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How come in anime/manga girls often appear to be enjoying it when they get raped?

Is this a case of when she says no it really means do it harder?
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Erotic rape has been a fixture in japanese literature since forever. It's just are harcoded into the nipponese mind as their love of Dad/daughter (NBR only of course) romances.
>girl gets raped
>leg locks him
You mean like how Samurai used to sneak out at night and dress as burglars while breaking into their own homes and raping their wives?

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>Maid Dragon is /a/'s winter AOTS
What went so right?
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Monster-girls and yuribait. By Kyoani. That's all I got.
So you didn't watch the show.
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boobs and lolis

What is your opinion of waifubaits?
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A good way to guarantee doujins, which is a plus in my book.
It's just a smokescreen to distract from an otherwise forgettable or even outright shit show.

There are plenty of shows out there that center on characters and not on plot.

If a show is going to center on plot, the plot better be good. Likewise, if a show is going to center on characters, or 'waifubait', the girls better be good. The only thing that matters in the end is how much you enjoy watching it, and enjoyment can come from many different aspects.

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Translation is out!
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I hope we get Kall & Queen reveal soon.
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Why I have feeling that Kall was that thing from chapter 1.
Why does Lynn love eating super wet pussy so damn much?

Precure Thread
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Is Yuri yuri?
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Saki 175 TL is out. Dumping.
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Sera vs. Hiroe
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Oh yeah, Maya is there too.
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dueling banjos

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>awkward moment in manga
>heart starts beating fast and have to walk around house to calm down
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>exciting moment in anime or manga
>loudly start giggling because cant contain my excitement
>family tells me to shut up
>sexy scene in anime
>mom decides she wants to finally get a taste of what I'm into
>walks in and sits down to witness the scene where a size 52l bra milf is getting naked and into the shower
>exactly what she expected

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F-cup chan is thirsty!
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>not G-cup chan

Jesus fuck, does she even know the MC's size? I'm not sure who I want to win anymore.

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Why is this show regarded as a good show? It's average at best. The ending is predictable.
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Me on the left
Sento is the best KyoAni girl hands down.
Still better than Phantom World, Hibike and Maid Dragon.

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Anime that appears in the IMDB top rated TV shows of all time.
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I never understood westworlds ending.
> Rick and Morty
> Top 7 tv show of all time

How can you take this list seriously?
>3 most normal people friendly anime
At least they are not SAO, AOT or OPM

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Do you feel bad for the youngsters today who don't have the context of viewing anime from 20 years ago back when they were still brand new?
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No faggot
20 years ago watching anime was pretty much limited to what aired on your local TV stations, screw that it's way better now.
No, anime is easier to watch than ever

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Can we talk about Tomoko's defloration?

I missed the thread.

Next chapter seems very suspicious of having an announcement related to WataMote. Maybe a hiatus so Nico can work on their other series?
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It looks like an open vagina in the thumbnail.
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>Next chapter seems very suspicious
Things are coming to a head. Chapter 115 is night and day difference from Chapter 15. Look at all the characters getting their last minute cameos during a very prominent moment in a lot of people's lives.

Something may happen.

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Good old tapestry thread
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She's tired. Cheer her up.
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y-you have cute feet... ehehe
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wrong word bro, it's sexy.

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