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Moments where you dropped a manga
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Chrollo beat that ass so hard, Hisofucks are still reeling a year later.

That was the best thing to have ever happened

Shouta is cute! CUTE!
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Get back to me with magical girl Shouta, then I'll agree he's cute.
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Go away Lucoa

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why is this the greatest arc in shonen history?
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>This arc
>Not YYH Dark Tournament arc
What are you, a faggot?
But Water 8/Enie's Lobby is the best One Piece arc.

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Why does Kanna have such wide hips?
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Perfect for breading
Breaded thighs, not hips
she was made for breeding

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Why does a digimon need digital mammaries?
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Thank god, another one.
more like angewomom
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But would you look after the eggs she lays?

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Did the last two chapters make kaguya a unlikable bitch in your eyes?
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far from an unlikable bitch, but in her own manga she's the worst girl
She was always an unlikeable bitch in my eyes.
Can't wait for the rape doujins.
Nah, her fetish is his eyes. She still loved him, but was disappointed that his eyes changed. Kaguya still a good.

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Kumiko is complicated. She doesn't fit into any single archetype and her personality is hard to put into words.
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Dart Board
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Not only the art, the women look way more mature , unlike now where most girls in anime look like kids.
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Hand-drawn is simply the way to go.
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So true. I miss the 90s back when anime was way better. Pic related, it's a modern digital cel. Absolutely fucking disgusting.

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>Studio Ghibli announced that the CG short was now complete, andMiyazaki has decided to “withdraw” his retirement in order to make one last feature-length anime film. While a television special screened in Japan last year hinted thatKemushi no Borowould be made into a feature film, today’s announcement only said that Miyazaki was coming out of retirement “for no other reason than he had found a subject worthy of making“.

>According to the announcement, Miyazaki’s decision to come out of retirement came upon completingKemushi no Borowith a young team of staff, during which time many of his longstanding, valuable companions passed away, which caused him tothink deeply about his own mortality.

>Nowthe studio is hiring staff to help make Miyazaki’s final feature-length film a reality, with a job ad posted on their website that seeks to hire people who can “bring a youthful vitality” to the project. While the number of employees to be hired remains unspecified, they are specifically looking for artists todo either: 1.Inbetweening(generating intermediate frames between two imagesso that they blend seamlessly) or2.Background art.

>Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, and though gender and nationality will be unquestioned, there is a requirement thatyou must have Japanese ability, which is necessary for production purposes. Those currently working in the animation industry are also eligibleto apply


>Applications are open to everyone, regardless of nationality
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My formatting came out fucked up, don't know why. You get the idea
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>coming out of retirement AGAIN to make anime

Who cares about this old grumpy faggot

Why are you so Tsundere for Trigger /a/?
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I am not. Trigger is just a one hit wonder, and every subsequent show is an attempt to cash on the idea of the first one.
No u
You need at least one hit to be a one hit wonder.

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Murata announced next chapter will come out in 5 days.
And he's streaming it right now.
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Not interested until he starts giving us more info on blast
don't link the stream or anything

Is it hard being a Japanese housewife?
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w-what happened to her?

This was literally the worst shit I've ever watched in my entire life. How could/why would anyone like it?
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what didn't you like about it?
That seems like an overstatement, it's more "middling" than "bad".
2 sentences isn't enough for successful bait. Put about 2 paragraphs of semi coherent rambling and maybe you'll get a few takers.

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What did she mean by this?
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No one is reading Kengan ashua except for us.
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That makes 3 of us
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I feel like the artist doesn't know how to draw girls that aren't bombshells.

Not that I'm complaining.

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