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new chapter is up

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well, the theory is basically 101% confirmed with this chapter.
Confirmation of two ciels?
Soma immediately attacked Ciel, there's no way it's not two Ciels.

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An anon posted a couple few in the last hentai thread

>Classmates were enablers of Shoko's bullying and never called Shoya out for it.
>literally snitched on him save their own asses
>"WTF? I hate shoya now!"
> years later Shoya becomes friends with Shoko and isn't an asshole
>"Everyone bitches at Shoko for this
>"WTF? I hate Shoko now!"
What the fuck is their problem?
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Glorious Kyoani writing.
>Kyoani writing
there's a manga
>something good about the movie
>something bad about the movie
>hurr it's all source material author's fault!!
It's not how it works.

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I fucking love /soc/ blog tier thread YES THIS IS WHY I COME ON THE ANIME AND MANGA BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please read the guide before asking any questions
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Gina Dark is pretty hot
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Pure fap material

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Best Girl on front page!!
Ema is the cutest!!
Those Oppai are the best
Although i'm not expecting to see any duels with her since ... Yoshida
Timer Into the Vr/a/ins
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>Best girl
But that's not Grace
Did she rape Yuya?
If VRAINS not doing her relevant and with a lot of duels will be literally shit like arc-v.

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This is a tribute to all the best girls who will or have lost the MC bowl because Nips have the shittiest of taste.

>pic related
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reminder, Naru is a violent retard.

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Is romantic love acceptable between blood related siblings?
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Why is /a/ still so obsessed with incest?
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Something purest form of love something
come on man, be serious

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Which Black would you Lagoon?
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No one. Those are the craziest bitches in anime history
I'm willing to accept the risk.

Balalaikafags have good taste though

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Is Satania the kind that wants to wash your back or the kind wants you to wash her back?
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she wants you to wash her back but if your refuse she'll as yours
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she'll wash your back after making love to her
The kind that hops on your dick while you wash her back.

Pre-2000 anime thread.

What are you watching, /a/?
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Master Keaton and Dezaki's Black Jack are what I'm currently going through

MK is comfy as fuck, surprised I don't see it mentioned more often. One of the few truly mature shows I've watched
That's next on my listt. Does it have the spirit of the late 90s?
Very much so. It doesn't exist in any available form above VHS-quality so the shitty artifacting will at least sell that much.

The dub is also legit amazing. The show is very international and they go out of their way to hire the appropriate European/British/Asian voice actors for each self-contained episode's new charcacters

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Est rhymes with _est?
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Est a Best.
Claire a cute.
Ellis a shit.

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Name a better lovestory then Toradora!. I'll wait.
>protip you can't
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Why can't Japan do CG right in cartoons? Pic related is arguably the best they've ever done and it's still terrible. Kizumonogatari was also jarring as heck.

Western animated shows like Trollhunters, or hell that fucking Shrek spin-off show about the cat that nobody watched (not even me) are still a million miles better.

Insiders explain this pls. Why is Advent Children still the only relevant CG?
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Do you have any western examples that aren't atrocious looking?
Despite the memes, Japan is actually really bad at technology. The only thing that they have that trumps other countries is their autistic obsession to details.

I mean, you're talking about a country that still does 99% of all of their office/clerical work in hard paper instead of emailing pdfs.
Their videogames are still top tier compared to the western ones. 3DCG is utter shit in general for everyone (in before muh pixar, its shit)

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