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Since this is a month away from us, i decided to make a thread for it.
Its a new con in the southern California area, and also has had it's controversies with the guy running this con who also ran Touhoucon last year and didn't pay hotels or something.
Also it's like a week before Anime Los Angeles. Which would be the better one to go to?
Anyone planing to go?
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ALA is the more established and popular con. This is Impulse's 2nd year I believe. Being so close to ALA is probably going to hurt their numbers a bit.

I have a table in the AA at Impulse. So I guess I'll see any seagulls if they go.
If I didn't have friends going to ALA, I actually would've chosen Impulse. The fact that Ely's going to be there is a huge game breaker.

>Also has had it's controversies with the guy running this con who also ran Touhoucon last year and didn't pay hotels or something.

I wouldn't hold it against him. If anything, it's the hotel's fault for screwing up that group block and Touhoucon's administration had no way of forcing the hotel to refund the guest's it had overcharged. I'm not really quite sure what went wrong with the agreement between the person behind Touhoucon and the hotel, but being a person who's in the hotel business myself, the hotel has the final say for matters like those.
I have friends going to ALA too. Luckily for me I live in Ontario so I can just drive to both cons and not have to worry about coughing up the money for a hotel.

I know this is kind f a weird question, but a few friends asked me and I wondered what other's reactions would be.

Why do you come on /cgl/? How long? If you've been here a really long time, how come? When did you start?
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Because I wanted to be an edgy bitch to be honest. I've been on here a few years now and got over the edgelord thing pretty quick. Now I just stick around for news about releases or whatever and the occasional shit talking.
Why did you think /cgl/ would help you become an edgy bitch?
When I first started lolita everyone would always talk about how mean and scary seagulls are. So I want to come join in being a bitch. But I realized it's really not that bad and I chilled out.

What draws you to certain lolitas over others when it comes to who you follow? For me...

>size of wardrobe
>how pretty their space is
>obviously coordination skills, but that goes without saying
>being genuine and not going over the top with the kawaii shit
>being real and not trying to force a sugary sweet persona
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Must have good looking face, Idc about body shape. Style is usually similar to mine or one that I'm interested in. Good photo quality. Minimal or understated shoop. Posts new content often enough for me to want to continue to follow. No "boo-hoo" posts about being fat/depressed/autistic/ednos or whatever flavor of the month is for mental health.
I really only follow people who can dress themselves cohesively and get creative with their coords. Not always OTT but something out of the ordinary. Uncommon color combos also attract me.
Unique coords, more down to earth and not stuck up (ex. Lor over Kate), creates her own stuff like accessories or something rather than just consuming the fashion.

I couldn't care less if they have a giant wardrobe, and it's actually kind of a turn off if they get like every single release asap. I guess I just want to follow someone cool and relatable.

On that note, which lolitas are like that and worth following?

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Hello gulls,

I've been in a slump with my Lolita accessories sales as of late and I need help/advice. What kind of accessories do YOU want to purchase/see more of online and at conventions. What do Lolita/kawaii accessory shops lack of that you wish they had? I wish to no share my shop here but any help is appreciated.
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So basically you want people to give you ideas so you can make money off them?
I'm loving those cute resin hearts that I see sellers post with kawaii stickers. They make good accessories. Of course, if you're willing to go through the messy process of dealing with resin.
You want us to do your work for you without even telling us who we work for..?

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Haven't seen one in a bit, thought I'd start one.
Pic related, best and favorite Diana
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I'll dump my folder. Its mostly old stuff tho

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I've always wanted to sew clothes not just for cosplaying but for fixing rips, tears, and maybe even modifying or making clothes.

Except I don't know anything about sewing, not even the most basic stuff.

What's some advice for a newcomer? How did you guys start off?
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You should look into classes at your local Joanns! They always have beginner sewing classes that will teach you the basics.
go to youtube and type in how to sew
Start by getting an in-person lesson on the basics and from there try simple projects on youtube like how to make pajama pants, zipper puches, tote bags, skirts etc. Learn about making mockups and practice making things with cheap fabric or even bedsheets from thriftstores so you don't waste money on nice material that might/will get fucked up by your early attempts.

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Last one hit autosage!
trigger warning, I'm gonna post risa in the comments.
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my apologies.jpg
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I kinda like the bustier top as some sort of cute burlesque piece.

Step right up and test your google-fu against other gulls! Show us the worst of the worst! See if you've seen the bottom of the barrel or only just scraped the surface! Have you seen the worst lace monster?
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I accept your challenge! Behold: The Wa-Maid-Rori dress!! It literally CANNOT get worse.
These posts are made to destroy the abundant #pizzagate evidence.

Do not fall for them.

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Last one hit autosage. >>9274470
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Oh god she's on amino now posting her sob story about people making fun of her. Because obviously we didn't like her for her size. Lying out your ass about being a model for brand totally isn't what made people make fun of you.
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At least she lost some weight, but she still doesn't fit the brand like it's designed to fit someone.

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Let's talk about crafting/sewing spaces!

>share photos of yours
>share inspiration photos
>what would your dream space look like?
>what do you want the most for your room that you don't own yet?
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Dumping some photos
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Previous thread >>9272321

Previously on Dutch Thread
>WIP shots
>How does a Dutch cosplayer get labelled as popular?
>Sponsored cosplayers and how it's all business
>Cosplay cards
>Pulling all-nighters at cons
>Good Dutch cosplayers with less than 500 likes
>Putting the Netherlands on the map
>"We're all newfags for not creating any new artificial drama"
>Something about cons, acts and such
>Anon: "Girls need to dress more revealing, but not too revealing."
>Jessica Rabbit cosplays
>Animecon cosplay competition sign-ups are open!
>Using LEDs in a costume
>Colouring your eye brows
>Based Utrecht CS had rookworst <3

Next five major events:
>Midwinter Fantasy Fair (December 10th & 11th, Alphen aan den Rijn ZH), one of the places where you can roam Middle Earth during the winter.
>Dutch Comic Con Xmas Edition (December 17th & 18th, Utrecht UT), the Christmas themed edition of DCC.
>Castlefest Winter Edition (December 17th & 18th, Lisse ZH), the winter edition of Castlefest I totally forgot about.
>TomoFair Amsterdam (January 7th, Amsterdam NH), will it be their first edition without a bouncy castle?
>Dynamic Con (January 29th, Eindhoven NB), another newcomer on the scene targetted at everything cosplay.
The full /cgl/ con calendar by OP with links to each site/FB event can be found at https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=17gim9nkndjpvpnhp1pr64l410%40group.calendar.google.com

Friendly reminders
>Defending yourself on /cgl/ only makes things worse. Best is to not take things posted here seriously and just move on just like we do after a day.
>Posts made in Dutch are against the global rules and will be removed.
>Nagging is okay, but if you want change you might want to contact the party involved and offer them some feedback.
>Posting pictures of (WIP) /cgl/ items is encouraged
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I'll bite: ordered in a ponytail and wefts for my 'wig'
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Also how about a Strawpoll for DCC and Castlefest next weekend? It's been way too long since we last had a meet...

Any (foreign) con recommendations? I'm looking for something before animecon and after abunai to fill up my agenda with non shitty cons.

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Post your favorite sweet lolita coordinates, floordinates, etc. Casual to OTT
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let's have a board chorus!
We'd be singing lesbian seagull https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPTXVqETBM4
send your vocals to [email protected]
the goal is to get something like this
Here's the lyrics

Have fun everyone!
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Am I dreaming or is this the second thread of this type I've seen today?
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>mfw my suggestion got made into a thread
I want ro sing. I'm afraid tho.

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Let's do a thing
You guys sing "Seagulls stopp it now" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9t-slLl30E
Post your audio in this thread and I'll do a ocmpilation in this style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LedKEFXLzj4
Then I'll post it here again
Have fun!
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I would actually be down for a /cgl/ sings but not especially this one
which song would you be up to then?

How about this?

How old is too old to cosplay?

I'll be 29 in February, and i've noticed i'm at least 10 years older than anyone else in the meet-ups. Stuff like that gets to your confidence.
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I know that feel. A bit, I've been feeling that way since I was 21. Am 26 now, and doesn't feel it as much anymore.

It does feel like you are too old, but a lot of people don't care. I know many cosplayers your age that are friends with people under 20. It may be yourself that's the biggest block, most people willl accept you.
17 is pushing it, so at 29 why are you still into cosplay? Why don't you have a spouse and family to focus on now? You should really focus on your career and start a family.
Why do you assume because someone still has time for their hobby they don't have a spouse, or career, or home or family?

Jesus, life does not stop when you turn 30. I can afford supplies I could only dream about when I was in my 20s because, WOW, now that I've been working in a specialized field for nearly a decade I make enough to have disposable income. I can afford to travel to cons out of state. I can afford to book rooms for just me and my spouse, eat at good restaurants instead of cup noodles...cons only got better as I got older.

If you aren't having fun cosplaying anymore then stop. If you still enjoy it keep doing it. It's a hobby, it doesn't have an age restriction.

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