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>Grind through JoJo
>"It gets better" they promise, stardust crusaders is gr8 they promise
>Phantom Blood is shit
>Battle Tendency was barely passable
>Finally reach Stardust Crusaders
>Literally just the same guys fighting a different stand user every single episode
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You should have realized the series was trash from all of it's sperglord fans
Man you really showed them.

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>you will never come home after a day of work to your waifu Yuno who welcomes you home with a kiss and the smell of the meal she's cooking for you in the air
I drink your milkshake, I drink it all up
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Would you let Popuko be your Spicy Gal?
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The Pipimi is my kind of gal, I like girls with long dark hair.
Who should voice Popuko in the upcoming anime adaptation?
either a cute girl who naturally has an incredibly thick polish accent or a big muscular manly man with a baritone voice

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Explain this phenomenon.
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Stand attack
The funk phenomenon.

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I've always wanted to have a decent thread talking about gems from the 80's but it's always ruined by people who assume it's just a rec thread. I don't see what's wrong with discussing your favorite movies/OVAs and just leave it at that. I have to explain myself just to keep the autists away.

With that being said. What's your favorite 80's films/OVAs. They can be known or obscure. I want to know what you like about them. They're the kind of stories that just don't exist anymore which is a shame.
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I want to start Maison Ikkoku but I'm also too scared to do it because of fucking huge it is.
probably gunbuster

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If I have a waifu what can I masturbate to? Do I only masturbate to my waifu, or do I not masturbate to her at all?
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It's a fictional character you can masturbate to whatever you want.
doesnt matter

its like having a real gf/bf

as long as they dont know, its fine
Either is fine as long as you completely commit yourself to one option. Limit yourself to only masturbating to her, or keep her pure.

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I doubt anyone will remember maruko chan
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I do, it used to air on Animax here.

SEAfag by any chance, OP?
nope amerifag. used to air on the chinese channel on Saturdays.

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What's the Seinfeld of anime and why is it Nichijou?
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anime will never reach the comedic complexity of Seinfeld

Nichijou was more like the reddit of anime
That's not Lucky Star

Dumping this time thief of a chapter.
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>his waifu doesn't lift
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ITT: Endings that will never not trigger you
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I don't even remember what the ending was.
>MC goes across the world to steal everyone's powers so the government doesn't cuck everyone
>Makes promise to main girl that when he comes back they will date
>After nearly losing his sanity multiple times he completes his mission
>Returns to girl
>"lol amnesia xd"
Bitter ending for no fucking reason and makes it feel like all connections and development was for nothing (not that there was much in the first place).

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Am I the only one who thinks Shouta and Riko should be together? Maybe i'm just too into this /a/
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What on earth would make you think that?
The show would be 1000x better if Riko just didn't exist. She's just annoying and it feels forced.
The world would be 1000x better if you just didn't exist.

/tv/ here. What do you guys think of this? I liked it.
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"I'm crashing this town with NO survivors"

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Which Hidamari would you sketchi? Personally, I prefer Miyako.
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Miyako of course.
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>first season aired 10 years ago
Miyako is the sunshine in Sunshine Sketch.

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How much would you pay for your waifu?
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Nothing because she hates existing. She's happier this way.
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I couldn't afford her.

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