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Say nice things about Sakura!
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Sakura the beautiful!
I would offer her a job.
At least she's not Haruno Sakura

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Name a worst artist.
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>Pic unrelated
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Was there a point to this thing or did Anno add him pressured by the TV station as a mascot character
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I sense a negative tone from you about PenPen so fuck you.
Was genuinely curious.
Everybody loves penpen. You better start loving penpen too. It's the one thing about eva that no one fights about. Don't you fucking ruin it.

So the movie was basically a rehash of the Alicization plot, but with more romance?
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people still watch this?
It's the top selling Light Novel of our era.
it was a good movie

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Who was in the wrong here?
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Always Machi
That dude and the bear
>They do everything in their power to destroy the dreams of a little girl with social anxiety while abusing the emotional bond she has with them

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This is a Korean comfort woman.
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This is a freedom bringer.
Post all of them!!!!

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Where the fuck is it
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There's still eight days left in April.
Late April, 2019
I will only pick this series up again when Miura releases at least 8 chapters in a row and without any hiatus, as short as it may be.

Is Honk autistic?
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No, just garden-variety mentally retarded.
No shes not autistic or retarded, but she might be clinically insane. She unironically thought she could make Love Live by assembling a group of randoms with limited musical talent. But sometimes you need that insanity to succeed. She's like a big wave surfer who isn't scared riding a 50ft break. If she wasn't a little insane, she would have never gone through with any of it.
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honoka ho.png
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>spontaneously screams out of windows
>see hallucinations/space distortions in the movie
>has the power to alter the weather by giving a speech to her friends
>can jump longer and farther than humanly possible
>able to negotiate so well that she managed to get kotori to stay in japan even when everything she owned was packed on a flight minutes away from leaving
>can withstand brutal blizzards with no leg protection
she's something

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Reminder that Akko still wins against Diana so far...

>Ep2 = Akko Wins (Akko saving the tree)
>Ep3 = Diana Wins (Diana wins the race)
>Ep5 = Diana Wins (Diana being mary sue)
>Ep10 = Akko Wins (Akko accidentally making Diana shows her dere)
>Ep12 = Diana Wins (Diana humiliated Diana (Akko))
>Ep13 = Akko Wins (Akko murdered Diana's Yay)
>Ep14 = Akko Wins (Akko humiliated Diana)

Akko 4 - 3 Diana
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Don't talk to me or Akko ever again.
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I can't wait to see Diana win again.
>people still watch this tripe

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>"onii-chan where are my subs"
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>Just stick it in
I've translated a bit over twelve minutes. Don't hold your breath though, ETA is probably around a week.
How anybody can stand watching Umaru be a manipulative, selfish little bitch for longer than ten seconds is beyond me

Of /ABe/'s 4 anime, which one best corresponds to which season of the year?
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lain is summer, i can't decide what haibane is, haven't seen the rest
Spring - Lain
Summer - NieA_7
Fall - Haibane
Winter - Texhnolyze
Spring - Haibane (Birth)
Summer - NieA_7 (Hazy)
Fall - Texhnolyze (Change)
Winter - Lain (Isolation)

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ITT: Shows that deserve another season but never got one
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It wasn't that good.
Tokyo Ravens.
Had that in my list to watch for a while. How is it? Premise sounded interesting to me.

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So, was she a good villain or not?
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She was amazing and did nothing wrong at all.
This anime caters to almost all fetishes, she fulfilled like 3 of mine.
I dropped it when she showed up

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What made SAO committing the sins of questionable LNs more offensive than the usual suspects?
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It's writer I guess
The author only wrote some middle of the road tier thing with Cartman as MC.

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