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What was his problem?
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He was literally Hitler
Nothing suggest he is even evil or has anything. The more you go back to his origins, the more you find out there was nothing to kickstart his intents until the very last moment of the show. And it all comes down to one thing, why is he doing anything? Even with the explanation for his mother corrupting him, it makes no sense initially
The answer is that he's trying to get someone to kill him. Because he's bored and above humanity. Like he says, he's just messing with the line of ants to see what happens. Humanity bores him. Creating chaos is interesting to him because he sees no purpose in life. Johan attained the top at a very young age and felt that there was nothing more to life. He had his own criminal underground organization of money laundry. He learned multiple languages. He traveled the world. He understands human nature perfect. To Johan, there is nothing left to do.

Because of this, he sees only the cruel and ugly nature of humans. He only sees the world as being ugly. So he figured out a way to make the world pretty. To do so, he would fight fate and destiny itself.
One of the key aspects of Johan that you need to pay attention is whenever he talks to children. He is very open about his true feelings and what he thinks to children much more than adult. This is because Johan feels he never really became an adult.

In one episode, he tells children to go fight on the roof. To both stare at each other and tempt fate. If one falls, then you defeated 'his' fate. And once you succeed, you see the world differently. That kid that fell and the kid that won both saw the world in a different light. Essentially, this is what Johan does. He temps and fights fate by trying to see if he can make people try and kill him.
This is essentially why he went to kill that person in front of Tenma at the beginning of the show, 10 years after the operation. Simply to tempt Tenma to spend his life searching him. Johan would have continued that game of cat and mouse, to tempt fate, but unlocking his past memories made him change his tune.
This is also why he went to see his sister on her 20th birthday. He had absolutely no reason to do that but he did it just to fuck with her.

Johan seeks joy in seeing if he can fuck with a person so badly that he can corner himself with that person, then use as little energy as possible to get out of the situation.
He's playing the biggest game of dare imaginable. This is why he points at his forehead.

And the brilliance of this is that no one can understand this about him. Even the characters in the show never figure it out. Johan is essentially lying completely by making it seem as though he has motives or passions or connections when he absolutely doesn't. The Nazi think he even loves his sister when he doesn't. The only reason he cares and protects her is simply to make sure she can corner him to see if he can get out of cornering himself.

Johan simply lies and lies the entire time.
It's the whole ''the monster inside of me is growing'' bit that shows that insight.
He's fucking with people so they can seek him out. Like the psychologist explained, psychopath love to taunt people into thinking there is something they can't control and Johan does this the entire time.
Johan's past becomes the drive for wanting to seek and stop him and he's letting everyone try and find him by purposefully leaving as little clues as possible.

Series you want to livewatch with /a/ again
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>Gurren Lagann 2007
>Kill la Kill 2013-2014
Predicting new Imaishi`s hit around 2020/2021
>implying the industry won't be dead by then

Not literally but creatively
already is

Could someone please explain me this scene? I've been watching like ten times and still don't understand what's happening, I don't understand the reactions. I read the mango three years ago so I can't barely remember something.
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you're asking for spoilers
Yo no puedo leerlo.
I don't complain about it, since I'm here I've been spoiled of everything with manga screenshots, I know Ymir is a titan and the blonde and tall guy are the armor and colosal ones, but I don't understand what's happening, does this mean the people don't know how to read? Only the people from outside can read?

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>trigger animes always have bad animatio-
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but I like slideshow anime
Heh, nice one.
>Okada shows never writes the girl getting NTR'd instea-

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Trustworthy fellow.jpg
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This gentleman offers you a new, 26 episode season of your favorite anime. How do you respond?
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Moguro's like one of them Jews so lolnope
Run. Just RUN!!!
I'm an legit weeb who lived in japan when was a kid.
I know japanese anime enough to know this son of a bitch.
Yeah but how do you know that ahead of time? If he came up to you and said he can make your dream anime would you honestly say no without knowing the consequences ahead of time? I mean a Russian oligarch decided on a whim to make three more seasons of Durarara and so a well beloved anime was nose dived into the ground but at least these things do happen.

Describe an anime that you haven't watched based solely on what you've gathered about it from /a/

>Maid Dragon
Thicc loli who's actually a dragon daily molests a lesbian grade schooler thus causing her to have occasional strokes.
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buff guys fight buff aliens in spandex to go into space to team up with an alien in spandex, fight against some dick and the main buff dude turn blonde and becomes buffer also something with a green guy doing tail vore shit and a pink blob guy doing vore shit and there are multiple versions of him.

Some guy named Subaru falls into videogame world #5469, suffers a lot, meets hot white elf named Emilia who's retarded and worst girl, there's a girl named Rem, she has a player 2 version with pink hair, and she gets cucked
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A family of burly men who like to pose has a centuries long feud with a gay vampire.

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>Neet-chan being used as a model by her sister.

It's that time of the week!

Would you a cute neet if given the chance?

Would you care for her for the rest of your life?
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Holy shit is she thiccc

I want to do unspeakable things to Space Jesus.
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Space Jesus can suck my dick.
Me too anon, me too.
Speak of them, OP.

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This is a Kancolle Collection thread that focuses primarily on the big BBs.

For too long they have been overshadowed by the snotty nosed kid destroyers and carriers. Make Kancolle Collection Great Again and post your favorite battleships.
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ITT: People who did nothing wrong
CCA is not cannon
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Did everything wrong.
CCA is canon but only if you count it as a direct sequel to 0079 ignoring Zeta and ZZ

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W-what do?
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Shoot them with M1911.
Get it for him then bond with him while discussing how black haired permaflats are always worst girl.
muh nigger

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bcause you're a manlet
true, but that doesn't explain why tall girls are better
because nature

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i want Chiyo back man

I never really cared that much for Uratarou himself
Who is this.
Too many big panels

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Who is your favorite witch /a/?
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When I first watched SW, Lucchini. If I rewatch it, my favorite would probably change. Though I love all of them.
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The Diamond Ace of course.

They're all lovely though.
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>when its been so long you cant remember their names anymore

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This was sort of a let down after all the hype. It feels incomplete.
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Loved it.
I think it ended well enough, what makes it feel incomplete? I honestly enjoyed from an episode to episode perspective, not necessarily needing a huge overarching story to it.

It introduced its characters, set up the story, sillyness ensued in each episode. I don't think it needed to be anything more than that.

Made me feel nostalgic about hanging with highschool friends n' shiet.
Spoonfeed me the manga ending.
What hype? It was a nice okay series, I like how they focus on the side characters too rather than going ham with the main ones love triangle or whatever misunderstanding they could have done.Or you were talking about the manga? Unfortunately, I didnt continue reading the manga after the anime ended.

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