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Can someone explain why you like this?
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It's a realistic depiction of life as a Japanese high school girl.
The 2nd coming of Azumanga Daioh but from the studio that brought you Haruhi.

What's not to like?
It was funny in 2007 when we all were 12.

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Create a Nen ability based on your personality and likes with the correct use of restriction and pledge, other /a/nons try to defeat it by using their own.

HARD MODE: no innate specialization
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With quite a few restrictions.
Cannot conjure any concept/creature/person thought of after 1000 CE.
Can only conjure beings based in religion.
Can only conjure beings if I have the knowledge of their name, ability, and at the very least one deed that they have done.
Can only conjure beings if I know the name of the chief God of their pantheon.
Oh yeah, If I ever break any of these, I die on the spot.
Omnipotence. EZ.

Is this anime really about a guy who sits on the computer playing an MMO?
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Does it count as an anime if its Chinese?
>implying anime is not Chinese cartoons

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What are your thoughts on this image?
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I wanna suck on her tities

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It's going to be fun uploading this, because even the title chapter is a spoiler...
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Is the manga really coming back?
Anyone even remember what the fuck was everything about?
I just remember some boat
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manga isnt coming back. A volume of old chapters is coming out in June

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Did everyone watch the Umaru OVA that was released today?

Umaru really does love her onii chan
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It's been out for weeks, dumbo
Yes, but what is the file name of the OVA where I don't need to self insert subs
subs are out

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The Day of Sigma.png
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Would you watch a Mega Man X anime /a/?
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I would.
No, Megaman is a franchise of the past. A relic.
Only if it went full Zero wank.

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Name a popular show or manga you dropped and explain why you dropped it. Preferably, something that is popular around here.
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I dropped One Piece a dozen chapters or so after the timeskip. Just wasn't feeling it. The Franky re-design bothered me and I didn't like Haki taking the forefront.

It's probably not permanent, though. I keep telling myself I'll get back to it eventually.
Steins gate because it's taking too long to get to the point and the characters are too annoying.
Dropped Fairy Tail when fake deaths started popping up all the damn time.

>[TT] Koe no Katachi [BD 1280x720 8bit AAC].mkv
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Subs when?

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Was it actual autism?

Also, why did the series have such a shitty ending?
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Has nobody watched this?

Why do you think the ending was bad?

Did you expect Tenma to fight off aliens at the top of the building while their motehrship is trying to destroy new york city with a space lazer?
>Also, why did the series have such a shitty ending?
Johan getting shot by a random drunk was the perfect ending for both his and Tenma delusions of grandeur

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Well /a/, now that the dust has settled. Who won?
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Your Name won the public.
In This Corner won the critics.
Koe no Floptachi won jack shit.
i tough Your Name was a meme what the hell
shit I forgot all about in this corner of the world. I hope that wasn't in cinema here in Ireland.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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You like it.
But I already like it.

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>Tsukasa Fushimi, author of the popular works such as Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai and the currently airing anime Eromanga Sensei, expressed his grief in a recent press event about being unable to speak to his sister for the past month. The light novel author’s sister has reportedly starting to ignore Tsukasa citing the author’s work as the primary reason. Anime Maru investigates this developing family drama.

>“I’m not talking to that creep until he quits writing these messed up novels,” Fushimi’s sister told Anime Maru. “My brother has always been kind of… off and I’ve tried to tolerate it as best as I can until now. During the whole Oreimo thing he kept insisting that fiction and reality were separate and that it didn’t at all reflect any of the his views. In hindsight I probably should have just started avoiding him back then, but now with this Eromanga Sensei anime he’s really gone too far.”

This is the inception of incest. Can you imagine being the sister of an author who wrote a LN about an author being in love with his sister and writing a LN about a LN author being in love with his sister?
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Article is fake, obviously, but is pretty funny.

>Tsukasa Fushimi later announced his next project, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Stubborn But She’ll Come Around to it Eventually, or GankoImo for short. The story will feature a light novel author who hasn’t been able to talk to his little sister in over half a year due to family disagreements. The protagonist has to win back his sister’s trust so that the two can promote little sister themed light novels across Japan.
This is what happens when you write imoutoshit.

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Sakura FSN.jpg
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I'm in love with Sakura. She's a very cute, sexy, sweet, and complex girl. I'm kind of clingy to her and I miss her so much in scenes where the VN and anime where she doesn't appear. She warms my heart and makes me blush whenever she flaunts her sexual body or showcases her iron force of will. She makes me feel healthy and whole and my heart will always beat for her.
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t. Worm #2847629572
>cute, sexy, sweet, complex
Dumb wormslutposter

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