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New Chuunibyou movie confirmed.

It takes place after the events of S2, so it's not a recap like the first movie.

I swear to god, if we don't end with a proper kiss this time round I'll go on a mass murder spree.

CR forum link: https://archive.fo/zp4vG
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I didn't even know this had a second season, what happened in it?
Go watch it.
>It's a new original story that takes place at the start of Yuuta and Rikka's third year. Basically Touka wants Rikka to go with her to Italy after graduation and Yuuta thinks it'll separate their relationship too much. Nibutani suggests they should elope and so their trip around Japan begins.

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Kill yourself.
It's a shorthand for how to make "mature" stories, although really it's just an even shorter hand for "unnecessary edge".
It's a easy way to 'damage' a character without killing anyone.

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koe no katachi.jpg
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Anyone saw this movie?
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Voice acting was really good. Everything else was shit.

How do we stop troll rape culture?
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Who'd rape a troll?
by normalizing rape to the point where it's not a problem anymore.
Now this is what I'm talking about

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Cocona looks and acts like a boy. A cute boy, but a boy.
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No boy acts like this.

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Micchi BTFO'd
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I'm glad it didn't die and the scanlation is continuing.
God I miss the days when we were getting chapters almost daily so much.

Discussion almost disappeared since we caught up.
Also, where's the scans?

That'll be $6.99 + tip anon
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>+ tip
What a slut
>his country still tips customers
You can tip my dick

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Your waifu has just been tricked by Kyubey into becoming a magical girl. What do you do?
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Become a Magical Girl too, duh?
See if he'll let me become a magical girl too.
I'd even use the wish to become a girl if that's what was needed.
How do you trick Kyubey into contracting with a guy?

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What do you expect in Love Live Sunshine S2?
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More u's circlejerking.
I expect You to stop being a fucking loser and find someone else. Ruby got NTR'd too so why not go after her?
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Actual yuri

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Why is Shinobu so damn sexy?
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Ancient immortal Christmas-cake, compressed into a loli-sized package, who's also openly lewd because she care's jack shit about human standards.
It's not a dude?
Are you being ironic or do you really not know who she is?

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The fact is if you didn't drop this series after this scene you don't have any self respect. It's just that simple.

It's not about this series being seasonal moe or incest. The level of pandering is insulting to the viewers intelligence and the authors delusions about middle school girls are quite frankly embarrassing.

Maid Dragon is classy compared to this tripe.
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I want to hear middle school girls talk about dicks.
I loved Megumin in the manga and I love her in the show!
The fact is if you even got to that scene you have no self respect.
I dropped this shit before the first episode even ended, it was just awful.

This is Ririko. She has autism and heard there were many other individuals with autism here. Please say hi.
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She looks shy and timid. Is that autism now?
Will Maki keep bonding with her? They could be a fun pair to watch hang out together.

Is this the only case where the dub actually IMPROVED the series?
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>thinly veiled rec thread
not even going to give you the (You)
That's not quite right.

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Violet doesn't rank yet.
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>Haruhi isn't even an after thought anymore

Having your peers move on and leave you with newfags hurts more than I could have possibly imagined
New Kyoani Harem looks great.

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Name ONE anime/manga where the best girl wins you can't
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The world only god knows had the best girl win.
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