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Is it going to get ax'd?
Jap's don't seem to like it as much as /a/ does

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ITT: best girls from their respective series ONLY
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She is prime rape material.

Waifu material is different. Waifu girls are girls you want to make tender love to.

This one?
This one I want to fuck like an animal.
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Only good girl in the series.

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>romance anime
>the girl is an abusive completely unlikable cunt

What do they mean by this?
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it's just trying to mirror real life
It's because weebs are beta masochists who want girls to do all the work.
You guys said you wanted realistic portrayals of women in anime. Here you go.

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she is my role model do you have an anime role model?
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that's an good role model dude i don't have a role model but if i did that's a good choice
That fat guy who fuck that blonde chick in that hentai, you now the one.
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Pic related is my role model. pls r8 my taste in role models.

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>tfw no netorare thread
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>tfw still no netorare thread
Kill yourself cuck.
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>i wanna pee

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what makes you think Asuka is a boy?
this meme needs to end
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rei and a tranny.png
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It's not a meme, it's a canon fact.

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Why are girls with long straight hair and straight bangs so best?
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Cause they just are. Kazusa a best!
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kasuza is old and bust, yuuki is the new hotness
It's called the hime cut

Does this bitch ever stop making every single thing about herself? 5 episodes and I'm already sick of it.
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wow she is not a perfect animu girl who wants to give her pussy to the mc
WOW this anime suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure is terrible
Nice false dilemma. She's just an unlikable twat who so far never learns nor gets punished for it, that's all.
No, it's one of the reasons I dropped it at episode 11. She's somehow more obnoxious than the MC from Tweenie Witches which I dropped for the same reason.

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What in the living fuck was this.
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a meme show before the meme era
You don't think a black man making a fool of himself funny?
I do

How come Nips are so obsessed with the whole "Natural talent vs. Hard work" thing?
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They're not
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You tell me.
See their work culture, not the office kind of work though.Probably not all nowadays though.

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>jerking off to a girl

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I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I'm gonna ram my head straight in to my monitor and go inside Nenecchi's tight hole - which ever my head lands in first. I'm going to make Nenecchi in to Nenehentai/alternative.

I regret not watching this while it was airing. What are the chances of this getting a second season?
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>What are the chances of this getting a second season?

100% considering S2 is already confirmed.
>we will get more Nene
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>100% considering S2 is already confirmed

wonderful, but that wont stop me from trying

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>comes in
>sits down on floor

What do you do?
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Ask what she wants
Ask her to leave
Ask if she's going to take off her clothes herself or if I have to.

Holy shit. Episode 3 somehow made this series even worse. This show sucks.
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No episode 3 just made everyone realise that elf is the best character in the series.
>dropped because sagiri will win and i don't want that.
>inb4 kuronekofag
Elf is the best, but her competition is characters straight out of the generic light novel factory. It's not hard to be better than anyone in that show.

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Episode 3 soon.
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>Gun X Sword BD box ad
How fitting.
Also, reposting from /m/, the Orichalt entry in the glossary was nothing new, but this has some interesting info.
>Mind trance System
>A technique born from uniting highly advanced quantum neurology and Orichalt's spatial transfer abilities, it takes the consciousness of a human in question and transfers it outside via quantum teleportation where it is then reconstructed.
>Meaning, by transferring the consciousness outside, it can be then made to control I-machines (robots).
>While there has been criticism that in using observable probability theory (I don't exactly understand how observable" is used here, my apologies) it might perhaps just be creating someone else with the same consciousness, the creator has stated that "Consciousness itself is uncertain and ever-changing".
>Despite worries about its use, the fact it backs up consciousness and in the event of I-machine loss there is no danger of real death made it become widely used in jobs that involve extreme conditions.
>This technique was truly revolutional and to Escavate, it is absolutely indispensable.

Also, the subs might be a little late this week, going to be somewhat busy with uni stuff on monday and tuesday.
That stage backdrop with skeletons totally wasn't unsettling or anything, rakugo Washizu.
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