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Who will win the tournament?
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yknow you're not helping by making more threads, faggot. if one was made just stay there.
in this case:
The faggot keeps making threads before the bump limit is reached. At least if this thread becomes the main one people gotta read the OP.
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Did anime ever inspire you to pursue something?

Gochiusa inspired me to become a barrister
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I actually finished my drivers license because of Initial D
And crashed my car because of it the next winter.
To jail pedophiles?

ITT: name something One Piece has taught you
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You can milk the cash-cow forever and it won't run dry.
kaizoku means pirates
I learned that I want Nami to suck my cock.

This pretty much killed any reason for me to watch past that episode. Did they try to one up the "people die if they are killed"?
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If you kill your enemies, they win.
fun things are fun
Both of those lines have always made sense.

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Who was this scene intended for?
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For (You)
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My dick.
The entire anime is just softcore loli porn

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Terra Formars 209
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Who's your favourite loli from anime and manga?
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Verbo ten-chan
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I love Rin too.

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Are these the best battle shonen ever? Do you agree?
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>no Dragon Ball
>no Jojo
>no Yuyu Hakusho
I'm not referring to the importance of manga, but to their objective quality. Dragon Ball, JoJo and Yuyu are manga full of mistakes and inconsistencies from the point of view of the script.
Fuck off.

Is this the most unlikeable and obnoxious TR*GGER protagonist?
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Nice to see that Marilla Cuthbert is still in good health.
No that's Simon

This is Ruuko. She is made of fluff.

Let's have a WIXOSS thread like we used to.
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S1 > Lostorage > S2 >>> The movie
The end of Spread really killed those threads, even Lostorage had a hard time having threads for more than two days after its airing.
still best girl

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Do you like short girls with large racks (not oppai lolis)?
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Nanase Meruchi's might be the most appropriate style for Ai-chan. It's so cute.
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New episode
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Back to yokais next week.
OP and ED are out. Also there seems to be a few new OSTs this season so there might be a new OST soon.


>3DPD out of nowhere
What the fuck.
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It's the VAs/stage actors.
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The magazine is dead. It has nothing good going on for it desu.

The Promised Neverland (Readable, but nothing that would be remembered if it ended right now)
One Piece (Has like 500 chapters too much)

Dr. Stone (Barely okay, will be subhuman-tier soon enough I can see it coming)

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Bland shit that Hipsters read and shill to pretend they aren't reading garbage shounen)
Haikyu!! (Would be cancelled if Fujos moved on)
Spring Weapon No. 1 (This is probably one of the unfunniest manga ever made judging from the raws)
My Hero Academia (jumped the shark after Twice. Now it's just shit)
Hinomaru Zumou (Homoerotic garbage that isn't manly at all)
Black Clover (Uninspired and stupid is an understatement)
Robot x Laserbeam (I-I swear golf is fun!! L-look if I say it often enough, it's fun!! Fujobucks where??)
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (Ecchi shit, just read Hentai)
Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma (Fairy Tail with Food)
Gintama (Soulless corpse of a manga that was okay in the past)
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Weeb Comedy: It isn't funny, but people will pretend it is, because it's le japanese humor, but not really)
We Never Learn (Nisekoi 1.1 instead of 2.0)
Samon the Summoner (Just fucking disgusting)
Hungry Marie (Author forgot what made Beelzebub famous and just wanted to draw cute girls. Doesn't help that the plot is trash)
Demon Prince Poro's Diaries (A gay dude with
a harem. I'll laugh later)
U19 (I don't think I have to say anything)
Chronicle of Isobe ~Life is Hard~ (Cringe)
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>The magazine is dead.
So long as the super-bestseller One Piece is still ongoing, WSJ will live without trouble.
Kill yourself.
I'm sorry that Bleach and Naruto ended anon

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What is the best way to experience Shinka?
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Wear a pink hairclip when you masturbate.
With friends.
From far away/

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