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>OP by ClariS
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said no one ever
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>OP by Claris, but composer is not kz
OP did >>156321792

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Most accurate version
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Embrace the moe
Add the last level with Aikatsu, Teekyuu and PriPara and it's perfect.
Chart is lacking kodomo no jikan, ichigo mashimaro, mitsubishi colors etc.

Remember 2010, when shit like this was ok


Does /a/ miss 2010?
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nice meme
but 4chan is now normalfag
That shits more like 2005.
Fuck off back to 9gag.

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Explain this shit to me

Protip: You fucking cant
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Dude christian symbolism lmao
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Greatest love story ever told.
Sounds like a good thread to ask that.
Many people would protest that the actual message of Eva is "Be yourself".
Although I understand and to some extent agree with Eva fans that feel that the point of the show is somewhat more complex or abstract than this simplistic phrase I still find it to be pretty apt summation of the philosophical attitude it presents.
Can you tell me what nuances you perceive in Eva that elevate it for you above the level of such platitudes?

>Design badass
>Does nothing

What was his point?
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>Design badass
Thats the answer. Looking Badass. Nothing else.
Okay maybe fap material for woman/faggots.
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>fap material

well, you're not wrong

still would've liked for him to actually do something though
he's just a buff Rufio

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Is Chino the best JC ever?
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I think we need more proof before we jump to any conclusions.
My wife Chino is so cute.
One of the best for sure.

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Hiroyuki Sawano thread.

Let's talk about the man and the legendary composer who could do it all.

Also, Gundam Unicorn, Kill La Kill, Kabaneri and Xenoblade Chronicles X are him at his finest.
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Unicorn OST is meh for me. His work on SnK and Exorcist is much better.
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I really fucking loved his overworld music in XCX but he should never touch video games again. He is a hack.

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>tmw KyoAni lost its virginity
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KyoAni still made an anti lolicon adaptation, the first scene with the magic skirt censoring was enough to know it the hard way.

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Guns or Roses?

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Btw I just reread Breakdown ch1 yesterday and noticed that Lagi's gender was never stated. Other characters were referred to as joushi/shoujo/shounen/otoko at some point, but Lagi were ambiguously just Lagi throughout. I carelessly made the assumption that Lagi is a woman because his/her speech pattern made my brain jump to Mana (whose speech is rough and neutral btw), plus the fearing wrinkles detail.

I'll keep her a she for now. If the next chapter made his/her gender clearer, I'll change if it was a mistake.
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My wives Swim2 and Nokko-chan are so cute.

>The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 1
>On Sale Date: 11/14/2017
Fucking November? We'll all be dead by then. Or worse, anime will be dead by then.
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october is when i dreamt we will all be gone

or at least, consciously, 2-3 hundred thousand of us.... to start
Is it the entire show in a boxset though?
>***,132位/***,132位 ◎ (**3,558 pt) [*,106予約] 2017/04/26 幼女戦記 1 [Blu-ray]
It's out on Wednesday.

Manga you want to see adapted volume by volume, David Productions-style
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>David Productions-style

You want a slideshow?
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Blows Ippo out of the water sadly.

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Second season when? I'M CURIOUS what happens next.
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Fucker finally made volume 6 last year so any day now

The story was kind of boring, but the ending very intriguing. It's more mature and ambiguous than the rest of the show.
Pretty sure they bang.

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Why is there no Season 3 for Nisekoi considering how popular the first two seasons were?
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Im so happy you onoderafags got

It ended.

I like Chitoge too (and I'm saying this as an Onoderafag) but that's too harsh.
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Because they tried to pump some more money from a poorly made second season, which just to throw an example had magical girl OVA for half an episode in the middle of the season. And nothing significant happened. So I guess they decided to call it quits when the second season wasn´t as popular cuz they figured 3rd season wouldn't make enough money

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You just made me a mothercon
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Dont fight against your nature.
Caught up with this yet op?

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You are reborn as Yamcha.
Your goal: Thwart every threat to Earth and become the strongest in the universe.
Tell me your strategy.
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I don't bother fighting because I know the Sayains will save the day eventually. I just get really rich and use my high baseline powers/strength to become a pro athlete and celebrity.
>learn to fly
>collect dragonballs
>wish for power to teleport the dragonballs to my location at will
>next year wish for an immortal saiyan body
>kill myself over and over to gain power
the only way would be to become an android like #17/18 since humans can't get strong enough

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