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which one was a superior swordsman
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She can really handle a sword.

Did you even watch the show?

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What age did you grow out of TTGL?
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I've never seen it because I don't normally like mecha shit but all my friends say its worth a watch.
I've never watched it despite being a mechafaggot.
I grew out off it when I finished it

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This is how a villain dress up
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Can someone honest tell me if this show got better since episode 2?
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>if this show got better since episode 2?

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What are your complaints of the show so far?

Episode 6 preview is out.


Honestly, from this alone, it looks like the fight is going to be total shit compared to the manga or LN.
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Wow, I remember the Monster Rex fight from the manga looking so much better.
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Can't believe they revealed Bell is actually a Blackfyre. Those gets are everywhere.

Are they going to suceed?
How do you think the scene with Casca waking up sane is going to be?
I'm not sure if the first thing she's going to do when she sees Guts is punching him, for old times sake, or hugging him.
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All this imagery seems to suggest she is aware the he's protecting her and she sees herself as a weight dragging him down. She'll probably feel all guilty and run away only to get captured by Griffith starting a long ass rescue arc.
I don't expect her to be doing anything other than cry in the fetal position for a couple days at first.
>rescue arc
Only if it involves Guts killing every apostle in his way, including all of the Neo Band of the Hawk

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Left or right?
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Is the redhead her past self?
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No, just a guide in afterlife
She's the visitor

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Why are manga about raising a cute daughter the best?
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because it reminds us of things that we will never do because we're kissless virgins
All the good parts of child rearing but none of the actual child rearing.
It reminds you of your own childhood.

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What's the appeal of autistic characters?
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Viewers can relate
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The real question is what is the appeal of these garbage academy magical weapon harem shows and why is there a reskin of this fucking trope each season and why do people watch them
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ITT: Losers that had to cheat to win against the more skilled fighter
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yep Hisoka with his cheating asspull OH MY RUBBER NEN was bullshit
I wouldn't say Hisoka was a cheater. The match had no rules.

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Saber can beat your shit up!
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But wouldn't it be easier to use a plunger to unclog the toilet?
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>she won't actually ever
>because she isn't real

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I'be just seen this thread before

spoilers are out
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I swear if Andre fuck up another arc...

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ITT: Anime/Manga that literally no one except you cares about
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Biorg trinity
I wanted to read that. Looked very cute.
The artist does that manga about 80's idols, very cute as well.
It's pretty good. The mc reminds me of Kat from gravity Rush except she's strong

I admit to finding a couple of these funny when this all first started, but this is beyond shit at this point. is there an end to the tunnel coming up?
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Just stop watching it?
Why hope it dies? If you don't like it anymore just stop watching it. Why wish for something that some people enjoy to die just because you don't like it anymore?
This desu. I still find a few gags in each episode funny enough that it's worth watching.

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