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So what exactly were they thinking when they made it so that you'd need to have watched the MVs and read the manga to make full sense of the anime?

I liked the music and the visuals, but I can't help but feel they jumped the shark a little on the anime adaptation.

Mekaku thread?
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If you think most of /a/ is old enough to remember you're mistaken
The music segments took up too much time but they had to do them because muh marketing. I wouldn't be surprised if Jin tried to protest against them but the producers refused to budge. Jin believes that covers aren't even "his" songs anymore.

Also, the music was SHIT and the visuals were SHIT. I also fully expect Jin's other series to get ruined too when it eventually gets an anime adaption.

I actually did like what they did with the music (covers) and felt that some of the singers did a great job with it- the visuals are very SHAFT, which is kind of a weakpoint but does lend to the surreal landscape the series pushes out constantly with the heat haze scenes. It's sad that they did seem to run low on budget nearing episode 8 onwards and the visuals definitely did suffer for it.

Ayano's theory of happiness OP was a fucking travesty though

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Would do you do her /a/?
I know I would.
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Where the fuck is her pussy?
Of course not. I'm not a zoophile.
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What did she mean by THIS?
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JCs are curious about sex
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She wants her nii-chan to become a father.
How is she bending over in the behind shot but is upright in the next???

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What'll Guts do once he realizes he'd killed his comrades in arms?

what happened to skelly after the worlds merged
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How many years has it been since we last saw skull knight?
less then the boat so at best three years?

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Who would you rather marry?

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I'm not even 80s tard and its easy going for left.
I'm not sure why you chose these two specifically

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What's her deal?
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She's the lazy genius.

Once Eishi gets wrecked Rindou will shit on whoever beat him.
Being a semen demon.
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>red hair+yellow eyes
>lazy eccentric
>obsessed with food
>#2 elite ten like Jouichirou
>shows no motivation to advance her position
Should I be disappointed if she's not related to Souma?

What are the 2ch and 4chan of their world doing right now?
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>My waifu wen?
>3D a shit
>That fight was obviously staged
>That was bullshit, Celestia would totally have won that fight, and my tier chart proves it!
>TFW we were the Isekai all along

That about sums it up.

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Can't beat the ______
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How does Fumita constantly draw such new cute Tomos?
shit chapter
your life is empty

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Regarding the ending of Gabriel Dropout...

Why did Gabriel's sister freak out about Satania's dog but not the poodle she encountered at the start of the episode?
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Satania's dog is a WARHOUND OF HELL that strikes TERROR into the hearts of angels.
She was either not scared at all of dogs and just used it as an excuse so she didn't have to stay on earth or she was just playing it cool when she first passed the poodle.
Read 'dog' backwards
Really activates the almonds, huh

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>Can't watch Original DVD's because Ocean dub
>Can't watch Dragon Boxes because Jap music
>Can't watch Ultimate Uncut or Levels Set because incomplete
>Can't watch Orange Bricks because bad quality and cropped
>Can't watch Kai because cut content and incomplete
>Can't watch Blu-rays because cropped

How is it possible to enjoy this show?
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>he doesn't like the original OST
nigger I like Faulconer too but you're retarded.
Read the manga.
Faulconer OST is shit compared to the original tho. In before:

>m-muh nostalgia

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Who is the most autistic MC and why is it Subaru?
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>what is yui
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I'll just leave this here.
>Who is Madoka

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Lets talk about this movie, since this is anime related I guess,

I wanted to like this, and in the beginning I did. Good effects, the plot was somewhat similar initially, the opening scene was well done. They didn't over act major, she was at minimum somewhat similar to the real character. However I began to really hate the whole thing about halfway through, when scarlett johansson whipped out her government issue cyberdick and fucked three guys in the ass. Did I mention that she spends the whole movie driving a prius through down town tokyo, its a hybrid just like her.

so fuck this shit im out
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>Lets talk
>fuck this shit im out
How can we talk if you're leaving?
>somewhat similar to the real character
literally some ghost hacked girl kidnapped by evil corporation inc with zero real experience in anything military/technological
What's her name again?

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Finally finished with all of the Lupin the 3rd content. Took about a year, but wow was it worth it. I think I have a new favorite series. Why isn't this talked about more? I don't think I've ever seen a series with characters as good as these. A lot of the movies are high quality and should be on everyone's favorites list. The music was some of the best i've ever heard. Has everything from PG to an R rating. Outside of the amount of content that's out there for it, what is your excuse for not watching Lupin?
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>Why isn't this talked about more?
Lurk more.
>Outside of the amount of content that's out there for it, what is your excuse for not watching Lupin?

That's actually pretty much my only excuse. I've seen all of Green Jacket, the first two movies and a few scattered others. I tried to watch all of Red Jacket, but something always comes up and I just lose track.
I agree with you, though. I think, totaling everything Lupin out there, it is definitely a great series.

Not OP, but I'd highly recommend the Blue Jacket series. It's where I picked the series back up after remembering how much I liked the Red Jacket series when it aired on Adult Swim.

Currently working on Green Jacket. Something I'm finding frustrating about it is that while it's enjoyable and laid-back, something about it makes it hard to marathon. I feel like I've gotten my fill for the day after two or three episodes.

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Would you take your waifus?
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no thats pretty beta
I plan on changing my surname to match her name after my parents pass away. I have two of them and it's a hassle
what the absolute fuck is that picture

>goofy MC gets serious
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>show i don't like stops airing
>eurobeat for racing scene
>serious character becomes a softy

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