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Math is cute! CUTE!
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Swimmer is shit
/chem/ seems like a nice girl.

Way better than /lit/ and /sci/ if only for the fact that she is not insane.
She's gonna turn out to also want another thing she doesn't specialize in, isn't it? And then the fuckface director is going to goad MC into helping her as well because nobody in his school is competent enough.

And after everything he is done he's not going to give him the reward because reasons.

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Will there be a ssj4 in super?
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Probably,I thought we were never gonna get 17 coming back,Trunks coming back and all the low tier characters being relevant.Super is stupid fanservice,SSJ4 is gonna come back,it'll be dumb and power level/manga fags will screech
No, it's supposed to be GT only
Why is always Goku the one who fights? Both of his sons are useless pieces of crap

even Trunks have become a total loser

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Which anime girl would you take to the beach?
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My waifu of course
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the best ones

Wow, now this is stupid
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Did it end?
If it did, what was the ending?
Woah, this actually did end. I never really saw it discussed. Does the plot actually make sense by the end?
Its finished
Idk i just started it

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how have you managed your chinese cartoon habits over the years /a/? Did you start building raids when it finally got so out of hand that just single disk drives weren't enough? I'm getting ready to take the raid path because my chinese cartoon habit has grown so out of control.
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I used to burn them on CDs but quickly stopped, there is no point in keeping anything.
>not just streaming
I only keep a few things saved locally for watching in my free time

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>That moment when your favorite artist start draw full-blown porn.
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Raws are on bzland, nyaa (in Young Magazine).

First draft of translation (only minor editing and still a couple untranslated words)

I would dump the chapter too but I have to go now. Anybody with raws can feel free to dump the chapter with my translation. Enjoy.

anything beats a time-skip and then being cucked.
Also, let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback about the translation. It's always helpful.

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Left or right?
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Character wise? Tough, but I'll go with Kumiko
Who smells the best?

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Pick one
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I guess Sento because of her height.

Why were all the side characters always shoehorned together to form a group of people that hardly know each other, for no reason?
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Because glorious Kyoani scriptwriting.
Because diversity is one of the qualifications for Oscar.
I dunno about the film, but in the manga they were a bunch of neurotic assholes the MC thought he had to hang around with... for literally no reason.
At some point he even snaps at them telling them what kind of awful people they are, but by the end they're all together again despite them not learning any lesson and their friendship being nonexistent.
Fuck this manga.

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Keikaku means plan
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kawaii means afraid
niggeru means black people
Kusoge means your favorite show

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Which supporting cast member are you most excited to see return in Code Geass R3 /a/?
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I want to see how the anime goes to fucking trash with the new season

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How do these shorts make you feel?
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Pretty good. Shorts and thigh high stockings are patrician af and criminally underrated
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>those last 3 seconds
literally no ass

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>To love ru darkness publication date:
>September 2010- April 2017

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Momo was some annoying fuck getting in the way of Lala.

But the manga and show is pretty good

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Who would win?
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page 10
Itachi most likely

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>fansubbing is illegal
>smoking weed is OK
What a strange country.
hopefully it doesnt spread
its always been illegal everywhere, you cannot translate something without the authorsĀ“s consent.
Has never stopped anyone of course and it never will.

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