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Is he the biggest hack in the industry?
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Reki Kawahara exists.

Toriyama is a close second though
Anon and Kubo and Tabata Exists so no.

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You know the rules. Post your favorite anime or manga and rate or comment on others.
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Looks nice
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2/2. Top mid looks interesting.
>Top mid looks interesting.
It's Gankutsuou.

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Shiraori is cute. CUTE! New chapter when?
Isekai bitching thread.
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Who's the edgelord at bottom right?
gyuri? he wear black armor isn't he?
Could be Yuugo?

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Find a fucking flaw
I dare you
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can't see her toes
skinny legs but I'd still bang.

What are we doing with our lives Anon? We should be talking with real 3dpds mein ;.;
>We should be talking with real 3dpds

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>gets her ass slapped
>shotas make fun of her big ass
>same kids start doing humping gestures
Why is it so funny to sexually harass cakes?
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Holy fuck, Interstella 5555 got a sequel?!
I have seen it a few times in anime. Kids harassing teenage/adult girls, The kids in amagi brilliant park always attacked the main girl when they saw her. And then there is this where its a straight up ass slap. Maybe this is actually something that happens in japan, Young boys casually harassing women.
Probably because mentally you're the same age as those kids

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Chapter 99.3 is out on MangaONE.

Since it wasn't done yet, I'll dump the chapter.
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I just watched the first two episodes of Evangelion.

Are the angels actually the good guys?

When the angel shoots and explodes it makes the sign of the cross and I remember at the end of the movie they have Lilith locked underground on a cross and completed Evangelion series have angel wings too.

What was nerv exactly? Were they like the world rulers who wanted everyone to die?
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Why would you come here to ask questions when you can just continue watching and get the answer?
Why would the cross automatically make them good guys? This is a dumb post OP.
>I just watched the first two episodes of Evangelion.
>Are the angels actually the good guys?
>What was nerv exactly? Were they like the world rulers who wanted everyone to die?
Watch the rest of the damn show, faggot.

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>Having a wife who takes care of you is basically the perfect wish fulfillment for otaku
>This isn't even half as popular as isekai (and only once combined with isekai)
Explain this Japan!
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For some people, being transported to a fantasy and defeating monsters seems more believable than finding love
Shockingly those are the people actually living in reality.
Because Isekai can sometimes lead to an interesting story.


Why do bd rips for older anime look better than bd releases for newer anime?
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I would guess art-style and artists getting the time they need and not being overworked.
Depends heavily on which you're talking about. There are some pretty terrible BD transfers out there.
Pretty sure he's talking about the technical side of it, or else there'd be no reason to specify BDs. Regardless, animators have been overworked for literally the entire history of anime.

I've watched the first 20 episodes of this and it's nothing but asspulls and bad writing.
Why have you tricked me,shonen fags of /a/?
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Good for its time
>trusting /a/
That's where you fucked up
Did you watch the dub? The dub is far superior

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Do you think you can handle this strongfat Russian mother?
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>Suzuki Kenya
>Synecdoche (aka Methonium)
>Ooi Masakazu
Is this the holy trinity of EXTRA THICC?
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Is Chiyo the purest shojo protagonist?
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Yes. Thirsty Nozaki-kun slut.
Mafuyu is cuter
She isn't a shoujo protagonist.

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Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.
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Is Taneda still sick?

Key visual, for October.

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Director: Takahiko Kyogoku.
Script: Toshiya Ono.
Character Designs: Asako Nishida.
Animation Studio: Orange.
>Director: Takahiko Kyogoku.
>GATE and LL
At least the writer's good
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The manga ad from 2013 looks better than this.

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sup gosho
One Piece

The last six pillars of old popular manga.

Well, okay, maybe seven if you want to count JoJo.

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