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How can this be considered a good ending, this was the only character that you could empathize with while the rest where self absorbed assholes trying to play police with their condescending heads in each other butts at their hippy communes.

Godspeed Squealer ;_;7
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Shut the fuck up molefreak

ITT: Animes that need a second season.
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Fuck you, OP; I liked S2.
what do you mean??? there was no season two
I've been interested in watching this anime. What exactly makes season 2 so bad? Can I just watch season one and ignore season two?

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Find a flaw.
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Wants to die

No BD rips of third movie yet
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She is flawless.

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Was killing Donovan really necessary? Why couldn't they just talk it out?
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Why don't I rape you in the ass so we can just talk it out?
Yeah, dick move from guts. You can't do justice yourself.
Not everyone shares your fantasy of being raped by BBC. Some of us loathe the idea and would want to seek remorseless revenge.

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Sure was better than No Game No Life huh?
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I watched it last year because of some nostalgia, and oh my god is it slow and repetitive. Every episode could probably get cut in half and not even lose anything important. Every character has to take a turn saying the exact same thing, and every single revelation they make felt like a no brainer.
And the ending was total bullshit. "Let's just go to a debug part of the game and just delete it!" Retarded.
I feel like it just overall could have been better in nearly every aspect.
>oh my god is it slow and repetitive.
Despite being a weeb in highschool I could never take interest in the story for that reason. I thought I was just too dumb to understand it, but in retrospect I realize it was just a very slow story. Not that that's a bad thing. I think I'll have to rewatch it, too.
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Was cool when I was young, rewatched it this year after years of playing mmos and dipping my toe into game dev. 2nd viewing was horrendous. Characters stand around saying well that's how I chose to play the game again and again. The knights role playing was maximum autismo, let me just log in for a few hours and watch this gate so we can verbally warn a player about some player made suggestions in a open pvp game. Only thing this has going for it is the music.

I didn't watch no game is it really worse?

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Why are they so perfect together?
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Kill yourself for watching this show.
dude i dont know but all it took was that one episode for me to root for elf

their dynamic is really cute
It fucking hurts that there are other people who support these two dorks like me because I don't want you guys sinking with me.

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Don't forget to discipline your chairs
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I just finished vol 11, the fuck do I do now?
Calm your inner skeleton and wait.
Read some more fanfics and read / listen to all the specials

I heard Karen was posting here?
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
saw this on ota

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The easy answer is my waifu. My limit would probably be 3 times in a row.
my waifu
don't post tumblr gifs on /a/

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Do you like Tanaka's short stories? Because I do. So here's one from his artbook Cannabis Works called "5th Dimension Treatment".
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Subtitles now illegal in Amsterdam

How long until it spreads elsewhere?

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Fucking insane
downloading anime is illegal too and you can see how well that is going. donate to fansubbers
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Come back to me when some shithole state like Commiefornia, Jew York, Spicida, or all of the Nigger South (minus Texas) ban it.

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Is this the official power chart of /a/?
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No this is. Now fuck off.
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why nobody has use this chart yet?
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anime power level chart.jpg
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Here is the updated one
That one has problems

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>at last, an anime with an aesthetic pulled from fifty years ago. Something free from teenage sexualization and maniacal fan obsessiveness
>fanbase is a bunch of husbandofags and fujos bickering over gay incest pairings
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It's your fault for beliving no one would sexualize these lewd muppets.
Fujos navigate to shows where:

1) there is a high concentration of male characters (other women, especially within a romantic context, remind them of their lack of a love life).

2) There is very little or no sex/romance going on. Fujos want to schlick over asexual teenaged boys playing volleyball or fighting the ninja king or whatever. Almost never guys with sexual agencies or romantic interests of their own. Fujos are scared of men having sexual agency because it reminds them that they will never be loved irl. They are flip of moefags in this way.
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>letting a fanbase ruin a show for you
fuck em I mean come one anon what fanbase isn't shit
I actually like the Ichimatsu ones

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I was 3 when this shit came out. How the fuck haven't found the treasure yet?
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Fucking under-
>1994 was 23 years ago
it's a big world with lots of problems to solve
because its not about the treasure

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why is he working in the industry? i mean he is talentless hack who can't write for shit. also i saw eva and the end of evangelion (i understood everything) and i still can't understand the appeal. also asuka is one of the biggest cunt in all of anime.
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fuck evangelion
It is the same delusional effect as with Rolling Stones etc. Was one of the first = must be good.
Standards and techniques then were substantially worse than in the current era. But people like to like what their predecessors liked in order to maintain contact with them.

For example, people buy usability-wise very badly designed guitar classics over and over again because it IS the original and authentic design that the masters before used so that it cannot be absolute shit that it is.
success breeds jealousy

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