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What the fuck is his problem?
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He is too pretty.

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Why are anime mom's so ______?
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Just look at them trying to hold the ahegao back.
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what did they mean by this ? who was the bird ? why did rakka feel being unwanted ? the rest of the haibanes loved her , what was rakka's and reka's sin ?
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>what did they mean by this ?
New Haibanes

My interpretation was that Gile is some sort of purgatory. The bird was someone from Rakkas previous life who cared about her and loved her, even if Rakka felt that she was alone and nobody would miss her. Rakkas sin was that she committed suicide, presumably by falling to her death. Reki was selfish and never sought help from others. That led to isolation and she committed suicide being ran over by a train.
if the bird is someone from rakka's previous life , is he dead ? ( was rakka the one who caused his death ? if not how can he make a contact with someone in the purgatory?
its too deep for me

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Masshiro na omoi ni
Yume no kakera o
Egaite ugokidasu mirai
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Dun dun dun dun dun dun daa
Dun dun dun dun dun dun daaa
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Dieseru-san a best bako

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A wizard offers to make you taller, but for every inch you grow you become 50% more homosexual.

Do you take the offer? How many inches would you grow? Would you risk becoming a coclust boyslut in exchange for height?
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I'd grow 12 inches, become a basketball player, then get fired and sue the NBA for discrimination.
No, I'm already 186cm and bisexual.
But how will I become the little girl if i keep growing taller?

why do people hate snake? the only thing she wanted was everything
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I only watched bakemonogatari, I saw no reason to dislike her
She's fine. If anything I didn't like how she was shelved after Hitagi End altogether until Off-Season or something, Hitagi End was a pretty abrupt end to her arc that barely even felt like an ending (though I guess they do the exact same thing with Sodachi in Owari which was my favorite part of the series)
Because people have shit taste.

I like a spicy loli. While Shinobu maybe be cool, Nadeko is spicy.

Overall cool and spicy is good for daily intake of loli.

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K-on turns 10 in a month.
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Not the anime.
This. K-on manga is crap.

Let the God level shenanigans begin...
Also gab is best girl.
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Satan is better!
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yea okay anon,
keep telling yourself that...

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Post homosexuals.
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I giggled.
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>It got delayed again
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Nothing of value was lost.
Have you read the novels, the story is complete SHIT after second raid ends. And I love the FMP franchise, I'm mainly hoping that the Japanese will have good taste for once in their lives and use this to do another season of fumoffu.
>delayed again

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Please don't make fun of Kuroeda's fat butt.
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I'm sorry I doubted you, Meth.
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>fat elves
Fuck off bulimic bitch

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Why is turbolewd anime with "regular anime" animation/quality a thing but hentai is always horrid fucking shit?

I'm pretty sure hentai make more money than a lot of seasonal anime so why
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Anal is shit.
Hentai doesn't make more money

man I wish queens blade was a porn series, not that tease bullshit

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I want kuina to eat my penis!
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I want to eat Kuina's ass.
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I thought the maid was going to be the cutest but Kuina really surprised.

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Utsuro did nothing wrong
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Utsuro DID DOES AND WILL DONE nothing wrong. He is always in the right.
Utsuro is beyond wrong or right.
he just wants to die
just kill him already

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this is still acceptable levels of UGH

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