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>tfw wagecuck who lives in a city, with no nature for miles in every direction

How do I escape this nightmare that is my life?
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same boat... so i got a boat.
also a lot of day and weekend trips.
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you are here, you already made the right step
No easy answer. Move or don't.

Am i the only one who hates the interior of modern sleeping bags

I live in florida so i can't wear long sleeping clothes so i always wake up stuck and sweaty to the plastic bag like interior of a sleeping bag

I miss when i was little and could use the fleece bags

pic related my nightmare
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Just leave the bag at home and take a wool blanket senpai
thats so heavy tho isn't it
Sleeping bag insert

Anyone has any experience or knowledge on mithriadatism? Preferably for snake and other animal poisons that might bite you while experiencing the wilderness.

How to do it properly, how long does the tolerance last, etc. General mithriadatism talk.
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bumping for interest. Poskoks can be a real pain in the ass
Don't do it OP
Good luck building up a resistance to hematotoxins like most snake venoms.

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Who's /out/ in Washington state tryna be /out/ this weekend? or whats worth seeing out here??
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Do you like views like this?

I hope not, because it's all covered in smoke right now.
Nothing is worth it, go back to California.

Not all Californians are cucked man. I'm sick of this meme

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Is a kukri a good substitution for a hatchet?

It can chop wood pretty well, but it can also be used for clearing brush and even cutting.

What are the disadvantages of one vs a hatchet?
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You must be a Nepalese manlet to handle it
>Is a kukri a good substitution for a hatchet?
Hella good for beheading chickens though

Three members of the same family have died after falling into a volcanic crater in Italy.

An 11-year-old boy and his parents were killed when they fell into the crater near Naples, according to reports.

His brother, aged seven, didn’t enter the crater and survived.

It is understood the couple’s older son crossed a safety barrier at the Solfatara crater at Pozzuoli and fell in the hole.


ouch, that's a rough way to go
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And the gene pool got a little bit better
How have people not learned that fences exist for a reason?
to keep everyone away from the really interesting things?

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>anon dear, its time to face the nightmare catch-all you have created and organize your office...


My /out/ is with my /k/. My /k/ is with my /out/. How do you guys organize and keep your gear? Do you hang your clothes and sleeping bags or do you leave everything packed? Seasonal kits, or ala carte?

This is a gear org thread so I dont jump out of this second floor window and just be crippled for life. Share methods and systems, make fun of my filth, whatever.
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Heres the /out/ corner that im tunneling in to.
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Why do you live like a fucking squatter?
I often wonder how it got like this.

Some mixture of lots of work hours, procrastination, house stuff and who knows what. Lastly I did almost no /out/ this year so had no reason to come up here besides throwing something else on the pile....

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Any compound shooters or diamond infinity edge pro owners here?

On my IE, the plate thats used to adjust the DL catches on of the cables when drawing it back, this only occurs on the lower lower cam. DL currently set to 29". More pics inbound.

Pic mid draw, raised indentation on plate catching on the cable.
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As I continue to draw back the bow, it snaps past with a loud twang. Is this ment to happen? Doesnt sound like it should happen, dont wanna release an arrow with it getting caught like this.
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At full draw
No, that is not supposed to happen.

With the bow undrawn take a pic looking at the cam on edge. It should be straight up and down and more or less centered in the limb pocket.

Looking to take up a new hobby, /out/. Recommendations would be appreciated
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Hunting. Fishing. Kayaking.
Few quick details about yourself would help, OP
>your region (as narrow or broad as you like)
>your level of fitness
>your /out/ experience
>do you have friends you could bring in on a new /out/ hobby?
A trapper is an expert trapper, hunter and angler. A hunter is an expert hunter and angler. An angler is an expert angler.

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Hey /out/.
I assume you have had contact with wasp/hornet nests.
I got one in my boat, and im curious as to what kind of wasp or hornet it is, and how do i get rid of this shit?
I am in Europe, if that makes a difference in determining what kind of nest it is.

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>mix 10:1 water:dish washing liquid in a strong hand spray bottle
>wait til evening
>wear dark clothes
>spray the everloving fuck out of it until it dissolves
the soap coats the wasps' bodies and suffocates them.
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Nothing bullets can't cure son
Im not sure how and where they get in your boat. Glue traps, like fuckhueg glue traps made out of cardboard, mouseglue and honey splashed on top did the job for me. And that was a nest hidden in the roof, you can easily weaken the colony until they start literally throwing out their larvae (seen it happen, kinda a last resort thing) and then you get the balls to swoop in with a thick bag and baggem

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Looks like the worst of Irma has passed. How my boys in FL doing?
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They are all dead I killed them you are next
All is good

me and catbro rode it out
Winter Springs, FL here. Really didn't do too bad. Couple of broken spots in my fence. Bunch of branches and leaves everywhere. All cars undamaged and same for house. Power out currently though so it's muggy and shitty inside.

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>hey, we've got a decent product that does what it's designed for, but now we'd like you to make a cooler looking, but dumber version of it, to sell for a higher price

How much do they pay people to come up with junk like this?

>make more parts bright green
>add skulls
>add useless holes
>add false edge

I mean if you really wanted a cringey, green, tanto folder you can already get a
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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A new trend I've seen is 'made with GERMAN™ steel®' on everything. Doesn't say whether it's carbon or stainless, doesn't say what grade or steel type. Just German and that's all you need to know because that one company made a good knife and my grandpaw said it was German so it's probably the best steel coming from Germany.
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I don't mind the bright colors. Every time I set my camo Buck knife down in the leaves it takes me second to find it. Otherwise, yeah, I agree conpletely.
why do i recognize that archer on the packaging?

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So if you were to decide to camp in a random forest in England, what are the chances anything would happen? If I were to just go out with some mates, not start a fire or destroy anything are we likely to be prosecuted or anything. I understand wild camping is illegal as all land is owned but how else do you go out camping in the UK, because fuck a camping site
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>doth thou knowest not that this is the kings campsite?

You gotta be kidding me.

You'll be absolutely fine. Even if some official happened upon you, you'd be moved on at worst, certainly not prosecuted. Stick to the common sense rules: set up late, break camp early, leave no trace, and you'll be absolutely fine.

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Are there any studies published that have specifically shown a positive connection between level of outdoor activity and mental health? Asking for a friend.
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If you're a lardass, losing a little weight with the excercise that comes with gettin /out/ will def help with depression. I'm sure there are millions of studies on that.

Also all of you cunts that have been potheads for years and claim you need it for your anxiety- just quit smoking for 3 months and you will be amazed how much anxiety it causes.
I eat burgers everyday

How does that even cause depression, and no I'm not a lardass, just skinnyfat
Diet makes a big difference. I eat like shit, but when I attempt to eat a little better (pasta at night, granola bar in the AM and some peanuts at lunch) I feel way better than when I eat $15 worth of McD's at midnight.

Found three giant mushrooms growing by side of tree. Cant seem to find online. Anyone know what they are?
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It is not edible. Been through my mushroom hunter book though havent found it.
It's some Ganoderma. Perhaps G. lucidum.
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just eat them, if you don't die they're edible

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