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What's your favorite anime to masturbate to?
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Masturbating to animes instead of mangum


Whoever designed them did a really good job.

ITT series where best girls win
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Rory wins by default anyway.

Reirei, Pina and Tuka will die of old age (yes elves will still die of old age). and Rory is immortal. Rory already granted Itami immortality when she bit him. So, she just have to wait it out.
Her outfit is fucking stupid.

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itt: villains who did nothing wrong besides sticking to their own morals
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Wolfram should've won.
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She's the face of that

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Bravo Genndy
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Hey, he likes TTGL, I like TTGL.

It seems to all work out.
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It just has to happen in the year of TTGL's 10th anniversary. Of all the years.

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She's 12 man.png
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Anyone actually like her redesign? The lolicon is strong with this one.
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I'm honestly not sure how you could possibly make it worse
when I was little, a friend's mom would use the phrase "fuck-me heels" and I didn't know what that meant until now.
I hate literally all the manga redesigns. I'm kinda glad for the anime they decided to retcon a lot of the more bullshit plot elements and character designs. Thank God they realized Hinata's manga design was fucking stupid.

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Jesus crist this was bad
Not just bad but really fucking bad like School days tier of bad or agame ga kill

Oh whait.....
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You sound mad.
You just didn't get it you virgin.
I actually am
I thoug it was going to be good he premise was grate and the art was beautiful but it took me by surprice of how shit it was.

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This is the magnum opus of Kyoto Animation

And I'm saying this as a Kyoanifag since the days of Munto
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Are you talking about the animation itself or the movie as a whole, because the movie as a whole was a 7 and that me being nice.
You didn't read the manga did you.
Also we already have a thread going, learn how to use catalog stickies.
Disappearance is still the best thing they've made and likely will be for a long time.
Tamako Love Story is better than this melodrama garbage, too, as are a good handful of Kyoani's TV series.

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>tfw no Manyuu thread
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Was the manga ever translated? Will the manga ever be translated?
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No and no. I kind of want to commission it to be done myself but I feel like having the whole thing done would ridiculously expensive.
how many chapters have this?

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Seeing how terrible Fairy Fail has gotten with only 10 chapters left makes me think....

"You Know BLEACH's ending wasn't that bad after all"

Wasted villains with less than believable anti-climactic victories all series boils down to THIS. REALLY!?

Omnipotent with victory already achieved... And still manages to get swept up like a scrublord by Nakama-Power Dragon of the Friendship Flame?

Dragon King getting bodied into the abyss by a busted airship just like that?

Wow... WOOOW.

Not that I expect much. But the bar was low and I was still let down.

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It was always trash. People only read it for the girls and pairings.
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>Ichiya defeated Acnologia
Is he /ourguy/?

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What are you reading? Show off your shit taste here
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Saikyou Densetsu no Loli to Dinosaur
I was reading Gash Bell but now I'm busy with non-japanese media.
Also, my ongoing list includes Golden Kamui, Gleipnir, Dungeon Meshi and some WSJ shit.

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Episode in 1 hour.
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It feels good to watch the AOTY
Why are they making titles so long?
when is the real suffering?

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I've been enjoying fujo tears after the latest Tokyo Ghoul chapter but what I really can't wait for is the fujo tears when Shinoa and Yuu finally get together.
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Shinoa is too good for that faggot.
>He reads TG and OnS
Dear lord, what a shit fucking taste.
I want to fuck that smug midget.

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What are little girls made of?
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Little cells.
is that a girl
Is the science available to replicate them for personal use?

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Damn, that panda sure loves being abused. New chapter out.
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>Handle cat with care

Cat is just going to get more and more side lined right?
Will panda leave anytime soon?

I hope not, we need more abused panda.

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Who was the right one here?
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i dont remember what they talked about but I'm going to say saber because she's cute
Looking at it objectively: No one
Looking at what the narrative (re:Butcher) wants to say: Iskander, some of Gil, zero of Seiba

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