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This is the OP of the season.
Pay your respects.
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Numale Opening.
That's nopt bad but not anywhere close to the Atom The Beginning OP

Why does she sit like that?
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Maybe her
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Look, I'm a crab fag, but after watching this it makes me mad as hell that she didn't win. What the fuck is wrong with Araragi, seriously?
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Typical retard crabfag
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Bee is best

Why this so confusing
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bcuz u have a low iq
I absolutely do not get this shit. Literally everything is explained and shown near the end. I never had a second of confusion. What's up with you fools.
I figured.

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The weekend has arrived.

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close enough

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Yama no Susume is a Japanese anime and manga produced by Earth Star and 8-bit that has 2 seasons combined 3 cour ongoing web-publication on a major publisher's website and active translation. It is about mountain climbing.
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It has also lead to the by-proxy publication of several other manga of some success by earth star from such artists as Sekihan who had already some renown and nearly inevitable return to the anime scene in the next few years due to the operating margin of it's creators.
I want to sexually fuck Kaede.
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Why are they so attractive?
Made for hugs AND fugs.

What's with all those elves appearing in anime recently?
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Re:Zero's impact on the industry.
Isekai influence, making people more interested in general fantasy. Really hasn't anything to do with elves.

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What is /a/'s opinion on this?
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One of the best manhwa out there
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tfw no sociopath bf to have him do whatever he want with my body and then torture me to death.
everyone has autism

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>Everybody finds love in the end.
Is this true?
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kill yourself and find out.
Will you stay with me until it's over, anon-kun?

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I've won!
Tell me about her.
Why does she wear an egg longsleeve?
Chitose, there isn't any work for you this season, please go away.

The anime studio was lazy. In the manga and LN she change clothes.

Naruto has copied up to 3 series,
Kuatsuken in a sphere of air pressure in the users palm . The technique can also be adapted to propel the user to great distances.

2. Jinchūriki=12 Ninku corps
In Ninku The names of the corps were taken from the twelve Chinese zodiac animals and each captain of the corps was called the zodiac animal Ninku master . Their powers are derived from nature and a specific dragon to their own e element. Each corp has a specialty. for ex.
wind, metal, plant, etc..just like the jinchiriki
just like jinchuriki the people in corps got powers based off their animals

1.Moons eye project=Ultramna Tiga ep. 45
both plans would cause the world to go into a forcively peaceful state

2.the ten tails god tree=Gijera
Gijera is like the original idea of the ten tail tree...in ultraman Gijera was a plant that would cause the world to go in a peaceful state.


-same backstory(clan memebers killed)
-both have powerful red eye

2. Kurapika & Sauske
-both become ninja/hunter due to a reason because of their clans massacre

3. Hisoka=Orochimaru
4. Massacre of the Kurta Clan=Uchiha clan Massacre

5. Bisky=Tsunade
-transforms there bodies to look younger
-are both strong

6. Naruto and Gon are main characters, they each have a friend who later becomes a doctor

7. Gons best friend/maybe rival uses electricity.......and sausake use electricity

naruto is known for rasengan whic is copied, sharingan is based off the kurta clans eyes.....(!!SPOILER ALERT )the kurta clans eyes caused kurapika to have all nen types, so kishi probably said "OK, sharingan users CAN COPY ALL JUTSU TYPES".....and he copied ultraman tigas ending.

this should be removed from top manga lists and top anime lists......again this is just a ninja fanfic of HxH
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holy fuck you are so retarded.
i dont like naruto but you are going way too far

>are both strong
fuck i guess there isn't a single manga that is original

Anime itself is a copy of Disney animations. Japan never created anything original, that's their ninja way.
everything is a ripoff of everything

boku no hero pretty much ripped off naruto

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If you died, would you further ruin your friend's lives like menma?
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I don't have any friends, so no.
All this anime had going for it was the opening and Poppo
I know far too many people who would celebrate my death.

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>New episode
>No thread

Did everyone drop this already?
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Yes, it's shit.
More like very few people are watching because /a/'s general audience is now children instead of manchildren.
No subs. Unless you count amazonshit as subs.

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I like Sakurauchi Riko.
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How can You even compete?
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It isn't a competition, though. Just find your favorite(s).
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Who has the eyes in anime?
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Maetel obviously.

Any other answer is wrong.
"best" eyes I mean
Bunta Fujiwara

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