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Why can't other studios try as hard as KyoAni? What makes KyoAni so special?
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Female staff are naturally more intelligent and hardworking
They got a nice hot streak of shows which gave them the budgeting which allows them to do what they do now.
An environment with a proper balance of testosterone and estrogen.

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Which girl has the best fang?
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ITT we jack off to poor dentistry
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that's my fetish

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Hey guys, I just got this weird egg. What should I do with it?
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I dont know! But remember everyone here is your precious comrade!
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bite yur tounge and eat it blood makes it taste nice

Thanks /a/. You've always been there for me.

Mai or Sento?
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Mai. Sento is shit.

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What does /a/ think?

Just read to the point where Yuki mauled that boy's ear.
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fairly common with anime.
Overrated, and pretty choppy animation, to boot.
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I was really disappointed that he didn't start licking her face in this scene

Am I a pleb because I prefer the 2nd Death Note opening?
at least it's in touch with how the show is edgy
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Nah. In fact I feel like a pleb for preferring the first one.
You're a pleb for liking Death Note.

Holy shit I am so FUCKING mad right now.

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I'm on episode 2 right now.

Is this just her design or is she crazy depressed? I've never seen eye designs like this and it makes me think she's constantly sad.

I want her to be happy
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Worst seasonal waifu /a/ has ever had
I'm too early in to even have a say in best girl but her eyes are starting to annoy me.

What did /a/ think of ME!ME!ME!?
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it's popular, therefore shit
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I liked the song, music video was nice, can't see why it became such a meme.

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RIP Beer belly titan that always looked like he was in a cold shower.
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BRA a best.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
Reiner and Hisu are lovers.

You know the DORIRU people
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Posting the 4x4 I just made.
>I started watching anime yesterday
How could someone watch 9 different shows in a day?

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>Lives alone in an island far from his family
>Just about all his pay goes to support them, he lives in a tiny little shed with nothing in the way of amenities.
>His wife is raising 2 children that aren't his and a third she claims is.
>Rarely sees them since he can't leave the island for 2 hours or else someone might steal his bull lover.
>Wishes the universe would just be deleted

17... had a hard life.
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I wish they would go away from 17. He just comes across as a faggy little weirdo compared to every other character in the series.
They should have kept him away from Toriyama/Toei's grubby reverse midas hands.

So far the only Z character to survive their meddling is C18. Well, her and Bulma.
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Man, 17 really does come off as wanting to die really bad.

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Sento is a miracle of universe.

Prove me wrong.
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Her boobs don't jiggle properly
S2 when
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>mfw amagi park was the last good Kyoani show

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>tfw wiz is secretly a cockhungry slut
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>implying she doesn't lick Megumin's cock while its locked up every night.
I'd let her drain my mana.

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Did Japan learn their lesson from this?
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What was the lesson?
To make good shows like Aku no Hana
I don't boner from creepy rotoscoping.

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High pressure tatas.
why is this blue
why can't he just draw in a normal colour

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