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Who is best girl, /a/?
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It's like asking what's the best turd
I personally like the ones that are solid and firm enough to the point I don't require more than two wipes. Which one of these girls fits the description here?

Post your own and try to say something nice and mean about other anons based on their charts.
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I just realized that I made my last harem compilation 9 and a half years ago.
Maybe I'll make a new one in November.
>having more than one waifu
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Why aren't you watching Sakura Kino?
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I want to pinch her ____
is it still boring
I got bored.

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>80s: LoGH
>90s: Evangelion
>00s: Kaiji
>10s: Hunter x Hunter

Objectively best anime
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>Hunter x Hunter
how to spot an underaged shit-taste.
>Hiatus x Hiatus
You had me until there.
Name a better anime so far in this decade

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We had a pretty good digimon thread earlier, wanna talk some more about them?
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you mean poor man's pokemon?

for real though i loved it as a kid, i should rewatch it and see if it holds up.
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It's a children show, I don't think it holds up very well.


Thoughts on girls with Long Black Hair?
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It's superior to all other forms of hairstyle, but hairstyle is only one part of a woman and thus women with other hairstyles are quite often better due to other strengths and virtues.
made for anal
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"You, I suppose you're programmed for gym etiquette and protocol."
"Protocol? Why, it's my primary function, sir. I am well-versed in all the weights--"
"I have no need for a trainer."
"Of course you haven't, sir. Not in an environment such as this. That is why I have been licensed as a mas--"
"What I really need is a dietitian who understands the caloric language of muscle-whey supplements."
"Supplements? Sir, my first job was cataloging fat/protein meal plans, very similar to your supplements in most respects."
"Can you speak Brocce?"
"Of course I can, sir. It's like a second language to me. I'm a--"
"Yeah, alright. Shut up. I'll take this one."
"Shutting up, sir."

Thursday after 2 weeks means a new chapter of cute girls lifting cute weights! Last chapter, it seems cosplay sensei has had her hobby discovered by Zina!! How will the confrontation ensue??
Chapter 22!

Japanese RAW main site:

Translation main site:
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Chapter 22
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damn I love Chinese dresses...
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I demand more Hime screentime or I will riot.

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Hey anon! I have a lot of video games and beer in my house!
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That's a car, not a house, you stupid broad.
Loli serial killer.

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Looks like Fire Punch is over. Now it's just Normal Punch.
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good riddance. This manga had nothing going for it beside the wackyness.
>it's an adam and eve story now

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What is the purpose of this girl?
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Being blue.
ntr whore
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the wageslave's angel

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Is there any hope for Miura?
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There is no hope for anyone.
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Digital art was a fucking mistake
why the hell did he switch?

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Will Legosi win the bunny bowl?
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Commencing dump
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Page 03.png
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Page 04.png
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Kogarashi kissed the bride's lips alright.
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lewd wedding.
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Fat ass

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So what does it say about his manhood?
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How do you not notice you don't have pants ?
Is it a girl in first pic? Those gentle eyes.
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about this size.png
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