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How can Makoto Shinkai even compete /a/?
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it wasnt a good movie
By making billions of money.
Where are the EFL subs?

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if you can't name this anime you should gtfo
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boku no pico

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Read Black Clover
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Do I have to?
Fuck, Can't argue with that logic.

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let's get this trainwreck started
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If this show was slightly better directed it would be 10/10 but it's shit instead
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The piss episode made me drop it.
My glasses weren't on and I thought it was Tanya The Evil and was about to fly off the handle.

I'll bump it up my watch list.
It's already 10/10

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Chino is for hugging!
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Chino-chan you are really cute. Whenever I see you Chino-chan, my heart starts beating furiously.

Since I've held it in all this time, won't you become mine just once? You constantly show off your plump thighs and I can't take it anymore...

That's why I want to have sex with Chino-chan! It's fine right?
Chino is for breeding
Chino daisuki

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This one.
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All of them
This show also had a better opening than it deserved.

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>there are people
>on this board
>that don't have Oreimo as one of their top 10 all time anime

I'm not here to argue the #1 best anime, everyone has a different taste. That's fine. I'm also not going to argue which anime fits the rest of the 9 slots. That's fine. But how the fuck did most of /a/ change their opinion on Oreimo? Influx of reddit/tumblr posters? New posters in general that are either underage or too new to anime.

How is this possible?
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>But how the fuck did most of /a/ change their opinion on Oreimo?

People always thought it was shit, what you blind fanboys dont seem to understand is that this doesn't necessarily stop people from watching or enjoying the show.
havent seen it desu

will this summer
reminder that this show is degeneracy and shit taste personified

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Would he kill Bakuzan?
If he did kill Bakuzan here wouldn't that contradicts him not killing Garou later?
Both Bakuzan and Garou are the same. They haven't killed any humans yet and only beat up civilians and heroes.
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Of course he would kill Bakuzan, Saitama's mercy doesn't extend to monsters who attacked humans and "seems" threatening.
Not to mention Bakuzan is practically guaranteed to boast, insult and then attack Saitama with a very expected outcome: a single punch.
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What's more is that Garou couldn't even let an ugly kid die.

Bakuzan is really power thirsty and crazy right now. I'm more interested in what will happen afterwards with Gouketsu (will he survive until the MA raid?).
So basically what Garou did in the MA arc and still he gets to live?
Seems bad writing to me.

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Have we still not settled on best Prisma?
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We have. It's this one.
Together they are all the best.
you know the rest

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Why the fuck does this trigger so many people?
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God, this bitch is so ugly.
Mostly because it's shit.

If you're gonna drag out that genre, at least do it right like oreimo.
It's just normalfags who have forgotten where they are.

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Which Keion would make the best fuck?

bonus question: best girlfriend
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The blonde one on both accounts, whatever her name was.

Yui would be the worst. Ui on the other hand...
Anon probably.
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>Yui would be the worst
Explain yourself, heathen

wasted 12 hours on this pile of shit.
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All of them
Suck my dick, little bitch.
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Is your story linear or episodic? Plot-based? Comedy? Slice of life? Who is your protagonist, what sort of person are they, and what's their stake in the story? What's the focus of the central conflict? What goal are your protagonists working toward?

> Write the opening lines of your story.
> Come up with a title.
> Try drawing one of your characters.
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A SoL about the adventures of Wojtek and the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of Poland.
Ok. I got the idea from the dream and have been thinking about it all day before writing it down. I know it's weird.

My Name Is Finny-chan – Will You Be My Boyfriend!?

Protag is a young post-graduate who is interning at the the Aquarium as a Nufin Trainer. As a baby and small boy, the Protag’s mother, who worked at the aquarium before him, used to bring him up close to see the Nufins. Because of this, the Protag developed a condition where he sees Nufins as people. To him, Nufins look like people that wear bathing suits all the time.
Nufins are a fictional nearly extinct species, similar to dolphins, that can be trained for shows in captivity, but in the story their actual physical appearance are never shown. (Because we only ever see them from the protags perspective and so I have won’t have to explain their weird behavior and Finny’s actions) Nufins also have their own language that’s hard to understand by normal humans. (A machine exists that can translate their language back and forth, but few exist) Because of Protag’s condition, he is able to understand them as through they were speaking Japanese/English.
On his first day or work, while walking past a glass tank, Finny-chan, who the protag sees as a young girl with blueish silver hair, comes over and asks, “Hey you! Will you be my boyfriend?!” Finny-chan was kept as an exotic pet, before being rescued, so she has been imprinted by people and thinks she human. Finny-chan has been displaying to every male human, that passes the tank, and been ignoring the other nufins in captivity. Nufins mate for life, and must conduct a complex courtship ritual a year in advance for a female to be ready to reproduce. Because of the Nufin’s low population, the aquarium asks the protag to act as Finny’s partner until they are able to artificially inseminate her.
The story follows the Protag being forced doing the Nufin’s long complex courtship ritual (and later sees Finny-chan more like a daughter to protect), while trying to make a relationship with another female trainer. Finny-chan tries to understand how she is different from the protag, (she is told by other Nufins that Protag is human and she is not), while Flipper-chan (A male Nufin who ignores all the other females, except for Finny-chan.) desperately tries to get her attention.
Cute dolphin doing cute things. there are other Nufins that try to reason with finny. Finny-chan does human stuff like walking around the aquarium, to impress the Protag and he tries to stop her from hurting herself. (Finny-chan is able to walk around the aquarium, picks things up, and use tools to people’s amazement)
Skipping to the end…
Finny-chan in one last ditch effort to appear more human to the protag somehow escapes the aquarium, steals a car and travels the city to do human stuff. (she still looks human to the viewer, but not the characters) She eats a lot of human food that gives her a stomachache and after a prolong time outside out water, she starts feeling dry. While unknowingly evading animal control she reaches the ocean, which she has always wanted to see while in captivity, but is too scared to enter as it is much larger than any pool she’s ever been in. Hurting, drying out and scared Finny-chan starts crying wishing she was back home in the arquarium.

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poorly drawn autism.png
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