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ITT: anime haiku
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anon smells like a
stinky unwashed fatass nerd
who piss in bottle
Nice taste there, faggot
I bet your parents are proud
Your waifu is shit
Your waifu a shit
My waifu is much better
Go kill yourself please

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Tired of all this isekai JRPG bullshit. Is the Lodoss war TV series any good, or am I going to be dissapointed. Should I just go back and re-watch the OVAs instead?
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It's pretty middling.
Re-watch the OVAs.
There are a lot better fantasy shows like Slayers or Rune Soldier Louie.

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>Check archive and catalogue
>last Spice and wolf thread got a measly 3 replies.

WTF /a/? Spring log is coming out in a matter of weeks in tEnglish.

I haven't been this hyped for season 3 since season two ended.

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Here's a pity reply.
Holo made me feel things my cold and dead heart hadn't felt in years.

Now I'm sad.

I too like making threads with no substance just to make them.

Fuck off. We don't have threads till there's actually shit to talk about.

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Best girl
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Which one?

/sci/ /sp/ or /lit/ ?
Obviously /sp/.
spoiler when?

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what's her fucking problem?
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She's a slut, but she can't help it being a rabbit and all.

This manga is the worst fucking furry ever made, its not even yiffy.

All the characters look fucking ugly, like a very badly drawn fritz the cat.

He should have got sindoll, hirami, po-ju, trump or Amakuchi to do the art.
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Excellent baito famalam.

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Which Rebuild movie did you like the most? Which one is objectively the best?
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3.33. Now watch all the plebeians come in here to mock it and praise 2.22, a complete mockery of the Eva name.
come on bro...
Why is 2.22 a mockery of Eva in your opinion? I partially agree with this, but I'd like to hear it.

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Why does Kyoani have the best OTPs, /a/?
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Cuz they have development, chemistry and good writing. Feels so natural.
Pic not related?
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Kumiko and Shuuichi are really sweet together.

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ITT: Your favourite Kyoanime
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Koe no Katachi
Kokoro Connect

What does /a/ think about Battle Angle Alita and BAA: Last Order?
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BAA is really good, outside of the ending. Great characters, great world.

Last Order is definitely not as bad as people say, but its not as good or good in the same ways as BAA. The first few volumes add a ton of good world building, but ZOTT takes way too long ontop of drawing out so many fights. Alita also dies like twice and gets revived twice, one of which is in the "final" battle that took like a full volume.
The whole volume of vampire shit was stupid as fuck but needed to introduce Arthur, could have been done in a better way maybe.
Also the art has gotten much worse from BAA's mid/late volumes and all of Last Order and Mars War Chronicles.

If you like a battle manga then I thought ZOTT had alot of neat fights and introduced alot of characters that I thought I wouldn't have liked as much as I did.
No, I'm talking about the translated version you dweeb, l2read.

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Anime soon
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Pochi has done really well for himself.
Pochigoya's first mainstream illustration job immediately animated and he's a success. Naruco Hanaharu's affiliate works are all flops.
kayanon for mom?

>will protect you
>cares about your well being
>doesn't want to cause you any trouble
>always want to do her best
>will listen to you
>will help you if you are in need
>will die for you
is she the purest of the pure?
/pure/ general
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>Still no yuri doujin where we get to see a brief glimpse of the love Artoria and Guinevere tried to share, but was doomed by the path Artoria had chosen when she took up the sword.
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Not even the purest Type-Moon.
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>You will never serve your king with the utmost respect and live a happy marriage with her

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ITT: Girls made to be broken.
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ITT: Broken girls to be made.

Weekly Shonen Jump #25

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Cover, Lead CP)
My Hero Academia
The Promised Neverland
Black Clover
Dr. Stone
Haikyu!! (CP)
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Spring Weapon No. 1
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (CP)
Hinomaru Zumou
Samon the Summoner
Watashi no Cherry Boyfriend (CP, One Shot)
Robot x Laserbeam
Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma
We Never Learn
Hungry Marie
Demon Prince Poro's Diaries
Chronicle of Isobe ~Life is Hard~

Absent: One Piece

Weekly Shonen Jump #26
Cover, Lead CP: Hinomaru Zumou
CP: Food Wars!, Kimetsu no Yaiba
One Shot: Alice to Taiyou (by Totsuno Takahide)
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Holy shit WTF happened?
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>U19 finally not dead last

Boring match

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>in fma 2003, lior was a dirty, run down city full of brown people in the middle of the desert and not up to date with modern civilization

>in fma brotherhood, it's a super colorful, clean city with department stores and a white population

What the fuck happened?
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widescreen format is cancer
it was racist
2003 was actually trying to say something with its themes. Brotherhood was just a vehical for cool fights.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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The real question is
Who the hell was in the right?
Mion did nothing wrong
Shion did nothing wrong too

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