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Who got better, who got worse, /a/?
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
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Dragon Ball

the 05' - 11' gap is bigger than the 95' - 05'
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Soma ranked 10th in TOC

CP next week. Spoiler soon.
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you mean already.















What's TOC again?
Back to Isshiki vs Julio. Still making us wait for Megishima. Also apparently giant Anne cleavage reaction.

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Why does Monogatari tell its story out of order?
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Because it's 2deep4u
No idea, I felt completely lost until I watched Kizu 1-2-3.
It doesn't matter why, but it's still your fault.

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Why aren't you praying to your god?
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>Still caring for huruhu

We have more than enough LN harem romcom nowadays
But I pray to Kyon everyday.
Literally who

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Write out a plot for your anime.
> Hard mode: No game mechanics and no Keitai/Lantern. No stock fantasy archetypes (demon lord, elves, etc.)
> Harder mode: You must critique at least once after the first plot has been posted before posting yours.
>NIGHTMARE MODE: Draw your main character!
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I feel like the one posting these threads is just one Japanese writer that ran out of ideas. Let's not feed the jap /a/.
How about an anime about a writer who ran out of ideas so he has to search for them on an english language imageboard?
>boo hoo hoo I can't come up with a four line greentext so I'll just shitpost

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Dumping the raw for chapter 52 of Beet the Vandel Buster, and maybe chapter 53.
Issue 52 was release in last year's autumn edition of Jump Sq Crown.

previous 2 raw chapters located here

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Why hasn't anime moved to CGI yet and why does most current CGI anime like Rakuen Tsuihou and Sidonia no Kishi look kind of shitty and run bad?
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>most current CGI anime like Rakuen Tsuihou and Sidonia no Kishi look kind of shitty and run bad

>Why hasn't anime moved to CGI
Doesn't mean it has to look bad though. Jojo OP looks great and there is CGI stuff here and there that does look great.

Just it seems with a lot of the CGI stuff it looks really lazy and is animated really lazy and is rendered at unwatchable FPS levels.
There are more current CGI anime that look better than those two.

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Banri Tada ghost
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best girl

ITT good tsundere
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Every time until you like it, THK.
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Who would win in a fight? Garou or Suiryu?
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I dunno.
To be fair, Garou probably would have ended up the same
At this point in the story Suiryu is probably stronger and faster honestly. But Garou would win overall due to superior technique and his ability to learn/grow over the course of a fight.

Sex? with a fox?
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It's more likely than you'd think.
I would not could not with a fox.
Not even if it was a cute girl?

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DimensionW .gif
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The song is good but the sequence is hilariously bad.
The OVA has the robot girl dancing instead.
I love Opening threads


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And this.. is to go.. even further BEYOND!
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Why can't our janitor do his job when it's needed? All those needless DBS threads purged in the past and yet can't get a good purge now when it's needed most.
It's one dumb friezafag desperate for (You)'s that started this shit.
Don't forget waifufag chan which has been making them early as well this last month.

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This is a good guy
>literally bombed a grade school killing hundreds of children
>would be known for centuries to come for taking the lives of such a vast amount of children
>villainous act completely forgotten by end of series

Explain why she is a good person /a/
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Because she's hot as fuck.
>the author wrote an entire spin-off to explain why she was dressed like that in her first appearance
Because the entire series has a broken moral compass.
Everyone in it is a shithead.
No exception.

Is being a loli considered more of an age thing or is it a bodytype?
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for me is both. Body and age. If it only have the body is ok for me too. I like petite flat girls (Tatsumaki for example).

Loli with breasts? NO, THAT'S HERESY!
Age is just a number, body type is what you see (and since this is 2D, the only other way you can sense the characters besides hearing their voice), and therefore actually important.

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