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I don't.
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shamefur dispray
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this kills the flat slut.png
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Why shouldn't we exterminate the ghoul species?
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It helps to keep the human population in check
pretty good answer
Not all Ghouls wanted to be Ghouls.

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Is there anything else on par with either of these?
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I wasn't a fan of the GitS movie because I felt like it was trying to cram too much in 80 minutes. Does SAC live up to the hype or should I just cut out the middleman and read the manga?
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Considering the only thing they have in common is a shitty Hollywood movie this comes pretty close.
Being an animeonlyfaggot, I like the anime more.

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Is there a better JC this season than Sagiri?
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Look no further.

Yes. Literally anyone else.
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>meguminfags ruin /a/
>everyone knows aqua is better
Try to debate me
>Protip: you can't
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The show is garbage.
Aqua + baka = ?
If you want to debate Megumifags you better go on reddit because that's where most of the Megumifags are

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Can we put the body of a Dullahan on the opposite site of the world and pass information faster than light?
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Yes, because magic does not follow the laws to physics.
Well it's only fantasy so I don't see why not? It's not like physics would get in the way.
But Sensei said that demi's is just genetic mutation, not magic genes.

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Have you seen the second episode? I have and I didn't liked it, but it's our anime, so here you are your friendly 8th ATOM Thread!
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They should advertise it more as a prequel to Astro boy, loads of hipsters will come flocking to it
Thought it would be bad from previous threads comments, but it was pretty enjoyable. The fight was okay enough seeing the robot is probably just getting use to having "heart" and using his body. I dont need crazy kungfu brawl with these designs. The imouto looks more like a trap than a girl though and nose grab was gay as ever. See you guys next week.
This show has tits and robots, more people should be watching.

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This ad of Sukasuka is amazing.
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cyka cyka?
Tokio looks so all kinds of ugly.
blyat blyat

ITT: Characters you can beat in a fistfight
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I'm only making this thread because the other one 404'd before I could reply, but feel free to join the discussion.

>Incest is.
Not an argument.
>The anime yells out if not, slams it to our faces on how society frowns upon incestuous relationships.
Not an argument.
>It's clear that he was only sexually attracted to her.
And it's clear you either didn't watch the show or decided early on that Koshiro was a grooming rapist and ignored every detail that pointed elsewhere. Also, pic related. It's from the manga but it's still relevant.
>Nanoka was basically obsessed with the notion of having an older brother that it felt like her feelings just got jumbled up and confused. Any rational adult would have stopped her from developing such degenerate thoughts.
And how would you even stop someone from developing feelings?
>And she was ready to abandon all of those just to be with her brother. Even her close friends noticed how distant she became at the end. That's not healthy.
Replace brother with lover and you have your typical runaway/double-suicide love story. Is it healthy? No, but incest doesn't make it any worse either.
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Holy fuck you're autistic.
no u
>Gets BTFOed
>Throws a tantrum by making another thread

K y s

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Would you be her producer?
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Rinfags are pure cancer.
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I would.

Rin Shibuya has and always will be /a/'s favorite idol.
Depends. Does being her producer entail reproducing her?

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I should probalby find a better rip but I'm using a shitty one just to trigger you, all according to keikaku 555+

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Where the fuck is season 3. Holy shit what a fucking ending.
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like wataru would ever finish this shit
Can we threaten to murder him?

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>"it's about how much time you spend practicing and perfecting your strategy."
>spinning a top
what the fuck is this?!
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op fucks little girls
The tops are people too you fuckhead.
If you yell loud enough the top will do as you say

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So I just caught up with Gakkou Gurashi, I'm depressed now.

Is there any hope at all for a good ending now the we know this was all caused by an airborne virus, there's no way any survivors outside the disaster area would attempt to rescue any one inside that is potentially a carrier of it and even if they do, what would they do with them, stick them in a lab and study them looking for a cure? Given the last few chapters, how long do the girls even have left before the end up dying of a mutate strain instead?

Starting to think that the most likely end is like that harasaki doujin.
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Everyone gonna turned into zombie and live happy forever :3
Airborne virus isnt that bad, there are methods and procedure for a well equipped organization to enter the zone.I dont think any crazy death for the main ones, maybe more new characters appear only to die because author wants to keep the original cast around.
I'm more depressed at how bad the manga went after they left the school. What went wrong?

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