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When does this stop being a cringey NEET pandering powerlevel fantasy?
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when you ignore literally every part that tries to be serious because those parts are shit.
That's all it's ever about. If you want something different from that, go read something else.
There haven't been any really serious parts yet

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What does /a/ think of this movie?
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bretty cool, its dumb but the time it last is perfect for it, and who doesn't like Imaishi?
>who doesn't like Imaishi?
So was Dead Leaves the Japanese version of Superjail or was Superjail the US version of Dead Leaves?

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Are you kidding me? I have to wait a whole week now? What the hell am I going to do?
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>What the hell am I going to do?
Get mad when they don't date and live happily ever after the end next week.
Know what, I think you're right. There's no way they'll start dating now. That'd be way too easy.
Stating dating is not the end of the line, anon.

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Of all the girls, I think Mami-san is the one who deserves a happy ending the most.
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She does get the good ending.
Yeah, in terms of character and suffering she really is ahead of all the other girls.
Would that be Kyoko or Homura?

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What does /a/ think about this anime?
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Akatsuki no yona was pretty much what i'd waited for my whole life, totally loved it
Season 2 when?
It was a masterpiece. Best shounen I have ever seen. Season 2 never though. We'll just continue with the manga.

>Villain used to be the hero's best friend
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>Villain was the hero all along
Name (3) animes in which this cliche was done well
that fucking neck

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Why are dykes so cool?
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They are more in tune with their true desires
They get double the amount of pussy.
i want a dyke gf

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I want to sexually fuck Collette.
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Get in line.
As opposed to non-sexually?
I want to fornicate unsexually with collette.

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Too bad she is destined to lose
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/sci/ is best girl though, /lit/ is a fatass
How many chapter until it's axed?
Man, she's the author waifu. There is no way she's not the key girl.

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Is there a more tragic character in the history of anime?
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He is a pretty tragic character but at the end of the day he's small time in the grand scheme of things
one of the few serious animes
pretty much this

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Uchouten S2 03.jpg
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Why does every other P.A Works production pale in comparison to Uchouten Kazoku?
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It's their passion project, directed by the cofounder of the studio.
Just looking at the difference in production values between this and Sakura makes it clear which they prioritize.
I'm glad it doesn't have the typical PA Works sameface and bland color palette/aesthetic.
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Absolute classy madman

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is /a/ still pissed?
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The way I remember it /a/ was celebrating. Although I'm biased
Togamefags were pissed that she died but no one was ever particularly mad that Hitei survived. There was no reason to kill her at that point.
still not sure who the fuck was she
"princess", clearly has some power
main dude of the country doesn't even know her

All this self destructive aura, I'm just happy that protag made it.

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Why is this so much better than expected?
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It's not that great, chill out.
Anime for thinking men
It does a lot of things most anime of this kind never even consider. This genre has been done to death and it's a breath of fresh air.

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What's /a/'s opinion about this anime? I don't see any thread about it in the catalog
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It's okay
I only just watched the second epsiode today.
For some reason I don't have much motivation to watch them often
I don't think the story gives much room for discussion since it's fucking goofy.
I was thinking that the OST sounded really good

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best girl best boy.jpg
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Characters that just need to get it over with and fuck already.
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Giving him a specific love interest from first volume really killed a lot of tension from me. Chiyo is cute, but if she was supposed to win - they should have made his attraction to her ambiguous and something that he develops, and realizes.
Kiyoshi did not get an erection strong enough even to reminisce on from Mari. Currently the girls he considers most arousing are Chiyo and Hana.

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