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Best queens blade character
Prove me wrong wait you cant
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Menace is literally, objectively, and subjectively the best and most perfect girl in the history of the Queen's Blade franchise.
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There's a lot of LACK of best Queen here. You both score a two.
The only character I really like is Nanael, because she is retarded and fun in a series full of annoying bitches

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Would you name your kids after your favorite anime character?
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Chimame are too young to have children
Maybe Rei because it doesn't sound super weeby
I'd name my kid Joseph for Joseph Joestar
But really though no

Doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

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Hopefully you didn't watch any of this

Based on sales
*,134 ēlDLIVE   
*,213 Idol Incidents        
*,224 orange
*,230 Koro-sensei Q!
*,257 Argevollen
*,263 AKIBA'S TRIP        
*,267 Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C³
*,272 Shiki
*,273 Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club  
*,275 Chaos Dragon
*,292 Alderamin on the Sky 
*,301 Magical Warfare
*,302 Natsuyuki Rendezvous
*,309 My Monster Secret
*,309 Miss Bernard said.
*,330 Big Order
*,339 Mangirl! 
*,343 Nanbaka
*,346 The Severing Crime Edge
*,368 Taboo Tattoo
*,371 Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends
*,380 Hand Shakers        
*,387 Chaos;Child             
*,388 Magimoji Rurumo
*,395 Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars
*,401 Mushibugyo
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Seen six of those. I actually really liked Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge too.
Akibas trip is the AOTY
Where is Meganebu? I thought that was the record holder.

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Fuck, Marry, Befriend, Raise as daughter
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The obvious choices are
Fuck - Lucoa
Marry - Tooru
Befriend - Elma
Daughter - Kanna
Fuck Kanna, marry Tohru, befriend Elma, raise Lucoa as a daughter
No kill option? What's the point?

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What are some "villains" that didn't do anything wrong?
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Griffith is so fucking alpha holy shit even I want to fuck him and I'm not a fag
Griffithfags need to be hung
everyday i seek to be like griffith, he's my role model.

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>yfw shinka is back
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Hana and Chiyo take a shower and we still don't see their nipples
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And as expected of Hiramoto, we get more than enough of Meiko
>They have to take a shower because Hana is disgusting and threw up over Chiyo and herself
prime waifu material indeed
her popularity with nips is borderline obscene even chiyo who is custom made pure maiden otaku pandering can't compete with the sweat semen demon

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What do you think of RAITA?
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his art is'nt good but it's also great
I do not like his proportions
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Why don't you like Chihaya?
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But she's my favorite

Because I like Hibiki more.
False premise.

Chiyaha best 765Pro.

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What's your favorite piece of clothing you like seeing on anime girls?
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None at all hyuk hyuk hyuk

Anything highleg.
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Bare shoulders

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Natsuki legs.webm
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Do you like Natsuki-san's adult form, /a/?
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Himeragi a best.
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>not superior loli form
>Superior loli form
The fuck is wrong with you the loli form is fucking shit compared to the grown up version

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Is Lina Inverse one of the best female protagonists ever?
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Nah. She's cool, but that's all.
Perhaps, but consider the competition.

So we all agree that 5 cm per second was better than your name, right?
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Shut the fuck up you fucking faggot i'll fucking kill you
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hah! you're funny anon
>So we all agree that a pile of shit is better than a heap of shit, right?

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>roughly 40kg

Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body. I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on.

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>your age

You have 10 fucking seconds to explain to me why you aren't dating this girl.
not real.
Because I'm trapped in a 3d body.

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