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>pick a random ass subject
>research it for 1 or 2 hours
>insert 15 year old girl

boom! you got a hit manga - guaranteed 3 volumes, maybe an anime. Heres a hit for you guys

>15 yrs old, loves spicy food
>her whole thing is she imports crazy hot hot sauces. hottest of the hot
>no dudes
>every chapter she tries a new one
>starts to sweat
>eyes water, drool, maybe some snot drips once in a while
>basically goes full ahegao
>close best friend cant handle spicy
>tries to get her into it, starts off with like ketchup-diluted sriracha or some shit
>friend sees ahegao face, blushes, wants to try more
idk maybe we go yuri here or just keep status quo. fuck it go gag manga if you want.maybe the snot drips on a hot wing and shes about to eat it or something
> a few chapters later enter ojou-sama
>thinks shes better, challenges to eating contest
>more ahegao

this one'll sell i tell ya whut
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Spicy food makes me horny.
I'd definitely read it just going by that
Now I need some hot sauce man.

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What the fuck was his problem
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Was it autism?
Or was he just petty
The original black haired sport autist?

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I just finished Evangelion.
Can someone explain to me why it is memed so much? It was a pretty average series to be honest. Going to watch the movie next.
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Excellent lore.
It has one of the best anime intro ever.
Don't look for any other explanation, there isn't.
Its very influential. You have no idea how influential because you only live in post-90s anime era but go watch anime from the 80s thats how all anime looked before Eva. Now you know.

What's this stuff about Shino being gay?

He's clearly straight pic related. He even tried to get Yamagi to go straight. Just because he was being kind doesn't mean he's want to perfom buttsex.
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Director is pressured by the exec to hook fujo fangirls in some interview at an event.
>Making a straight chara gay to please fujo
Sad. Anime is dead.

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Maki Fes.jpg
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>no anal sex
wake me when Wagamama high spec translation is out.

Nozomi or Umi vn when?

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why does anyone defend this trash?
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one of the only kyoani shows to actually have a conclusive ending
>conclusive ending
Then what was the point of the movie with all the forced amnesia drama?

It was conclusive, but also shit.

I'm a big KyoAni fan and I can acknowledge that this was their worst adaption, including Phantom World.

Magical school harems are garbage and Phantom World is not the one of them.
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People who don't look like Koito are garbage and I'm not one of them.
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>mfw ruru
>adapt generic hot garbage LN shit

What did KyoAni mean by this?

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No, wait, does it mean she is naked when she is in her "hero costume"?
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>super power is being invisible
Little redundant there eh?

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give this nug something to snug /a/
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A rock falling down a cliff

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What the fuck is this bullshit? "Twin Aces of Project D" but they keep skipping over Keisuke's uphills. I enjoy the show but seriously, when do we get to see other people race? Keisuke, Takeshi, Shingo, etc? Thought Project D was the best TEAM of racers in Gunma. Not just two. In the stage 3 movie it even foreshadowed on the Night Kids being part of the team.
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just read the manga
>No fast paced cornering or drifting
Surely you jest
Battle Stage 2 had Keisuke uphills and arguably better music.

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america 2.jpg
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>america is portrayed as blue-eyed blonds
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I'm not complaining, I'll take it as a compliment even if it's not true
I'm blue eyed blonde haired and am American.
If they gave him dark hair and dark eyes, he wouldn't look any different from the Japanese characters

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>Literally Umaru
>Everybody loves her
What happened to /a/?
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People have bad taste.

Its no big deal tho, just like what you like man.
umaru was never this erotic
Umaru was a shy girl who never goes to school and draws erotic art?

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So, uh, did the Imperial draft it's citizens?

This will determine if I have respect for Reinhard
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I think most of the time people (men) voluntarily enlisted. Even before Reinhard's reign as Kaiser.
I remember a scene with a lot of people rushing into the military because of Reinhard. Also the nobleman from Yang's Gaiden voluntarily become an officer.
What's wrong with forcing citizens to fight for the existence of their state

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>The Soba that leaped through time
It's food magic

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>best girl must be in bridal gown
>Groom a plus but not required
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Me and my cute wife.
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