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Why is this show so popular /a/? Is it really that good? Should I watch it?
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Ye Asuna is my waifu

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Stop self-pleasuring to middle school girls
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Should we go younger then?
I agree, elementary girls are where it's at.

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The great debate
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Space Dandy is a 10/10 and in the top 3 best shows of the decade.
Phantom Sales is a 3/10, an abortion and insult to life itself.
what debate? Dandy is great, Phantom world is shit and everyone agrees
what debate? Phantom world was decent but meaningless, Dandy was unwatchable garbage

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Onii-chan buy me gamu
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No. Get a job loser
Have a shower and start wearing underwear first
Wait a sec, Gab is actually Umaru?

Hand to hand combat. Caged hexagon. No titan shifting or weapons.

Annie - 5'0" 116 lbs
Mikasa - 5'6" 149 lbs

Who would win?
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i bet mikasa would win
After having this flashback, Eren started fucking up Reiner using technical advantage, which is what Annie's got on her side in this fight.

So the plot would imply Annie won this.
Which stage?

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hm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu1zT1KjbPk
thats a good one
>youtube thumbnail

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I missed the thread.

>Ch. 56 Infection
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>You met Miki-kun, right?
>They are going on an expedition.
>Won’t you go with them?

>…I don’t do bodyguard.
>I suck at it.
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>Even if the place they are going is Randall Corporation?


>Why do you hide in there?
>Just to survive?
>It’s because you can’t die yet.
>There is something you want to know, right?
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>Am I wrong, researcher-san?


>There is mutated virus.
>Are you planning to keep waiting for the countdown?

>…What’s the guarantee of you’ll find something at Randall?

>Our kouhai found this data.

So what the fuck is Ousen up to?

apparently these are all just preparations, kyoukai also mentions these refugees are 'locusts'
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Pretty obvious, just look at Europe right now
damn even shouheikun has no fucking clue
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From wiki:

>under suitable conditions of drought followed by rapid vegetation growth, serotonin in their brains triggers a dramatic set of changes: they start to breed abundantly, becoming gregarious and nomadic.. - swarms move around and rapidly strip fields and cause damage to crops..

>Locusts have formed plagues since prehistory. Swarms have devastated crops and been a contributory cause of famines and human migrations

One theory could be that all these refugees are going to end up swarming Gyou/Kantan, resulting in those cities having their food supply rinsed out, some of the refugees might also die and create possible plagues within the city (in which during time Ousen would be sieging) - but these are all long term and they'd be fucked if they stayed too long

where is the dark continent supposed to be?
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its africa isn't it
Looks like North America turned clockwise 90 degrees to me.
Now that's some lazy design

This sounds interesting

Chichi no Jikan ("Breast Milk Time," or alternatively, "Father Time") follows Kyūichi Shinogi, a male biology student who lives in an apartment near a helpful female neighbor/friend, Ayaka Takarai. One day, he is visited by aliens, who demand that he raise their baby for a year... or else the world is history. The baby is apparently human, and is raised the way humans are: through breastfeeding. Kyūichi's sex is not a problem for the aliens: they give him a simple device that switches his body to a woman's with the mere touch of a button. Conveniently, Kyūichi's female form is very well-endowed.

Although she's understandably confused and uncomfortable by the whole situation, Ayaka helps Kyūichi out as he navigates the unfamiliar experience of raising a child, and breastfeeding it in particular. That means going to a store to buy a breast pump, visiting a maternity home to get a massage to release Kyūichi's stored-up milk, and giving the baby a bath together. Kyūichi, as a biology student, is fascinated by the whole thing from an academic perspective.
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>big titty meganekko
Yes please

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Yup, Misaki is best Raildex.
It's Drilldex.

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Which lazy loli do you prefer?
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Neither Gabriel nor Umaru is a loli.
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This. I hate how broad the term loli is starting to get. People are calling S*aro from Gochiusa a loli when she isn't one either. It's really starting to trigger my autism.
Gab, I actually like her show

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Natsu is going to win

Ace should win

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Nasty is going to win and should win.
OP >>>>>>>> FT, but FT powerlevels got insane. Plus Ace really hasn't done anything of note besides burning a couple ships, fighting jinbe to a standstill a few years ago, his one loss to Blackbeard, and then dies. And Natsu has main protagonist/muh nakama/asspulling powers.

Also why the fuck do you care about death battle anyway
Because it riles up neckbeards
Why cant Ace knock Natsu unconsious?

Also eating fruit users usually backfires

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Can't fix shit.
Convert it in an hentai studio.
New PPD.
New SZS.

Which girl has the most deliciously hourglass body?
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