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Are you smarter than a little girl, /a/?
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No, I always fall for their tricks.
Why does she have a sounding rod?
You'll find out if you don't manage to give the right answer.

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Started to watch this, while expecting nothing and was pleasantly surprised, how good it was. What is your opinion about this show?
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It made me want to get a bike and an Onsa.
Poor man's K-ON. A really poor one.
Should have been made by Kyoani.
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I liked it a lot. Underrated show.

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What was his fucking problem?
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He's old and can't get it up anymore
He was a cookie cutter evil dictator who hates fun stuck in a shitty show.
Too many fuckin wives and he maybe only loved one

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how does this stance even have any advantage?
i thought the author of this series knew about boxing
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Silly nigger, don't you read Baki?

It's the ultimate stance.
The main character, who has been boxing for like a decade and made 9 or 10 successful Japanese title defenses, is currently reading about boxing basics because he does not know how to handle a southpaw.

This series fucking sucks and was never good to begin with.
Author only knows about yamato damashii and oxygen in your muscles.

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Funny, wonder why I never thought about this before. Also BLACKED

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Why people prefer Lisha over her is beyond me
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wash board.

I don't want a woman whose figure looks like it'd fit right in at the local graveyard.

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Did he deserve his happy ending?
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If you didn't think he did then there's always that second OVA which annihilated everything.
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Fucking this. Why'd they have to end it like that?

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>Last episode/chapter
>*Title of the series*
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He kind of dropped the ball naming the last chapter like this.
>Wow, now you truly become the Hibike! Euphonium

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Is it worth reading the light novels lads?
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You try to bump a thread after only 2 minutes in the early morning?
I'll be honest I'm a newfag to /a/ even though I've watched anime before. I realized the bump wouldn't do anything before it was too late
after it was too late*
>half 1

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Would you Cross Ange?
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No, but I'd Angelise-sama.
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I know. I know.

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>his favorite studio adapts works of fiction without any literature awards
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But muh Eupho (it's also a real novel, not some LNshit)
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a silent voice was a mistake.jpg
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what's the point of literature awards when you can't get actual anime awards
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Violet will be Hibike tier good because everyone at KyoAni actually liked it.

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The last good arc to be good for the most part
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>implying this shit was not only good in the beginning while it was fresh and got stupid later on
It's just a standard 'hero's journey' arc. Literally the easiest storytelling because it's inherently feel good bullshit
There was barely development for team 7 before kishimoto decided to start the chunin exam arc

Is this really what anime has come down to?

It's kind of depressing to be honest.
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I see nothing wrong with that
What's wrong? Don't you like dicks?
Dude I live dicks

Which anime from this season has the best visuals?
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AoT S2 in my opinion. Almost no QUALITY or recycled animation, great backgrounds, great character design and well animated action scenes. Only the CGI horses are ugly.

Props to WIT for creating that makeup software, it works really well.
Gotta love that fractal porn.
why do people here watch all of that shit ? you should bother with only the good and ok shows

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Why did she get so little screen time?
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Doesn't want to overshadow the rest of the cast.

Truly she is Best Girl
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she has good taste that's for sure
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she was too busy playing with her akari

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