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China will grow larger.
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Isn't that lady Taiwanese though
Taiwan IS China, silly.
Oh i guess but Taiwan doesn't think so

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I read the LN up to the point where they imply that the MC is Zeus' grandson and I dropped it after that because its like they just pinned all his power under "oh so he's related to a God therefore his power has nothing to do with the effort he poured his blood and sweat into"

Does he retain his nature of jobbing like a boss or does this become an 'OP self-insert mc with harem' type premise?
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OP, but still jobs because everyone besides him is competent
In Sword Oratoria he's a side character Aiz is obsessed with and they probably won't get to the part where Aiz nearly dies again the skeleton boss
Is the LN online somewhere? All I've ever been able to find is up to vol 4.
They are all for sale on Amazon, up to volume 8
The MC is op to a point, and while the story is a bit meh at times, the author tries to expand it out so that you get a feel for the world and the characters better. instead of the SAO trend of OP MC is OP as fuck and side stories are fucking stupid cause MC just OPs the shit out of everything and wins. Bell is not actually confirmed to be related to Zeus, in fact its more implied that his parents were in Zeus familia and after its collapse and the death of Bells parents he raised him as IF he was his grandpa.

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The most iconic villain in the past 20 years
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You're damn right anon, who could possible beat Madara Uchiha? And I’m not talking about Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara...
Orochimaru > Madara

Thoughts on the ending?

Already had a hint it would end up on the incest route so I wasn't put off by that despite having a real imouto. The last 5 minutes seemed like a total copout at first but after rewatching it, it seems like they still love each other and continued their relationship in secret. It also seemed pretty realistic since the two would've been shunned if the two continued like that in public, so this was the best they (and even the author) could do for now. That being said I get why it's so polarizing.

Also fuck Manami
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I found it hard to care about the ending because both Kirino and Kyousuke are really shitty, uninteresting characters. The author also really fucked up the pacing of the story with a few volumes that didn't need to exist. It's been a while but I'm pretty sure volumes 9 and 10 were completely pointless and had nothing to do with the main story. Volume 8 was mostly pointless too, though there was some important development at the end. This story wasn't very well constructed and felt designed purely to sell merchandise to losers.
The writing and characterization were awful (as was the ever-grating background music) and Kirino is a totally unsympathetic character even with the laughable explanation offered in the final episodes. There was some decent comedy in the first season and the post-S1 OVAs that mostly disappeared in the second season. The only likeable character among the main girls had to intentionally shoot herself in the foot to fulfill the author's desperate imouto fantasy (that lives on this season).
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Best part, right here

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Would anime be better if they just didn't bother censoring everything?
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Utaha a shit.
No, it's more erotic being censored
Not really, especially with all the moral outrage that's been going on for decades since the obscenity laws passed.

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Who is the most powerful Anime/Manga character of all time?
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I don't get what makes Zeno that much stronger than Beerus. We already know Beerus can destroy a universe by throwing 3 punches so what difference does it make if an upper God can destroy the multiverse with a single attack?

Whoever Adam is in Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito.

Is this appropriate underwear for a 12 year old?
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No, there aren't enough 12 year old vaginal secretions for it to be accurate
She bought them for research, so she could take pictures of herself wearing them as reference.
No, she'll be encouraged to grow up into a slut.

Have you seen the second episode? I have and I didn't liked it, but it's our anime, so here you are your friendly 9th ATOM Thread! (Yes, it's the same post of yesterday, too lazy to change it today).
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Is it at least better than the first? Any sign of improvement whatsoever? Did the director wake up yet?
Shit nigga, change the op image once in a while.
Personally I haven't liked the last episode, but other anons have.
You are right, but she's such a Qt!

Is there an anime character who has endured so much suffering and heart ache as Okabe?
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Syaoran (Tsubasa)
Higurashi characters.

Was this arc supposed to make me feel bad for snake? Sympathize for her? Because I just dislike her even more now. What the fuck kind of arc was this? All the others before this had the focused character solving their problems or coming to terms with themselves and their flaws. This just ends with
>I turned myself into a god and now I'm gonna kill you all
I wanted to like it, but it feels so bad compared to everything else. In fact everything after neko has been a bit of a letdown in my opinion. I hope it starts to get better again.
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it is supposed to illustrate youth's folly and why making a 14 year old girl a god would be a pretty dumb idea
Koimonogatari expands upon that story. Watch it, then get back to us.
Yeah I get what they were trying to say. It just feels like it shouldn't have ended like that to me. I guess I'll wait for koi like
>>156314445 said for some more resolution. I hope it ends happily, I hate snake but also really like her because of how much she reminds me of my middle school self.

Daily reminder that Phantom World is too deep for /a/ nowadays.
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shinka and tamako look better in their original shows
Lena-chan a best
Please stop making these threads. Everyone already hates Phantom World enough as it is. This show doesn't deserve all the hate it gets and threads like these only make it worse.

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>ED by Fhána
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>OP is by seiyuu group starring in the anime itself
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>ED is sung by a different character every episode
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>ED by Bulma

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Late Night Kumiko Thread.
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The night is young
KumiGAY thread.
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Any time is perfect for a Kumiko thread!

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Why doesn't Ritsu wear her hair down like this more often?
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To distinguish herself from Yui. The sameface is strong in this series.

If you can't distinguish them by their subtle differences (eye color, body shape) then you're a fucking autist.
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She looks better with it up....

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Henceforth this pairing will be known as the special relationship.
Also post waifus
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Shrrmans are boring tanks
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Yukarin is cute. Cute!
Also, I was disappointed with the movie. While I appreciate gratuitous tank battles, I also like plots.

Literal Tommy cookers. Good for the USA armoured doctrine at the time though.
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special relationship best relationship

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