ten minute drive from the convention center. I'll be rocking One Piece cosplays all weekend. I was planning on putting together a Luca Libre Flareon cosplay, but a bunch of shit came up in November, and now my bank account is too beat-up for any new costumes for a while.

I usually just go there to hang out with my friends, but I'll probably spend more time doing my own thing for the weekend. There are a bunch of folks I only see at cons who I'm looking forward to seeing again.
>got into One Piece last year and slammed through the entire series
>loved it, did a costume
>had the worst experience of my con life interacting with other OP cosplayers at Matsuricon
>total assholes, unfriendly, unwelcoming
>hung up my costume never to be worn again

God speed...
Weird, I've only ever known other One Piece cosplayers to be perfectly friendly, other than one girl I met to turned out to be kind of a shit.

I was also rocking One Piece at Matsuricon. Who were you cosplaying as? Did you make it to the photoshoot?

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A little over a month until the con. Cosplay contest form opens up on Thursday. Who is going as what? What are you looking forward to? What are you hoping for but don't have too high expectations set?
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I'm hoping they'll have better vendors this years in the dealers hall as what they had last year was just people selling left over, picked over stock from other cons and it sucked balls. The artist stuff was pretty good, I ended up buying a few things but really that room they have them and the dealers in is just too tiny to have enough variety.
I have no expectations anon. Why walk in being disappointed when you already know you'll be disappointed?
Who wants to take bets on how fast that Five Guy's runs out of bacon and buns again. Someone really should warn them we're coming.

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Last thread in autosage because ya'll don't know when to quit >>9261945

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide: http://blog.petitedollies.com/2016/04/about-larme-magazine.html

Partial Scans List:

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):
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Some topics to get this party started:

Last thread there was some good (and some bad) discussion about brand quality. If anyone has anything to add I'm sure people would love to hear it.

There's was also talk of "fit guides" for certain brands. So how items sit on you, how they fit your height, etc.
considering how quickly larme changes due to being popular trend-based, are there any concerns about the petite dollies guide becoming outdated? or is there enough that unifies the larme aesthetic it'll stay good for a long time?
It's already outdated. Luckily the whole "styles" thing seems to have fizzled out a bit. I'm hoping to put a better guide together at some point but for now I think the beginning part is still good for the basics.

most of the other brands are in the same price range so I'd rather buy from them because I perceive the quality to be better. We can all have our opinions bro

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most of feels thread are sad
I wanna hear your happy feels
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Thanksgiving was awesome because I got to cook delicious food and play games and no one argued about politics only David Blaine's "magic".
I'm halfway done with my Christmas shopping and I'm excited to start sending out gifts.
Both those holidays mean a lot to me because I like to do nice things for people I care about. Cooking and gift giving are my jams.
Last winter was horrendous through and through. My husband and I had just gotten married, which should have been happy, but immediately there was some landlord fuckery that completely ruined our finances for several months. Our junker car also completely broke down and we had to get it scrapped. This winter, we don't have a lot of spare cash, but I'm not in "crying in the shower" panic mode and I am looking forward to being able to buy a few small gifts for the important people in my life. I really think things are going to keep improving and I'm really happy to have someone supportive and wonderful by my side.

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ACCC just happened, Ikkicon's coming up, A-Kon's making changes. Discuss.
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What kind of changes is A-Kon making?
Location, mostly.
Think Al Winchester will drop by? Or she has wasted enough money this year?

Hello, I have collected a few progress collages from this year. Feel free to post ones you have collected or to selfpost. Please do not post old ones that have not been updated for 2016.

Jfash, cosplay, LARP, even examples of Artist Alley work/setup are okay. If it is on-topic for /cgl/ and includes a recent example please share to motivate or inspire others.

Concrit 100% encouraged even if the example is not from a seagull.
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Knoxville anime day is really close to me, has anyone /cgl/ gone before? What was your experience? This is my first ever con so I'll probably go regardless.
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Not this one, but I went to anime day Nashville, which is run by the same people, twice, once with friends, another time as an artist. It was boring both times. Its a super small con with nothing much to do. The first time I went it was sorta trashy, but the 2nd time it improved and was actually ok. I was actually suppose to go a 3rd time but the guy running it never message me back about how to pay him, even after he said he's love for me to attend as an artist...

Anyways, its totally worth going if its nearby, it only costs $5 to get in, but just don't expect some amazing con experience to expect to be there all day.
That's kind of a bummer, honestly though Knoxville is pretty small so I was anticipating as much.

Apparently MTAC is pretty sweet and its in April, what do you think about MTAC? I just graduated college and got a job so I can fucking go to cons and concerts now with my own money and I have friends that live in Murfesboro.
Everyone has said that MTAC has been terrible ever since it moved out of the convention center. They try to cram too many people in such a small venue and its line-con.

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To the vocal minority who hate meitu and people who use it: why do you hate it and why is it bad?
I want to hear your reasoning behind disliking Meitu and other beautification apps and their users.
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I don't use Meitu, but I use Beautycam cause I'm lazy af and I just like one-tap filter and beautification. I just think it's a nice way to clear up my skin and make myself more photogenic, since I have a very square face that's hard to capture well in a photo.
I'm an avid and open meitu user, but one thing that bothers me is how ubiquitous it is in the community. It really creates pressure to use photo editing apps. There's something to be said for presenting yourself honestly online and that's not something cgl and other jfashion/cosplay communities have a lot of tolerance for. I also don't know how healthy that is for younger people (e.g. tweens/preteens) to see that as a standard or as something they have to do.
We've kind of touched on this before, but some people have a tendency to scream about shoop when there's nothing else to accuse somebody of--as if using Meitu or Beautycam immediately speaks for somebody's character or capabilities. It's pathetic.

I don't use either because I don't take selfies often enough to warrant it, but I have no issue with people using beauty apps if they're honest when asked about it. Gulls who cry about muh shoops and muh filters are more irritating than those who quietly use those tools. These kinds of apps are so normalized nowadays that the argument is ineffective. I'm not going to dislike somebody just because they shoop here and there.

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Thread for pics of cute sexy cosplays you've snagged pics of. Guys and girls
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Wow anon you sure are lazy and also killed a thread for no reason

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What do you think of steam lolita?
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New recommendation thread!
Go ahead and fill it out for new cosplay ideas.
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the other one isn't even dead yet you retard
calm yo tits
it must be hard being a retard

Old thread sagging >>9301003

ITT people wearing zebra print are considered lolita experts.
318 posts and 63 images submitted.

So much zebra.
Amino is great because good, experienced lolitas are posting there but it's also sad because just as many itas and weebs are shitting up the groups.
Holy forehead.

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