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More like kaiju.
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Anyone reading this?
Same author as sora no otoshimono
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is that a metaphor for her dads dick
Do you even need to ask?
no I can't read because no chapters

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So what am I in for?
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One fucking dumbass who 'wants to live a quite life because humans are so stupid' and antagonizes humans while saying specifically 'STUPID HUMANS', mutants posing as 15 year olds, schools getting blown up a lot and rape.
Lots and lots of rape
You're in for a lot of unironic laughing at the stupid rape.

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How can you tell when something is made in CGI and when in cel animation? And I'm not speaking about the really lame one, like Deen's dragon in Fate/Stay Night or the Chains (capital letter, since I consider them a character) from Hand Shakers.
See the webm, people say the hand is not CGI, yet it seems like it.
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That seems to be partially rotoscopped.
So the problem with CGI is that the effort that it would take to make it not look like shit could instead be used to just rotoscope it.
The problem with CGI is that it doesn't blend well with 2D animation unless you're willing to make your 2D animation 60 frames per second as well.

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Why do shoujo manga female leads always have short red hair?
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Sorry to tell you, but Magus Bride is a shounen.
Short red hair means genki girl, a fun youthful adventure is about to be had.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't feel any particular way about it
I want to fuck that fish.

How can anything Miura dreamt up even satisfy the hype anymore. It's been 20 years + since the eclipse.

It's almost like One Piece, regardless of what One Piece is it cannot possibly be cool enough to justify 20+ years of hype
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>It's been 20 years + since the eclipse
You mean that some 4chan posters weren't even born then?
It's way different than One Piece idiot.
Oda has a pretty good shot of giving the latter a strong, satisfying ending because of his release schedule.

Meanwhile fills every single panel of Berserk with so much detail he'd probably be ashamed with himself if he rushed out the ending.
But at the same time he's getting older and it doesn't seem like there's any way Guts can BTFO Griffith right now unless he received another power up.
Make Griffith the good guy and say all the evil shit he did was to fool the other members of the godhand (including caska's rape), and at the cost of his own life he saves the world or something among the lines.

How do you feel for this?
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Is Naruto the only MC in manga history that ended up with best girl?
best character with the worst ending

i will never not be mad whenever i see her, mad because of all the character growth and potential, lost in an instant
Useless and infuriating character past the only fight she had post timeskip.

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"anon, quick make a wish"
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I wish the next movie would get here already.
If I wish for it, would kyubey let me fuck he/she/it?
I wish all humans were Incubators.

What does /a/ think of Mob Psycho 100?
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It's bretty gud.
Underrated as some people write it off as another OPM

Make way for best boys
Reigen is best boy

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Heh, no. The HF movie probably has a good shot though. They can remove a lot of the fluff and get to the end of the route and the battles as quickly as possible.
>character insight and development is fluff
>muh fightan xD

UBWfags everytime, shonenshitters at it's core.
this scene with the insert song playing was pure kino

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Say something nice about my cute wife Mugi.
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She has good taste in men, and sates her desires in your bed while you are forced to watch from afar.
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Delete this now!!!!
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Don't slander us like that.

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Kobayashi san Chi no Dragon Dragon
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How does Kanna manage to be so adorable?
She's Satan's spawn, luring grown men into the void.

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Let's have an Accelerator thread.
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You don't just make a single accelerator thread, that's not how it works.
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Why did he look so much better is Railgun S than in Index?
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